BOUND TO SEDUCTION (Firebrand #1) by Elisabeth Naughton-a new release review

BOUND TO SEDUCTION (Firebrand #1) by Elisabeth Naughton-a new release review

BOUND TO SEDUCTION (Firebrand Series #1) by Elisabeth Naughton

BOUND TO SEDUCTION is the premiere novella and May 29, 2012 release in Elisabeth Naughton’s new Firebrand series of novels. Elisabeth introduces a passionate storyline of slavery, seduction and the cost of one man’s freedom.

Mira Dawson is tired of rejection. Although she is beautiful and talented, the men in her life never want to stay around. And she wanted someone in her life. With her sights set on Devin Sloan, a fellow employee, Mira goes on the hunt for the elusive Firebrand Opal-said to contain magical and unique properties that will ensure all of your fantasies. But with possession, comes a heavy price. Heeding the warning, Mira’s quest for a relationship will take on an entire different direction when a gorgeous man suddenly appears in her doorway asking her heart’s desire.

Tariq is an enslaved warrior, a Djinn Prince of the Marid Tribe, a brother to Ashur and Nasir, and commander of his father’s armies. But a near fatal error has cost him his freedom. For the past 10 years, Tariq has been bound by Zoraida, a powerful sorceress. Using the Firebrand Opal, Zoraida controls and bids Tariq corrupt the human souls by granting their wishes. Used as a pleasure slave, Tariq must fulfill the fantasies of those who command the Firebrand Opal in the human realm. But when the beautiful Mira Dawson calls forth the power of the Opal, Tariq knows that he will never allow Zoraida to gain access to Mira’s soul.

The attraction between Tariq and Mira is immediate and Mira becomes aware that what she desires most will have to be taught by the mysterious stranger who calls to her soul. When Tariq pulls away too quickly, it is Mira whose heart will break until she discovers the true reason for the sudden withdrawal. But with each caress of the Firebrand Opal, Mira will learn what it is to love an immortal Djinn warrior and the cost to each to save the life of the man who she will call her own. With the help of a Djinn lore historian, Mira is determined to put an end to Tariq’s enslavement and put the Prince of the Marid back into the command of his army.

BOUND TO SEDUCTION is a short story written to introduce the premise behind Elisabeth Naughton’s new Firebrand series. With the introduction of Tariq’s brothers, Elisabeth has offered a peak into the future storylines of those bound by the Firebrand Opal. A wonderful start, a great premise and I am looking forward to her next novel in the series in August 2012-Slave to Passion-Nasir’s story.

reviewed by Sandy


18 thoughts on “BOUND TO SEDUCTION (Firebrand #1) by Elisabeth Naughton-a new release review

  1. Love the review Sandy: I have just read a couple of Elisabeth’s book and really enjoyed them .This new series sound wonderful and i am looking forward to reading it .Thanks Sandy for the review and Elisabeth for the new series.

  2. Sandy, great job as usual. It’s amazing that however sucessful a woman is we still want love. Kira will have her hands full trying to release Tariq from the sorceress spell.

  3. Sandy i just went online to see Elisabeth’s books and i have read 2 of her Eternal Guardians books and see that i have 3 more to get ,But i am SAD to hear that her new book Bound of Seduction is only in ebook , Just one more great book i will miss . I feel that in the last 2 reviews Sandy you are making me very sad by all the bad news you have had to dish out to me ( tears ) but on the flip side i’m reading EL James Fifty Shades of Grey WHOO HOOO and i’m only on 113 and i can see where this puppies going , Barb i think this is more than a Chocolate book ,its a crack open the Rasberry Ginger ale on the rocks kind of book .lol Well i’m off Happy Reading to ME !!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Lori-let me know what you think about the Fifty Shades trilogy -I wrote a piece entitled-IN MY OPINION…and I have read the series 3 times…and each time I find something that I missed…

  4. Sure Sandy and so far i am finding it very interesting and can’t wait to finish this one , I will have to check out _ In MY OPINION , but not till after i read the 3 books and you have read it 3x you wild thing you prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kitty lol can’t wait to read all 3 Thanks for letting me know about the piece you wrote.

    • can read IN MY OPINION…there are NO spoilers…in is only my opinion…about the entire trilogy and the media hype. Go ahead…really..there are no spoilers…

  5. Well Sandy Kudos to you and i could’nt have said it better myself excellet review : Even though i’m only half way through the book i am really enjoying it and can’t wait to read the next 2 books .I myself find nothing wrong with any of this , and i too will read it more then once .Another great author who has books out with MMW is Lora Leigh and i have read all her book but her Bound Hearts series is with 2 men and 1 women and i have to say i found it all pretty SEXY weither we are into this are selves or just enjoy reading them , So rock on too all you great Authors out their who keep people like me and others very happy READERS……….

  6. Well Elisabeth Naughton fans….at present the Firebrand Opal series is not in print, but according to the amazing Elisabeth ….when all three books have been released, she will publish a combined series in print…….yay!!!!!

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