Brash by Laura Wright – Review & Giveaway

Brash by Laura Wright – Review & Giveaway


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No matter how many fights UFC champion Cole Cavanaugh wins, he can’t rid himself of the guilt of not having saved his twin sister’s life. Now, not only is he facing his arch enemy in the ring, he’s fighting to uncover the truth about Cass’s death. But will winning both fights truly give him the retribution and absolution he seeks? Or does he need the healing power of love to finally move on with his life?

The mystery surrounding Cass’s murder also haunts veterinarian Grace Hunter. Many believe that her father might hold the key to the truth. Unfortunately the ex-Sheriff’s deteriorating mental state makes it impossible to separate fact from fiction. As Cole persuades Grace to help him unlock the elusive clues, her defenses weaken. She finds the Stetson-wearing fighter irresistible. But while the truth could free Cole’s heart, it could very well end up shattering hers.




Brash by Laura Wright is the 3rd book in her The Cavanaugh Brothers series. After I have read each book in this series, I would say to myself, Laura Wright can’t do better than this story or couple, and each time I am wrong. I loved Brash, in fact I totally adore this series. Brash belongs to Cole Cavanaugh and Grace Hunter and they were so awesome together. Can I pick one brother and their mate over the others? No. They are all equally hot, with fantastic stories. Sigh…I never want this series to end, and with Blue’s story next, I am beginning to grieve.

A brief refresher on this series. The story takes place in River Black, Texas, where more than 11 years ago, young Cass Cavanaugh, the young sister of the Cavanaugh Brothers was murdered, and to this day, there has never been a resolution. The three boys left town as soon as they were old enough, and after the death of their father, they come back for the funeral, with Deacon the oldest determined to destroy the ranch and bury the horrible memory. But he falls in love with Mac, and then James will meet his mate in Sheridan. In Brash, Cole, Cass’s twin, and the one with the deepest scars, blames himself for not being there for Cass. He uses his guilt and anger to become a top notch fighter. In the last book, Cole used bad methods to try to get information from Grace, who is our heroine in this book.

As we start the story, Grace realizes that she needs to help the Cavanaughs find out the truth, in order to clear her father’s name. An accident forces Cole to stay in Grace’s house to heal a severely bruised ankle, and at the same time work together to try and find clues from all her father’s paperwork. What follows is a beautiful sweet, and sizzling romance that is also filled with emotional turmoil. Cole despite his determination to not become seriously involved with any women, finds himself falling hard for the beautiful Grace. Cole has to keep himself celibate before his big fight a few weeks away, but this does not stop this from being a very sexy and sizzling romance. I totally loved Cole and Grace together.

This is such a wonderful story of a man unable to get past a tragedy, and to slowly watch his defenses crumble. It is romance that slowly builds to a scorching climax, and a love that must persevere against all odds. The story continues to be a mystery throughout in the quest to find the truth of the murder, which haunts them all. But most of all, it is also about a family, who having been destroyed by a tragedy, will stick together to discover the truth, and let love heal them. There is also another element with an added half-brother, who does not feel part of the family, and the next book will be about him. Again, Brash is a wonderful story, with delicious steamy romance, but also an intense emotional read. Laura Wright outdoes herself in the wonderful story to add to a fantastic series. If you have not read The Cavanaugh Brothers, you are missing a gem.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher



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