Burning Desire by Grace M. DeLeesie-a review

Burning Desire by Grace M. DeLeesie a review

burning Desire

BURNING DESIRE Part I by Grace M. DeLeesie

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date April 2014

Seattle Detective Christopher Fury is about to have his life turned upside down. In a world where creatures known as Interdimensional Species, or IS, are discriminated against and treated like they are worth less than the dirt humans walk on, the half-fae detective must hide his bloodline so he can continue to have the resources of the Seattle police department available to him to hunt down his father’s murderer. But when Chris stumbles across his fire-pixie mate, how can he turn against his nature when she’s everything he’s ever searched for?

His world continues to spiral out of control when he learns that his fae father was the leader of a disbanded IS Rebellion. Now the IS want him to take his father’s place and lead them to freedom. As he gains friends and allies, Chris also makes enemies, and one so powerful he never saw them coming: the human government. He wants to keep his human mother and pixie mate safe, but he also can’t sit back and watch as his people continue to suffer. In a desperate move that changes the fate of not only his life, but also the IS Rebellion, Chris takes a stand—and fights back.


REVIEW: BURNING DESIRE is the first instalment in Grace M. DeLeesie’s contemporary, adult, paranormal storyline focusing on the upcoming war between the Interdimensional Species and humans. When their existence on Earth became known decades earlier, the IS as they have come to be known, were thrown into a world of discrimination, specieism, prejudism and inequality. Tagged, registered and controlled the IS have waited for their ‘savior’ and now have reason to hope that Chris Fury is the man to lead the rebellion-once again.

The storyline focuses on the developing relationship between police detective Chris Fury-half fae/half human-and fire pixie Vivian Fires. As destined mates, Chris and Vivian are quick to accept and acknowledge their connection; their destiny together and their need to consummate the union. There is none of the anxiety, angst or pushing away-this couple know there is only one mate for each and they are one of the lucky ones to have found theirs. The sexual chemistry literally burns with the pixie fire but their mating must be kept secret because Chris’s true identity has never been revealed.

The premise follows Chris as he and his fellow detectives must investigate the ritual slaying and murders of a triad of witches with connections to the highly addictive street drug ‘witches brew’. The investigation will throw Chris into a world of secrets, hidden deceptions and more trouble than he could possibly imagine. Chris is destined to lead the next uprising of the IS and his reluctance will be tested when he discovers the abuse and torture of so many supernatural beings. And leading the charge against the IS is one of their very own.

Grace M. DeLeesie introduces a number of Interdimensional species including shifters, witches, pixies, fae, warlocks, strange beings and so much more. The copious amount of information and interconnected stories fill the pages of BURNING DESIRE creating a network of potential storylines and future tales.

Told from Chris Fury’s first person point of view Burning Desire is a slow building storyline where the premise, at times, becomes lost in the background development and history of the characters and species. The male POV can be a trepidatious writing style; it is a difficult POV for some readers to accept and understand, but in this, Chris’s POV comes across as more female oriented than male.

The writing style is simple; the sex scenes are intimate without being overly gratuitous; the main characters are likeable-you can feel their heartbreaking sorrow for those who have suffered at the hands of the Department of the Interdimensional Species. With such flagrant disregard and disrespect for the IS, the humans have set the tone for a future of unrest and rebellion.

BURNING DESIRE is an interesting storyline where the IS hide in plain site; where secrets will be revealed; and where bloodlines will pit the humans against the Interdimensional species. Grace M.DeLeesie pulls the reader into a story of discrimination and inequality that is fueled by the hatred of one of their own.

I would suggest a new cover-something a little more professional looking.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


9 thoughts on “Burning Desire by Grace M. DeLeesie-a review

  1. Wonderful review Sandy-sounds like a great new series.

    Not a fan of the cover either-perhaps another image or something that doesn’t look so photoshopped.

  2. Thank you, Sandy, for your review. I do hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.
    Part II will being coming out towards the end of 2014. 😉

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