APHRODITE CALLING (Gods of Love 2) by Jennifer Lynne-a review

APHRODITE CALLING (Gods of Love 2) by Jennifer Lynne-a new release review

APHRODITE CALLING (Gods of Love 2) by Jennifer Lynne

NOTE:  Mature Adult Content

APHRODITE CALLING is the second novella (June 2012 release) in Jennifer Lynne’s erotic Gods of Love series based on the Greek Gods of Love-the erotes. This series is NOT intended for readers under 18 years of age and contains sexually graphic content and deals with a male to female transsexual.

It had been 15 years since Gina Devereaux saw most of these people. A 15 year reunion and 8 years post-op still could not deter the rumors and innuendo surrounding the former student once known as Gerry. But Gina had other battles to fight, and Maris was not one. Hoping to shut Maris down, Gina flashes a hand at a beautiful stranger at the bar, claiming he is her fiancé. But what Gina does not know is that the man she inadvertently labeled her fiancé is Himeros, the Greek God of Sexual Desire- and the god wanted Gina.

Like his brothers, Himeros was missing something in his life. As a child of Aphrodite, Himeros enjoyed the benefits and rewards of immortality and sexual desire. But still something was missing from his life and he hoped that the beautiful Gina would fulfill his desire, even if for one night. Even a god wants to be desired for his true self.

Sexual desire is strong between Himeros and Gina, and the couple is willing to test the limits of their attraction. Gina is technically a virgin and frightened that she will not be accepted or able to complete the exchange. Knowing exactly how to please, Himeros is willing to take Gina on the ride of her life but what he discovers is that Gina will see and accept the true-self behind Himeros beauty just as Himeros accepts the true-self in Gina.

APHRODITE CALLING is a quick read and one that will make you look at the other side of life for those who have found themselves. The overriding message is acceptance of those that are ‘different’ and by showing ourselves for who we really are, there is always someone who is willing to accept those differences. Even the gods of love hide their true-self away and it will take a special person to see beyond the glamour and façade presented to those who would judge one unworthy

Copy supplied by the author

Reviewed by Sandy


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