Deadly Silence (Blood Brothers #1) by Rebecca Zanetti-Review, Book Tour & Giveaway

DEADLY SILENCE (Blood Brothers #1) by Rebecca Zanetti-Review, Book Tour & Giveaway

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Blood Brothers #1
by Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date: October 4, 2016
Genre: adult, contemporary,paranormal, romantic suspense

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 4, 2016


Under siege. That’s how Ryker Jones feels. The Lost Bastards Investigative Agency he opened up with his blood brothers has lost a client in a brutal way. The past he can’t outrun is resurfacing, threatening to drag him down in the undertow. And the beautiful woman he’s been trying to keep at arm’s length is in danger…and he’ll destroy anything and anyone to keep her safe.

Paralegal Zara Remington is in over her head. She’s making risky moves at work by day and indulging in an affair with a darkly dangerous PI by night. There’s a lot Ryker isn’t telling her and the more she uncovers, the less she wants to know. But when all hell breaks loose, Ryker may be the only one to save her. If his past doesn’t catch up to them first…


REVIEW: DEADLY SILENCE is the first installment in Rebecca Zanetti’s contemporary, adult BLOOD BROTHERS paranormal, romantic suspense series-a spin off from her SIN Brothers series. This is brooding investigator Ryker Jones, and paralegal Zara Remington’s story line. You do not have to have read the original series to enjoy DEADLY SILENCE but for cohesion, backstory and connection I recommend reading The Sin Brothers series as several of the characters cross over, and the ongoing conflict continues from the original series.

Told from several third person points of view DEADLY SILENCE follows several paths: Ryker Jones and The Lost Bastards Investigative Agency are searching for a serial killer-the FBI is struggling with the investigation and the Jones brothers are running a side investigation of their own. Meanwhile paralegal Zara Remington has found herself caught in a legal conundrum between friendship and professional ethics; Ryker and Zara’s friends with benefits relationship becomes something more when Zara finds herself threatened by an unknown source; and the past is catching up with the Jones brothers who have been targeted for extinction along with their youngest charge.

Ryker is an over protective, dominant alpha male who has issues of control. His overwhelming need to ‘protect’ the woman with whom he is falling in love comes with some questionable actions and aggression. Zara is a woman who struggles with a relationship that has no potential future; and a friend is struggling with an impending divorce and is desperate for some financial help. Together Ryker and Zara must traverse a minefield of threats, as well as any threat to their possible future. The $ex scenes are numerous, graphic and provocative.

For fans and followers of Rebecca Zanetti’s SIN BROTHERS series you will recognize the ongoing conflict as the Jones brothers try to stay under the radar as it pertains to Dr. Isobel Madison aka Sylvia Daniels, and the covert government agency using experimental DNA to make the perfect super soldier. The continuing trope ventures into another direction as two more ‘family of brothers’ are brought into the fold. All of the brothers are ‘created’ in one way or another; they are experiments of Dr. Isobel Madison-a woman who is determined to destroy that which she made.

We are introduced to Ryker’s ‘brothers’-Heath and Denver Jones; and welcome the return of Jory, Shane, Nate and Matt Dean (Sin Brothers series), as well as the next generation of super soldiers Chance, Wade, Kyle and Greg who were introduced in the Sin Brothers series as well. Zara’s friend and lawyer Brock Hurst knows that his friend and co-worker is in some kind of trouble; and Sheriff Cobb- a abusive b*astard who wants retribution against the Jones brothers for sins of the past. Dr. Isobel Madison aka Sylvia Daniels returns with bigger plans for the soldiers she created.

There is quite a bit happening throughout DEADLY SILENCE with a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters that cross over between the two series. As an introductory story line DEADLY SILENCE follows several subplots where much of the conflict has yet to be resolved.

DEADLY SILENCE is a suspense filled tale with plenty of action, chaos, twist and turns but a familiar story line as Rebecca continues to focus on the genetically engineered super soldiers of Dr. Isobel Madison aka Sylvia Daniels. The premise is engaging; the characters are spirited and intense; the romance is passionate and emotional.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy

Deadly Silence Teaser



Heat from his body washed over her, but she lifted her head to meet his gaze. “We don’t have a relationship.”
He smiled then, and the curve of his lips held more determination than amusement. “I’m not letting you run, and I’m certainly not letting you hide, baby. Although neither of us has been in this for the long haul, I’m staying in Wyoming for the moment. The first thing that’s going to happen is I’m going to figure out who dared put a hand on you and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
For the first time, she saw a side of him that gave her true pause. In the long haul, he’d be unbearably possessive. Why did that give her an intriguing sense of safety? “Knock it off,” she snapped in his face. “Get out of my business.”
That quickly, she found her back against the door and her front pinned by hard male. His hands planted on either side of her neck, his thumbs at her jaw, forcing her to look at him. “Something you need to understand and pretty damn quick is that your business is my business right now.” His thumb swept up and over the offensive bruise on her face.
“Step back.” Her voice trembled.
He ignored the very calm order. “No. You don’t want to tell me who did this? Fine. I’ll find out on my own, and I’ll have the name by the time I pick you up for supper. What you don’t want to do is deal with him or his case until I have that name. Kicking him in the balls might’ve just pissed him off more, and now you’ve let a bully stew on it for a while, which might be dangerous for you. Got it?”
“You have no right to interfere,” she whispered.
“Baby, I’ve been fuckin’ you for months. That gives me every right.” Anger glowed dark in his eyes.
“We’re done. Get out.”
His eyes softened. “You shouldn’t make statements you can’t back up.”
She shoved against his ripped abs.
He didn’t move a millimeter.
And then he did.
His head dipped, and his mouth found her neck and wandered up to her ear. His teeth scraped, and then his tongue licked the slight wound.
Of its own volition, her body did a full tremble.
He leaned back. “That.”
Her mind fuzzed.
His mouth slammed down on hers. She knew his kiss—often dreamed about it. Not soft and sweet . . . not even lustful. It was dangerous. From day one, she’d tasted danger on his tongue, and it burned her hotter than she’d ever been.
Never had she dated a bad boy, but after living her desired routine-driven life for years, she’d craved adventure, and he filled that need. He drew out a wildness she hadn’t realized she possessed.
He held her flush against the door, kissing her hard, sending a craving along her nerves that almost hurt. His tongue went to work, his left hand keeping her jaw open for him. His right hand found her hip and dragged her against the obvious bulge in his jeans. By the time he released her, she’d stopped thinking completely.
“What time are you finished today?” he asked, his breath heating her face.
“Fi-five,” she stuttered.
He leaned back and gently put her to the side. “Stay in the office until I come for you at five, Zara.” He ran his thumb across her bottom lip. “Cross me on this, baby, and I ain’t gonna be gentle.” He had already shut the door behind himself before she could take a whole breath.
She blinked several times, her fingers going to her still-tingling mouth. What had just happened?


Guest post-White and Red

Deadly Silence Top 5 List

Top 5 Actors to play main characters

1) Hugh Jackman would make a wonderful Ryker Jones from Deadly Silence. He’s intense, smart, dangerous, and sexy. Very, very, very, sexy. There’s a picture of him next to a motorcycle on Pinterest, and it’s perfect.

2) Jason Momoa is one of my favorite actors of all time. He’s sexy and smart…and he looks amazing without his shirt. He’s also tall, dark, and so intense. Great hero material here.

3) Emily Rose is the actress who played the lead on Haven. She’s smart and spunky, and I think she’d make a great heroine in any of the books.

4) Salli Richardson-Whitfield is beautiful, intelligent, and so graceful. She played Dr. Blake on the Eureka series, and I thought she was fantastic.

5) Chris Pratt makes for a great hero as well. It’s not only his looks (which are very nice), but his obvious sense of humor. It’d be a lot of fun to cast him.

About The Author

Rebecca ZanettiNew York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner – only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She is a member of
RWA, has won awards for her works throughout the industry, and has a journalism degree with a poly sci emphasis from Pepperdine University as well as a Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho.

Growing up amid the glorious backdrops and winter wonderlands of the Pacific Northwest has given Rebecca fantastic scenery and adventures to weave into her stories. She resides in the wild north with her husband, children, and extended family who inspire her
every day-or at the very least give her plenty of characters to write about.




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Forever romance


Dangerously Charming by Deborah Blake – Review, Interview & Giveaway

Dangerously Charming by Deborah Blake – Review & Interview, & Giveaway


Dangerously Charming Banner


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The Riders are three immortal brothers who protect the mythical Baba Yagas. But their time serving the witches has ended—and their new destinies are just beginning…
Ever since a near-fatal mistake stripped Mikhail Day and his brothers of their calling to be Riders, Day has hidden from his shame and his new, mortal life in a remote cabin in the Adirondack mountains. But when a desperate young woman appears on his doorstep, he cannot resist helping her—and cannot deny how strongly he’s drawn to her…
For generations, women in Jenna Quinlan’s family have been cursed to give up their first born child to the vengeful fairy Zilya. When Jenna finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, she is determined to break her family’s curse and keep her baby, even if it means teaming up with a mysterious and charismatic man with demons of his own…
To unravel the curse, Jenna and Day will have to travel deep into the Otherworld. But the biggest challenge of the journey might not be solving an ancient puzzle but learning to heal their own broken hearts…




Dangerously Charming by Deborah Blake is the first book in her new Broken Riders series.  This is a spinoff from Blake’s successful Baba Yaga series.  I have not read that series, but this book read very well without having to read the previous series,  as the author gives us information along the way to make it easier.  However, with that being said; I enjoyed this book and Deborah Blake’s writing, and I will need to find time to read the Baba Yaga series (3 books and 2 novellas).

Mikhail Day, our hero, is a White Rider, who protected the Baba Yaga witches, and was immortal.  We learn at the start that Mikhail is a Broken Rider, after being tortured by a crazed witch in a previous story, losing his immortality.  When we meet Mikhail, he is still recovering but in seclusion.  On a stormy night a lost young lady knocks on his door to get into safety from the rains.  Mikhail’s life will once again change.

Jenna Quinlan is our heroine, and she is desperately trying to escape a fairy, who is determined to find Jenna.  It seems that Jenna is pregnant, and the fairy, Zilya has come to claim her first born child.  Jenna’s family has suffered this curse for generations, and Jenna is desperate to find a way out. 

Mikhail at first wants nothing to do with her.  All he wants is to be alone.  But he does take her to meet the fairy Queen, who would like to help Jenna, but this curse was created long before the rules changed.  As in the land of the Fae, the Queen gives a sly hint to Mikhail to help Jenna and warns Zilya to leave Jenna alone until after the baby is born.  This gives Jenna a chance to solve the curse riddle that will release Zilya’s claim. 

What follows is a fun and romantic story line, where Mikhail and Jenna will travel through the Otherworld to find the clues.  Barbara, one of the Baba Yaga witches, will offer some help in trying to unravel the riddle, but Mikhail and Jenna must do this on their own.  Despite his wanting to be alone, slowly Mikhail finds himself falling in love with Jenna, and she with him.  We also get to meet Mikhail’s brother, who is also a Broken Rider, and whose story will be next. 

The key to a good story is always to have characters you enjoy and care about.  Deborah Blake gives us this in Dangerously Charming.  I loved Mikhail and Jenna, as they made a great couple.  I loved the supporting characters, such as Barbara, the Baba Yaga witch; Gregori, Mikhail’s brother, Babs, the young daughter of Barbara, and even the Fairy Queen was nice.   This was an enjoyable read, exciting, action-filled, as they had to fight off those trying to stop Jenna; a sweet romance, great couple, as well as spending time in the land of the Fae.  Dangerously Charming is in fact a charming & fun story. I look forward to the next book in this series, and to find time to read Deborah Blake’s Baba Yaga series. 

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher



Hi Deborah. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions today.We are always looking forward to reading about the author behind the book.  

TRC: Would you please tell us something about yourself? 

Deborah Blake
I live in rural upstate NY in a 130 year old farmhouse with three cats, my day job is running an artists’ cooperative shop a friend and I founded 17 years ago, and I am a practicing witch. Don’t worry…I’m a good witch, not a bad witch.  




TRC: Have you always been interested in writing? When and how did you first start writing? 

Deborah: I’ve been writing since I was a kid. (I think I wrote my first “novel” sitting at the back of a sixth grade class.) I dabbled some when I was in my teens and early twenties, but the rejections scared me off. I didn’t get serious until I was about 45 and had my first nonfiction book published. I guess you could call me a late bloomer!

TRC: Dangerously Charming is the 1st book in your Broken Riders series. Can you please tell us about the premise of this series? How many books are you planning for this series?

Deborah: The Riders were side characters in the Baba Yaga series, companions and friends of the Baba Yagas. Something BAD happened to them in the third book (hence the “broken” in Broken Rider) and this series follows the three Riders as they try to figure out new lives…and their mysterious new abilities. The Baba Yagas do make appearance in these books, too. At the moment, the plan is for three books, one for each Rider, Day, Sun, and Knight.

Dangerously Charming
Can you please give us a brief description of Dangerously Charming?  

Deborah: Ever since a near-fatal mistake stripped Mikhail Day and his brothers of their calling to be Riders, Day has hidden from his shame and his new, mortal life in a remote cabin in the Adirondack mountains. But when a desperate young woman appears on his doorstep, he cannot resist helping her—and cannot deny how strongly he’s drawn to her…
For generations, women in Jenna Quinlan’s family have been cursed to give up their first born child to the vengeful fairy Zilya. When Jenna finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, she is determined to break her family’s curse and keep her baby, even if it means teaming up with a mysterious and charismatic man with demons of his own…
To unravel the curse, Jenna and Day will have to travel deep into the Otherworld. But the biggest challenge of the journey might not be solving an ancient puzzle but learning to heal their own broken hearts… 

TRC: Broken Riders is a spin off from your Baba Yaga series.  For those who may not have read your Baba Yaga series, can you please give us a brief description of the series? 

Deborah: The Baba Yaga series is an updated version of the Russian fairy tales about a powerful witch. These days, Baba Yaga is more of a job title than an individual person, and the series features three different women—all powerful witches, but all very different—as they cope with magical challenges (and some pretty challenging non-magical men). Luckily, they have help from the Riders, and each has her own Chudo-Yudo, the Baba Yaga’s mythical dragon companion, disguised as a giant white pit bull, a huge black Newfoundland, and a massive Norwegian Forest Cat. (People would probably notice a dragon.)  

TRC: How did you come up with the idea of Baba Yaga

Deborah: My agent Elaine and I were talking one day about what I should write next. We agreed that we both liked my books that had witches as protagonists, and we both liked updated fairy tales. So I tried to figure out which fairy tales hadn’t been overused (and had witches in them that weren’t completely the bad guys) and ta da! Baba Yaga.

TRC: You write multiple genres, such as Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, etc .   Do you have a preference on writing a genre, and have you thought of writing a different genre?

Deborah: I love both Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy I’ve written for Berkley (plus the nonfiction books on witchcraft I write for Llewellyn), but right now I’m actually working on a humorous contemporary romance. I love books that make me laugh. And romance, of course.

TRC: Can you please tell us what you working on now, and what you have upcoming in 2016/2017?

Right now I’m working on the romantic comedy, a book of cat magic, another Baba Yaga novella, and revisions on the second Rider novel, which will be out in November 2017. There will also be a second novel in the Veiled Magic series come spring, the novella towards fall, and I have a tarot deck coming out from Llewellyn in January 2017. 

TRC: What is your writing process?  Do you like to outline your story before you start? Do you have a specific place you like to write?  Is there a special time of day that works best for you?

Deborah: I do outline. I have since about the second book I wrote, but now that I am working with an editor, I always have to submit a synopsis for each book anyway. I actually do fairly extensive outlines, since they help when I get stuck or overwhelmed. I write sitting in a red recliner or on the couch (which also reclines) in my living room, since it seems to be the easiest on my back and arms, and it also makes it easy for the cats to supervise me. I usually work in the evenings, from about 6:30 until 10:30 (give or take), although on the weekends and days off, I sometimes also do another stint in the morning. And yes, that means I work seven days a week, most of the time. 

TRC: When you are not writing, what other interests or hobbies do you have?

Deborah: Besides cats? (laugh) I make jewelry, have an extensive garden, and I like to cook. I also am the high priestess of a small coven, so I do some magical things with the gang on occasion.   

TRC: Would you like to add anything else? 

Deborah: I love my readers—they have been so supportive of my books and my writing. I hope people will come connect with me on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And I hope they read and enjoy Dangerously Charming! 

To learn more about Deborah Blake, you can find her at the following links:



Favorite Food: Chocolate. No, lobster. No, chocolate. Okay, bacon.

Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu 

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride 

Favorite TV Show: Firefly (yes, I know it is off the air—I’m still bitter) 

Favorite Movie or TV Celebrity: Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) 

Dark or Milk Chocolate: Dark all the way 

Favorite literary character (not your own): Alanna (Tamora Pierce’s heroine) 

Dog or Cat: Cats (although I do like dogs too)   

Thank you, Deborah, for answering our questions. The Reading Café wishes you the best of luck with Dangerously Charming.



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Shadow Silence (Whisper Hollow #2) by Yasmine Galenorn-Review, Interview & Giveaway

 Shadow Silence (Whisper Hollow #2) by Yasmine Galenorn-Review, Interview and Giveaway

Shadow Silence Banner 2

Whisper Hollow #2
by Yasmine Galenorn
Genre: adult, contemporary, paranormal, romance
Release Date: September 27, 2016

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 27, 2016

Fifteen years ago, I ran away from Whisper Hollow, Washington, a small town on Crescent Lake in the Olympic Peninsula. But truth is, if you were born here, you can never really leave. I’m Kerris Fellwater, and I’m a spirit shaman. It’s my responsibility to drive the dead back to their graves, because around Whisper Hollow, people—and secrets—don’t always stay buried.

My best friend Peggin finds herself under a curse after she is almost taken by the Lady of the Lake, and the Unliving are determined to drag her back to the hungry waters. As Bryan—my guardian and mate—and I work to break the hex, we uncover a dark and violent mystery from the past. One the Hounds of Cú Chulainn will do anything to guard—even if they must summon a legion of the dead to destroy Whisper Hollow.



Shadow Silence begins shortly after book one ends. Kerris is settling into Whisper Hollow after a 15 year absence and is finding her place among the town’s protectors. When Kerris’ best friend, Peggin, finds out that she has thirty days to find another place to live (due to her landlord needing the house she rents), Kerris is less than pleased to find out that Peggin has her sights set on fixer-upper down by Crescent Lake. Even though Peggin knows that’s one of the most dangerous areas in town, she assures Kerris that she will be careful and on guard because she feels that the house is calling to her. Against Kerris’better judgement, she decides to support her friend’s decision.

When moving day arrives, it doesn’t take long for things to go very, very wrong. When Peggin disappears, Kerris assumes the worst. As she, Bryan (Kerris’ mate and guardian) and Deev (Peggin’s boyfriend) race to find Peggin, Kerris’ nightmare appears to be coming true. They find Peggin on the pier being dragged into the water by the Lady of the Lake. The trio is able to rescue Peggin from the Lady’s grasp, saving her from imminent death, only to discover that the Lady has marked Peggin, which doesn’t bode well for anyone. Especially Peggin. Kerris vows to Peggin that they will find a way to remove the Lady’s curse, but as they all soon discover, that’s easier said than done. Dark forces are making a move on Whisper Hollow and its residents, and it’s up to Kerris and the rest of the town’s protectors to try and find a way to stop them. As their allies gather, a traitor is discovered. Is he the only one? Who can they trust? Well, my friends, you’ll have to read to find out.

Shadow Silence is a great addition to this series. Yasmine Galenorn’s world building will grab you from the very beginning and have you turning the pages. Kerris is continuing to grow into her powers, discovering even more about herself as the days wear on. Bryan, her mate and guardian, continues to fascinate me. Peggin is the best friend whom everyone wishes they were lucky enough to have. However, it’s her boyfriend, Dr. Divine, aka Deev, that has me begging for more. He’s a steampunk artist type whom we know very little about, which adds to his draw. There’s a big story there and I can’t wait to know more about him. I said in my review of book one, Autumn Thorns, the secondary characters are multifaceted and complex. Shadow Silence has made me double down on that statement. I absolutely cannot wait to find out more about these intriguing characters and the dark forces that abound in this series. If you’re looking for a series that has wonderful world building, amazing characters, mystery and intrigue, as well as little romance thrown in, you will not go wrong with the Whisper Hollow series. Well done, Yasmine Galenorn. Very, very well done!!

Copy supplied by Netgalley

Reviewed by Vickie M



CATCHING UP with Yasmine Galenorn

TRC: Hi Yasmine, and welcome back to The Reading Café.

Yasmine GalenornYG: Hi, and thank you for having me.
Follow: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

TRC: We would like to start with some background information. For anyone who has never read your books, would you please tell us something about yourself?

YG: Well, I have around 50 books out at this point, plus novellas and short stories in a number of anthologies. I’ve been writing since before I could print my name—always knew I wanted to be a writer from the time I was three years old. I’m also a priestess in the Craft, and have been a shamanic witch since 1980, when I was 19. I’m one of the crazy cat ladies, and am married to a computer techie. I deal with multiple food allergies and intolerances which make it difficult to travel safely, and as a result, I cook everything I eat—I don’t have the choice, so it’s a good thing I learned to cook early on.

TRC: Who or what influenced your career in writing?

YG: One of my biggest influences was Ray Bradbury—I call him one of my “mortal gods”…his work taught me that prose can sing, words can move the heart. I also think Daphne du Maurier was an influence, Richard Adams, Anne McCaffrey, Joan D. Vinge, Tanith Lee, and so many other authors.

TRC: What challenges or difficulties have you encountered writing and publishing your stories?

YG: The biggest hurdle was getting published in the first place. Back in 1996, by the time I got my first contract (for one of my nonfiction books), I had seven books in the closet already (that will never be published) and had accumulated over 600 rejection slips from agents and publishers. But so many were encouraging that I just kept gritting my teeth and submitting.

Shadow SilenceTRC: Would you please tell us something about the premise of Shadow Silence, the second book in your Whisper Hollow series?

YG: Shadow Silence is the story of a curse, and a friendship. When the Lady of the Lake targets Peggin, Kerris and Bryan must do their best to break the curse and free her from a watery death. I actually recorded a video about Shadow Silence and the Whisper Hollow series, and you can find that on my Youtube Channel. Whisper Hollow haunts my dreams—the characters are so alive and vibrant to me, and the town so dark and shadowed.

TRC: How many books do you have planned for the WHISPER HOLLOW series?

YG: At least four—and I really think I’ll write more than that. However, since Berkley has opted not to continue the series, I will be releasing the rest after Shadow Silence as an indie author. The next Whisper Hollow books will be titled: Crow Song, and Morrígan’s Blade. As soon as Shadow Silence releases, I’ll be posting the covers for them—they’re gorgeous.

TRC: Are you able to give us a hint about your next Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon installment?

YG: I will also be releasing these as an indie author (in fact, Shadow Silence is my last release with Berkley Books and then I’m moving over to the indie side for the foreseeable future). Moon Shimmers, book 19 in the Otherworld Series, will be available in January 2017. I’m planning to release Harvest Song in January 2018, and my last OW book—Blood Bonds—in January 2019. I will be doing a cover reveal on my blog for all three books on October 4th! In Moon Shimmers, Camille will be taking her place as the Queen of Dusk & Twilight.

TRC: How do you keep the plot(s) unpredictable without sacrificing content and believability?

YG: *grinning* I dunno…I just write the stories that appear in my head. I guess by now, with over fifty books out, it’s second nature.

TRC: When writing (or outlining) a story line do your characters direct the writing, or do you direct the characters?

YG: The characters lead the way, definitely. I long ago stopped trying to force plotlines because it always comes out stilted. I give the characters their head and they lead me where they need to go.

TRC: Many authors bounce ideas and information with other authors, or family and friends. With whom do you bounce ideas and why?

YG: I bounce ideas off my husband and my assistants at times. Mostly, my subconscious does its little trick of mixing up everything and then spewing it out at me in one big lump. I stare at the creative hairball sitting at my feet, and then start trying to sculpt it. (Told you I’m the crazy cat lady).

TRC: Do you believe the cover image plays a deciding factor for many readers in the process of selecting a book or new series to read?

YG: Covers are vital, which is why I’m so glad I’ve found incredible cover designers for my indie work. Wait till you see the covers for the next two Whisper Hollow books—brilliant and beautiful.

TRC: On what are you currently working?

YG: I’m finishing up Fury’s Magic, the second in my new indie series—the Fury Unbound Series. Book one—Fury Rising—came out in July and did very well, so I’m extremely pleased about that. I plan on releasing Fury’s Magic in November.

I’m also starting to promote two anthologies I’m in—Taming the Vampire will be coming out on October 31st, and it contains the prequel to a new series I’ll be introducing next year—the Bewitching Bedlam series. And Silver Belles will be coming out in late October as well, with one of the few contemporary romance short stories I’ve ever written in it—The Longest Night. Silver Belles is a winter-holiday themed anthology.

Actually, I have a number of surprises in the works. I’ll be re-releasing the entire Chintz ‘n China series this autumn with lovely new covers and a few additions. Really, it’s best to sign up for my newsletter if you want to keep informed, because there are going to be a lot of things going on in my various worlds over the next 18 months.

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

YG: Just that I’m grateful for all my readers who have followed me on my adventures—and who are making the switch with me as I change over from the old guard to the new guard, so to speak. I appreciate it. I love that my readers love my worlds, and I really appreciate the support they give in return.

TRC: Thank you Yasmine for taking the time to answer our questions. Congratulations on the release of SHADOW SILENCE. We wish you all the best.


The Reading Cafe and Yasmine’s publisher are offering a paper copy of SHADOW SILENCE to ONE (1) lucky commenter at The Reading Cafe.

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Lyric and Lingerie (The Fort Worth Wranglers #1) by Tracy Wolff & Katie Graykowski-Review & Book Tour

LYRIC AND LINGERIE (The Fort Worth Wranglers #1) by Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski-Review.Guest Post & Book Tour

Lyric and Lingerie Banner

The Fort Worth Wranglers
by Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski
Release Date: September 27 , 2016
Genre: adult, contemporary, romance

Lyric and Lingerie / /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 27, 2016

Lyric Wright is an off-beat astrophysicist whose life is falling apart around her. After losing her fiancé to a hula dancing astrologer and losing her dress to an ill-fated leap of faith, she’s sure there’s nowhere for her life to go but up. At least until she sits down on a trans-Pacific flight next to the one man she never wanted to see again—the boy she’d lost her heart and her virginity too back before she’d learned that friendship and football don’t equal true love.

Broken down quarterback Heath Montgomery is on a plane ride to nowhere. Dodging the phone call he’s certain will end his professional football career for good, he might be Texas bound, but he knows there’s nowhere for him to go but down. But that’s before his childhood best friend and confidante plops back into his life wearing nothing but duct tape and a bad attitude. Determined not to lose her again (especially since he isn’t sure why he lost her the first time) and desperate to outrun his own shadowy future, Heath sets out to take Lyric on the ride of her life. Too bad she only dates men who actually know what her butterfly nebula is … and can find it without the help of a star chart.

Add in one passive-aggressive flight attendant with delusions of couture, a cherry red car with a crush on Neil Diamond, an over-protective sister with a black belt in Krav Maga, two parents determined to marry their spinster daughter off to the hometown hero no matter the cost, and a whole lot of lingerie popping up in all the right places at all the wrong times and you’ve got an unforgettable love story.


REVIEW: LYRIC AND LINGERIE is the first instalment in the contemporary adult THE FORT WORTH WRANGLERS romance series co-authored by Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowsi. This is astrophysicist Lyric Wright, and professional football player Heath Montgomery’s story line.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Lyric and Heath) LYRIC AND LINGERIE is a romantic comedy that follows the rekindling relationship/ second chance (of sorts) for former childhood friends astrophysicist Lyric Wright, and quarterback for the Fort Worth Wranglers professional football team Heath Montgomery. While at a convention in Hawaii, Lyric gets a call to return home following the news of her father’s heart attack but a wardrobe malfunction finds our heroine wrapped in ‘duct tape’ lest her significant ‘assets’ be exposed to the entire plane. Enter Heath Montgomery, Lyric’s seatmate and the man she has detested for a number of years. What ensues is a comedy of errors, a humorous seduction of Lyric Wright by the man who has loved her for most of his life.

Heath Montgomery has suffered a career-ending injury and finds himself contemplating a future without the sport that he has loved but rekindling his friendship with Lyric puts a different spin on his life when to appease her father’s anxiety Heath announces his plans to marry his scientist daughter much to the annoyance of Lyric herself. Their ‘fake engagement’ becomes real when Heath realizes that the woman he pretends to love is the one with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life-now only if he can convince Lyric of the same.

Lyric is a scientist with a brain for numbers, and a body that doesn’t stop but Heath Montgomery broke her heart years before, and in the ensuing time she has never forgiven her best friend for destroying her soul. Her last relationship ended when her fiance of 2 years announced that ‘Mercury was in retrograde, and it was time for a new direction’-with a hula dancing astrologer.

We are introduced to Lyric’s parents, and to Lyric’s sister Harmony-a rough around the edges woman who takes no crap from Heath Montgomery and sees right through Lyric and Heath’s deception. After Lyric’s wardrobe malfunction aboard the return flight home, Tre the steward is a snarky breath of fresh air as he continues to command the ‘runway’ with his over the top attitude and designer ‘Luminous Steel’ duct tape invention.

LYRIC AND LINGERIE is a lighthearted, fun read; an entertaining and enjoyable story about two people lost and looking for a direction in life. The premise is amusing and delightful with ‘laugh out loud’ moments; the romance is seductive and provocative; the characters are colorful, animated and energetic. Give yourself a break from the over the top angst-ridden romances and pick up a copy of LYRIC AND LINGERIE.

Copy supplied for review

Reviewed by Sandy

Lyric and Lingerie Teaser

guest post

One book—Two Authors: How Does that Work?

I’m so happy to be here writing about, well … writing. Tracy Wolff and I just published Lyric and Lingerie and it was so much fun writing a book with her. She’s the deep one and I’m the shallow one. She added the emotional depth and I added the humor and duct tape … lots and lots of duct tape. It was surprisingly easy (mainly because she did it) to mesh our two voices together. I would say the hardest part of writing a book together is staying on task at our weekly lunches.

For example today, we spent 3 hours at lunch “plotting” the next book in the series, Harmony and High Heels and got exactly—um—nothing done. Just for fun we recorded 47 minutes of our “plotting” session. We covered the brilliance of Kurt Sutter, the creative genius of romance writer Liz Tally, how I drank way too much lemonade, the wonderfulness of cheesecake, how thigh-high biker bitch boots make me look like a pirate, and that the woman in Jurassic World wears high heels and a white suit that never seems to get dirty.

Co-writing a book is so much fun, sometimes too much fun, but it’s also rewarding. My shortcomings are her strongest skills and visa versa, I hope.

(Note from Tracy) Katie forgot to mention that she would make one kick ass pirate and I would looooove to see her in those bitch boots. But also, she’s an incredible writing partner and one of the most fun people in the world to be around. And while I did do the meshing, she’s responsible for a lot (read all) of the fun that is Lyric and Lingerie. And yes, our skill sets are so different that together we make one really good writer, lolol.

About The Author Black and Blue

Tracy WolffNew York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff lives in Texas and teaches writing at her local community college. She is married and the mother of three young sons.



Tracy Wolff also writes as Tessa Adams


Katie GraykowskiKatie Graykowski likes sassy heroines, Mexican food, movies where lots of stuff gets blown up, and glitter nail polish.

She finished her first novel in the parking lot right before her first Romance Writers of America meeting. Since then, she’s finaled in or won almost every romance writing competition in the United States.

Katie has been married for over 19 years to a very loving, patient, and tolerant man. She has one human kid and three K-9 kids. She lives on a hilltop outside of Austin, Texas where her home office has an excellent view of the Texas Hill Country. When she’s not writing, she’s scuba diving.

Follow: Goodreads/Website/Twitter/Facebook/


Roadside Assistance (Body Shop Bad Boys #2) by Marie Harte-Review,Interview and Giveaway

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE (Body Shop Bad Boys #2) by Marie Harte-Review, Interview and Giveaway

Roadside Assistance Banner

Body Shop Bad Boys #2
by Marie Harte
Release Date: September 6, 2016
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic, romance

Roadside Assistance / / B&N / KOBO / BAM /

About the book: Release Date September 6, 2016

Underneath the axle grease and tats he’s a gentleman.
Foley Sanders figured he’ll always be content with a life of cars and casual hookups. Until a run-in with Cyn, a statuesque firecracker with a hate-on for men, leaves him bewitched and intrigued-much to her annoyance.

Maybe Cynthia Nichols was a little hard on Foley, that muscular, tattooed, super-hot mechanic next door. But she’s tired of feeling defensive about her size and has sworn off men. She’s got a new job, new life, perfect plan. Foley has trouble written all over him-no way is she going to fall for his charms.

Foley might look like a bad idea, but underneath, he’s all gentleman. Too bad Cyn’s not buying it. What’s a bad boy to do when the goddess of his dreams won’t give him the time of day?


REVIEW: ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is the second installment in Marie Harte’s contemporary, adult BODY SHOP BAD BOYS erotic, romance series focusing on the mechanic’s at Webster’s Garage. This is mechanic Foley Sanders, and café owner Cynthia Nichols’s story line. ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. BODY SHOP BAD BOYS is a spin off from Harte’s McCauley Brothers series but you do not have to have read the original series to follow the current time line. A number of the characters cross-over between the two series.

Told from several third person perspectives ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE follows the building relationship between Foley and Cyn, and the fractured family dynamics for the Nichols and Sanders’s families. Foley is a tattooed, bad boy, and a man with a past. Cynthia is a plus size, independent business woman whose self-esteem and body image have been destroyed by her toxic mother leaving our heroine with a less than idealistic view of herself and the world. When her most recent relationship failed Cyn pledged to remain celibate for the rest of her life but a mechanic with a soft spot for Cyn, and a loving relationship with his own mother has pushed Cyn’s promise of celibacy to the side. What ensues is a relationship that quickly builds into something more that may be destroyed when Cyn is unable to overcome the emotional and psychological abuse, inflicted by her mother, that continues to the present day.

The sexual attraction between Cyn and Foley is immediate but our heroine is reluctant to believe that Foley is interested in a plus size woman. Her self-esteem has been so badly damaged, that compliments and attention become fodder for arguments and fights. Foley has a protective streak when it comes to his family, and Cyn’s self-abasing attitude is difficult to overcome even for our story line hero. The $ex scenes are erotic, seductive and intense.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE has a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including Foley’s best friend, roommate, fellow mechanic and ‘brother from another mother’ Sam whose life begins to spiral out of control when Foley becomes preoccupied with the new woman in his life. All of the mechanics at Webster’s Garage play an active role throughout the story. We are introduced to Foley’s mother Eileen, and her beau Jacob, as well as Cyn’s brother Matt and his wife Nina; Cyn’s long suffering father Vincent, and her mother Ella. The poisonous barbs and toxic relationship between Cyn and Ella make for plenty of uncomfortable moments.

The world building continues to focus on the men and women at Webster’s Garage-their friendships, the camaraderie, relationships and love-there is plenty of humor and fun when the mechanics get together for a game of darts and a couple of beers. Cynthia Nichols’ low self esteem and negative body image is a constant theme running throughout the story, and for some readers the issues may hit too close to home but in the end our heroine finds the strength to take the first steps towards recovery and finding self worth.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is a story about romance and love; family and friendships; letting go of the past and moving forward with your own life. The premise is emotional and impassioned but slow to build in the early stages of the book; the characters are colorful, animated and flawed; the romance is intimate and provocative. Marie Harte’s ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE is a welcome addition to her BODY SHOP BAD BOYS erotic, romance series.

Click HERE for Sandy’s review of Book 1-TEST DRIVE.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy


TRC:  Hi Marie and welcome to The Reading Cafe.

We would like to start with some background information. Would you please tell us something about yourself?

My name is Marie Harte, and I’m a romance writer. I’ve written over a hundred books, have hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and continue to write. I’m a mother of two boys who never seem to stop eating. I have a cat that likes to sneak attack, and I’m addicted to coffee. My family and I live in Central Oregon, and I’m in love with the mountains.

TRC:  Who or what influenced your career in writing?

My love of reading was my biggest influence. I’ve always loved to read, and I spent the majority of my younger years making up stories when I couldn’t find anything to read. Same with romance as I got older. I wrote the stories I wanted to read but couldn’t find on the shelves.

TRC:  What challenges or difficulties have you encountered writing and publishing your stories?

Ten years ago when I started writing, it was still tough to get a publishing contract with the Big 6, but it seemed like it was easier to find a connection with readers. Now, there’s so much material to wade through when it comes to romance that it’s hard to get a leg up, I think. It’s more about marketing than I’m used to or even comfortable with, and I think I sometimes am not as effective as I should be. I just want to write, but it’s so much more these days.

TRC:  Would you please tell us something about the premise of ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE?

Roadside Assistance is the story of a hard-working, sexy, rough-around-the-edges guy finding love when he’s not looking for it with a woman learning to love herself–flaws and all. Because only when she feels right about herself can she love her perfect man. Note—her perfect man. Foley has flaws, but for Cyn, he’s Mr. Right. Also, the heroine in this story deals with body issues that a lot of us struggle with, I think.

TRC:  How many books do you have planned for the BODY SHOP BAD BOYS series?

Four have been contracted, with a fifth hanging out there. The fifth book centers around characters introduced in a previous series (The McCauley Brothers) as well as Body Shop Bad Boys, so though it’s not technically a BSBB book, it kind of feels like it to me.

TRC:  How do you keep the plot(s) unpredictable without sacrificing content and believability?

This series is about real men and women. My heroes tend to be blue-collar, rough and ready, and my heroines have real issues and real looks. They’re not all gorgeous and lily white, but characters with personality. Those characteristics drive the plots. No one’s flying to Paris for a spy chase. The men and women fight, fall in love, fight falling in love, and deal with life as it comes to them in their city of Seattle. It’s challenging to keep it real but also fun to think that hey, this could really happen to someone like me! And let’s face it, truth is often stranger than fiction. Finding unpredictable plots is as easy as sitting in a coffee shop and listening to people talk about their lives.

TRC:  Do you believe the cover image plays a deciding factor for many readers in the process of selecting a book or new series to read?

I do. I’m a big reader, and I know that the first thing about a book I notice is the cover, then the blurb. After that, I’ll open the book to take a peek. But without a striking cover, I’m bypassing it to another book. Fortunately, I’ve been really lucky with Sourcebooks creating amazing covers for me. I mean, look at Roadside Assistance. Just…wow.

TRC:  On what are you currently working?

I’m working on the fourth Body Shop Bad Boy book, about Lou. My last wisecracking mechanic is about to meet his match in a woman who won’t give him the time of day. I LOVE stories like that!

TRC:  Would you like to add anything else?

Thanks so much for having me. I can’t wait to share Roadside Assistance with everyone! You can find me at .

TRC: Thank you Marie for taking the time to answer our questions. Congratulations on the release of ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE

About The author

Follow: Goodreads / Twitter /Website/ Facebook

Marie HarteCaffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, USA Today bestselling author Marie Harte has over 100 books published with more constantly on the way. She’s a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she’s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after. Visit and fall in love.


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Break of Day by Mari Madison – Review & Giveaway

Break of Day by Mari Madison – Review, Guest Post & Giveaway


Break of Day Banner


Break of DayAmazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / BAM / The Book Depository

There’s a chance of a heat wave for the crew at News 9 San Diego…
Asher Anderson is an amazing surfer—with a body to match—but he’s pretty much the world’s worst weatherman. He’d prefer to catch the perfect swells in the morning so he tapes his forecasts in advance—it never rains much in San Diego anyway. The suits at News 9, however, would love to fire him, but since he’s the son of the station owner, they’ll just have to get creative…
Piper Strong thinks she’s scored her dream job when she’s promoted to weather producer. Glorified babysitter is more like it—she’s now responsible for bringing Asher back to shore. The problem is she’s afraid of the water, and she wasn’t counting on her growing attraction to Asher. But if Piper can just weather this storm, she’ll be able to carve out a career to be proud of—and maybe even a place in her heart for love….



Break of Day by Mari Madison is the 2nd book in her Exclusive Romance series.  Having read the first book in this series, Just This Night, I wasn’t sure how this book would continue with the TV News background  theme.  Gladly, I loved Break of Day and the wonderful characters Mari Madison has created.

Piper Strong is our heroine, and a good friend of Beth (our previous heroine).  Piper is counting on a promotion at News 9 to give her career a boost, and is devastated when someone less deserving is given the promotion.  Piper also has a phobia of the ocean, and at Beth’s wedding on the beach with the ocean so close, it will be Asher Anderson, who will come to her rescue. Asher is our hero, and the News 9 weatherman.  Asher is also the playboy son of the TV station’s owner.  Asher finds himself attracted to Piper, not to mention curious as to why she has a fear of the ocean, since he is a surfer.  Piper tries to stay clear of Asher, as his reputation precedes itself.  Asher learns about Piper losing the job she counted on and the following day, she is called to the producer’s office with a promotion to be a producer for the weather, and writing scripts for Asher. 

What follows is a friendship that will turn into a sweet romance.  It was a slow build romance, since each of them had their own issues.  Asher’s mom is demanding and wants him to be with a high society girl, and will stop at nothing to ensure Asher does not become serious with Piper. Piper comes from a poor family, with a mother who is a drug addict, not to mention uses her daughter for money. Despite each of their issues and different backgrounds, both Asher and Piper find themselves falling in love, with each willing to do whatever is necessary to help the other, even if it means pulling away.

Besides this sweet fun romance, the story was very well written by Madison, with a number of different and interesting subjects.  Piper worked off hours helping homeless children, especially a young troubled boy.  Asher, having met the children, will train the boy how to surf, which leads to something that he enjoys as a possible change to the better for his future.  Piper’s phobia of the Ocean; Asher’s mother;   and Piper’s mother are also subjects that make this story fun to read.  Most of all, I loved Asher and Piper together, as they were a wonderful couple.   If you enjoy a sweet romance, great couple, TV News theme, and family turmoil, than I suggest you read Break of Day.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher


guest post

Ever since I was a teen myself I’ve been a fan of John Hughes films. From Breakfast Club to Some Kind of Wonderful, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to Sixteen Candles.

But it’s Pretty in Pink that gets me every time. A simple story about a poor girl and a rich boy – and how their class differences make it almost impossible to get together, despite how much they like one another.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. She should have chosen Duckie. Jon Cryer really stole the show with his loveable dork character that’s stood the test of time. 

But let’s put Duckie on the back burner for a moment. Cool as he is, he’s also kind of a distraction to the real issue Hughes was trying to explore in the film. Namely whether two people can overcome class differences and have a chance at a real relationship.

It would have been easy to make Andie a bit of a loser. But she’s actually not if you watch the film closely. She’s poor. She has a lot of family issues. But she’s cool in her own way, even if she doesn’t quite realize it. She works in a record store. She goes clubbing with her friends. She’s just as cool in her circle as Blaine is in his.

And what I think Hughes does really well, though people miss it because they’re so focused on Duckie, is that Andie’s friends are just as mean to Blaine – if not more so – than Blaine’s friends are to Andie. The rich kids don’t want him to date a poor girl. But the poor kids really don’t like this rich dude encroaching on their territory either.

With Break of Day, I wanted to explore this trope – rich boy, poor girl – in much the same way. Piper has had all the disadvantages in life. Her mother is an addict, she’s grown up in foster care, she’s had to deal with the tragic death of her brother—which may or may not have been her fault. Any one of those things could destroy a person. But Piper refuses to let them crush her. If anything it only makes her more determined to break free of her past and become her own person. And Asher can’t help but admire this, even if he can’t personally relate to her problems, having grown up rich and privileged.

But Asher has issues of his own. Which he disparagingly dismisses as “First World Problems” even though they are anything but. Even though he’s suffered just as much as Piper in different ways, it’s hard for anyone to sympathize, due to his economic advantage. It takes someone like Piper to see the true pain in his heart. Pain that can’t be solved by writing a check.

We don’t know what happened to Blaine and Andie after the prom. Whether their class differences eventually became too much or if they stayed together for the long haul. But I like to think of them having a happy ending, just as Piper and Asher are able to do in Break of Day. Shutting out the noise and staying true to their feelings. Realizing love is far better than gold.  



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Mari’s publisher is offering a paper copy of BREAK OF DAY to ONE (1) lucky commenter at The Reading Cafe

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Interview with actor/model Drew Leighty

Interview with actor/model Drew Leighty

TRC: Hi Drew and welcome to The Reading Cafe.

We would like to start with some background information. Please tell us something about yourself?

Please Follow Drew : Facebook / Twitter / Instagram /

Drew Leighty 1Drew:  Well I have always been an athlete. I played just about every sport growing up, and narrowed that down to baseball, water polo, basketball, and football in high school, and on the side I would go surfing and snowboarding with friends. In college I played baseball before I had an injury to my collar bone, snapping it in half, that took me off the field for good. In the ER I met a woman who gave me her card and asked me to contact her to model for her company. Some may say the rest was history, had I made some impact on history. Sadly I didn’t haha. I began modeling for Ford, then moved to Pinkerton, and worked with a theatrical manager. I then moved to a new commercial agency, RC Talent, owned by my friend who was previously an agent for Pinkerton. Soon after I had my son and I took a hiatus from the entertainment industry to work full-time and finish my bachelor’s degree. About two years ago I did another shoot with Scott Hoover and started being featured as a book cover model. Then a year ago I did a couple trailers for Jennifer Armentrout’s Titan Series and realized I had given up what I loved to do, acting. Since I have resigned with my old commercial agent as well as my theatrical manager, I’ve been featured on more book covers, worked on commercial like Ross and American Crew, and soon will hopefully be on some SOAP Operas or prime time TV shows.

TRC: What were your dreams and aspirations growing up?

Drew:  My dream growing up was always to be a professional baseball player. However, the snapping of my collar bone really ended that dream. Fortunately, before I had declared Communications as my major at the time I had taken a public speaking class and did absolutely terrible. My counselor had suggested I take a theatre arts class to help me with my public speaking, so I did, and I fell in love with it. I realized how natural a transition was from being in the spotlight on the baseball field to being in the spotlight on stage. I took that passion, transferred it to my work in the entertainment industry and ran with it.

TRC: When not modeling, what are your other interests?

Drew:  I love studying. I read a lot of books on working a stage, script reading, character development, etc. to enhance my skills as an actor and give me an idea of what is to be expected from all aspects of production.

TRC: Would you please tell us something about the Showtime™ television series SUBMISSION and your role?

Drew Leighty 5Drew:  Well I joined SUBMISSION originally as a regular, but didn’t receive much information about my role. They sent me some contracts but as you might imagine once I got the call saying I got the role, I was off the walls excited, I mean it was my first major role. So the contracts I was sent, I signed and returned without even reading, they asked me if I knew any “adult” (we had different ideas of what adult meant) actors and I was like, “you kidding I know tons!” and they asked me to get a girl who was a good actress that could play a love interest. I reached out but all my friends were working at the time so I had to let that go.

Then I get an email, and they cut my days from 3-4 weeks to one day, and I was distraught. I mean I had passed up job opportunities to commit to this show so it was very unfortunate. Still in the back of my head I was like, if I perform well then maybe they’ll want to keep me as a regular. This is about a week or so before the first day of filming. At that point I still hadn’t received a script, they said they had done a bunch of rewrites and were still working out kinks. The day before I’m supposed to be working was the day I finally got the script. I get it, I get my character name, and I begin reading. Right off the bat I realized I’m not much of a character in this story at all, I mean I’m five or six pages in and haven’t even heard my character mentioned. BOOM, I see my character’s name highlighted half way down the page. I skip ahead and look down to read my first line, it’s three words. Basically a throw away sentence, so I skip ahead some more, nothing. Skip some more, still nothing. I skip, skip, and skip and there’s nothing, no more lines. So I start back at the page where my line was and realize my character is the main character from a book from the 50’s or 60’s. He’s kinky for today’s day and age but can you imagine the scrutiny he would have faced if he’s as kinky as he was for today but lived back then?

Transfer Drew Lieght yCoverSo I did what I learned, I began building my character. I read on, and all of a sudden I’m hitting a very real and organic sex scene, it took me a few read throughs to confirm that this was my character getting down and dirty. At this point my jaw was on the floor and heart was thumping, I thought for sure they would have asked me was I okay with a sex scene. I grabbed my contracts and there it was in the first paragraph, simulated sex scene, so they had told me. Soon after I get an email, it’s from a high friend and basketball teammate who I haven’t seen or spoken to since high school, now he’s a camera man. His email says “Hey man are you working LA tomorrow on SUBMISSION?” I come to find out he’s the head camera man on the show, so not only am I doing my first simulated sex scene, I’m also doing it in front of a guy who I haven’t spoken to since high school.

I get to set and find out the girl who’s working the scene with me is a well-known adult star (if you’re like me and don’t know this yet, adult star means porn star), so that made things even more intimidating for me. However, fortunately enough for me the crew, the director, the actors, were all so professional I felt completely comfortable for a first timer. In the end I wouldn’t take it back because that was the most difficult role I’ve had but it made me learn a lot about my abilities as an actor and myself.

Drew Leighty M. Clarke series

TRC: What first sparked your interest in modeling? acting? Is there a defining moment where you knew that modeling /acting was something you were interested in pursuing?

Drew:  Well modeling just kind of came with the territory. I wanted to act but the agency I originally worked for, Ford, saw me as a youthful model. I had no experience besides college courses in theatre arts for acting, so they wanted to develop me for the industry. After a few moves from agency to agency, and a few jobs I had a little experience under my belt but not enough so I had to go to expensive schools to study with teachers that would help give me a more professional look on my resume. I’ve always known that I wanted to be in the spotlight, whether for baseball or acting. It’s something that comes natural to me and it’s something I enjoy doing, like I love doing it. Working and studying for it I love as well, which is a love and passion I have never found in any other subject at school.

TRC: Have you ever had a photo shoot or fillming that went completely wrong?

Drew:  Yes my first photoshoot, I paid for. I paid over $900 for the shoot so off the bat I should have known something was wrong, but I was young and naive, and new to the industry. I got my images, all of my headshots, and ZED cards back and they all looked like trash. I found out soon after that the entire shoot I had paid for was a scam, luckily the person who informed me was willing to help me and looked after me from there.

TRC: Many photo shoots and film sets take the model to exotic locations. What has been your favorite location to shoot? Least favorite location (and why)?

Drew Leighty 6Drew:  Well my favorite was probably the Bahamas obviously for the tropical beaches, sun, room service, etc. Plus we were there for four days so that was also nice to have a day to relax by the pool and beach. My least favorite was probably the Mojave desert at night in the Winter. It was cold, I was in pants that had holes and rips, and at night it began snowing.

TRC: Nudity in modeling or acting can be controversial. Some pictures can cross the line between sexuality to pornography. What would you tell young models/actors /body builders just entering the business about nude modeling and photography?

Drew:  I would tell them do whatever you are comfortable with. For us it’s an art, the poses we take create a picture that we consider to be art, to us it’s not controversial or pornography. However, like artists we must be proud of our craft, if you are uncomfortable during a shoot it will show, and it will not look like art and you will probably not be proud of it. So stick within your comfort limits and do not do anything that you find uncomfortable.

TRC: The modeling industry exposes you to many people and sometimes it can be very stressful. At times do you feel alone, surrounded by so many people? What do you do when the stress becomes overwhelming?

Drew Leighty Cover 2 Very Twisted ThingsDrew:  No I never really feel alone, I have my family, I have my agents who take great care of me and always include me in everything even things outside of the industry like workouts, or dinner or whatever. However, when I do stress it’s usually due to not booking a job in a while and I usually take a second to myself, to reevaluate what I’m doing. Find what’s stressing me out, usually it’s money, and take a look at what I can do to break down that stress.

TRC: At times, there has been a ‘stigma’ surrounding the male model and the romance-cover industry but the popularity of the romance story line has skyrocketed in the last few years especially with the erotic and sensual cover images. What is your opinion about the recent popularity and the very busy industry of the ‘romance cover model’?

Drew:  I’m very thankful for it. I’m thankful for all the authors who write these novels, and use me on their covers. I’m thankful for the readers and fans who read these novels and enjoy the covers. And I’m thankful for the erotic and sensual reality that is portrayed. I think inside we all have a piece of us that can relate to these stigmas and that’s what makes it so exciting and enjoyable. It shows us that the natural being that is within us isn’t something to be held in or to be shy about, it’s something exciting and lovable that can bring you a new sense of euphoria that we haven’t been able to experience yet.

TRC: Do you remember the first ‘romance cover’ on which you appeared?

Drew Leighty Cover The Return 1Drew:  Yes “The Return,” by Jennifer Armentrout.

TRC: Do you have a favorite cover-romance image or otherwise? (e.g. magazines, ads etc)

Drew:  I like them all. I don’t think I could pick a favorite because all of them show a different side of me. Some tender, some strong, some athletic, some passionate. To me they show me my experiences that I have faced and triumphed. They show me my growth as a human and my development in my craft. To me they show my life.

TRC: Would you please tell us what you do to relax?

Drew:  I go on dog walks with my family. We go to the beach. I read or chill and watch Netflix. I do whatever my mind asks me to do in that moment.

TRC: Do you listen to music when you work out? If so, what songs are currently on your playlist?

Drew:  I listen to pandora. My current play station is J. Cole Radio. I enjoy his beats and the messages he sends through his lyrics.

TRC: What three things would you like to accomplish in the next five years?

Drew:  I would like to get on a SOAP to start my acting career, so let’s start a #getDrewonaSOAP movement. I would also like to help an Animal Rescue non-profit along with a Climate Change non-profit. Sooner rather than later I would also like to help fund and receive funding for a project I have been working on for the past 6 years “NEVER HIKE ALONE,” a Friday the 13th Fan Film, that I have been lucky enough to be a part of. A story lead by a very creative writer/director who I have known for about 7 years.

TRC: What is something that few, if anybody, knows about you?

Drew Leighty 8Drew:  I eat wrappers to cupcakes.

TRC: On what on your currently working?

Drew:  I am currently working on “NEVER HIKE ALONE.” Along with finding work on a SOAP or TV show.

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

Drew:  I would also like to help non-profits for the ocean and marine life, education, and veterans.


Favorite Food
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers (add onion rings and french fries- inside burger)

Favorite Dessert
Rocky Road Ice Cream

Favorite Movie

Favorite TV Show
Sons of Anarchy

Last Movie that you Saw

Secret Celebrity Crush
1.) Jennifer Anniston 2.) Amber Heard 3.) Carrie Underwood

Dark or Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate

Last Book that you Read
“The Power”

Pet Peeve
Chewing with your mouth open or bad breath. Or bad breath while chewing with your mouth open.

TRC: Thank you Drew for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish you all the best !

Drew:  Thank you again so much and I hope this was alright!


HIghland Yearning (The Mackay Saga #2) by Dawn Ireland-Review, Interview & Giveaway

HIGHLAND YEARNING (The Mackay Saga #2) by Dawn Ireland-Review, Interview and Giveaway


Highland Yearning Banner

The Mackay Saga
by Dawn Ireland
Release Date: July 20, 2016
Genre: adult, time-travel, Highlander romance

Highland Yearning / / Amazon. uk /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date July 20, 2016

Caden Mackay would never bed a Sutherland, let alone marry one. Bloody hell, what had possessed his twin brother to propose to one of the she-devils? And what is Caden to do with the Sutherland beauty who appears, as if by magic, in his library? The defiant intruder is the enemy, but she is unlike any woman he’s ever known, and her tantalizing curves and wide green eyes could tempt a monk. He must devise a way to stop the wedding. But can he stop the desire that makes him long to make Ariel Sutherland his own?

Ariel’s life had never gone the way she’d hoped, but ending up in eighteenth century Scotland was a stretch, even for her. If not for her dog, Scruffy, she might have thought she’d walked into a romantic daydream. Especially since the object of her desire appears to be entirely too virile. But can she find her way back to her time, before her too-handsome Highlander makes her believe that love can conquer in any century?


REVIEW: HIGHLAND YEARNING is the second installment in Dawn Ireland’s historical, Highlander The Mackay Saga paranormal, romance, time travel series. This is Laird Caden Mackay, and Ariel Sutherland’s story line. HIGHLAND YEARNING can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Caden and Ariel) HIGHLAND YEARNING follows Ariel Sutherland as she is hurled back in time, into the eighteenth century, and into a clan war between the Sutherland’s and the Mackay’s. In present day a stranger in a kilt offers Ariel a gift of the missing Mackay Ring of Belief, a ring she has been contracted to find by one of the current day Sutherland’s. Thought to have been lost for over two hundred years, one touch finds our heroine traveling through time into an age and people with whom she is very familiar. What ensues is the desperate search for the ring so Ariel is able to return to her time, and the building relationship between Ariel Sutherland and Caden Mackay- a relationship not approved by Caden himself.

Caden is a man determined to stop his brother Gavin’s upcoming marriage to Lady Kathleen Sutherland. The Sutherland and Mackay clans are at war, and Gavin’s marriage is not what it seems. While our couple search for the missing ring, Ariel begins to investigate the people of the Sutherland clan only to discover that someone has set out to destroy our story line heroine who is a woman use to her independence and ability to get things done.

The relationship between Ariel and Caden begins slowly. Caden is a man determined to find out why a ‘Mackay’ from the ‘colonies’ has been found on his estate, and Ariel is hoping to discover a way back home. As the relationship begins to build Caden realizes that he too has fallen for their presumed enemy, and Ariel knows that to keep the families from going to war, she is going to have to move on without the man that she loves. The $ex scenes are intimate and intense without the over the top graphic sexual content.

There is a large ensemble cast of characters from both the Mackay and Sutherland clans whose various roles are as vast as the Highland countryside. We are introduced to Caden’s father Donel Mackay who doesn’t seem surprised by Ariel’s appearance; and Caden’s brother Gavin who is so in love with Lady Kathleen Sutherland he is unable to see the bigger picture.

The world building looks at the struggle to survive in a world without ‘modern amenities’ including medicine and competent doctors. The similarities with the Outlander series cannot be denied but HIGHLAND YEARNING is an entertaining and colorful story of time travel, Scottish brogue and Highland romance. The premise is a fast paced with a little bit of mystery and suspense; the characters are energetic and animated; the romance is fated by time and magic. The epilogue fast forwards the story line several years where we catch a glimpse into the future and the possibility of another Highlander finding love. HIGHLAND YEARNING is a wondrous and enchanting story about family, love and acceptance.

Copy gifted for review

Reviewed by Sandy

Interview beige

TRC: Hi Dawn. Welcome to The Reading Café.

Congratulations on the release of HIGHLAND YEARNING.

Dawn: Thank you. I’m thrilled to be here!

TRC: We would like to start with some background information. Would you please tell us something about yourself?

Dawn: I never know what to say to this. Okay, here goes: I’m a lover of whimsy and Disney, I have way too many interests, I get tickled over wonderful romantic movies like Ever After, While You Were Sleeping and Pretty Woman, I live in Upstate New York in a Victorian home that is decorated with-you guessed it-antiques☺. Come on, I write historical romance. What did you expect?

TRC: Who or what influenced your career in writing?

Dawn: Pat Ryan was my mentor. She won a RITA for her book, Silken Threads, and she was a wonderful teacher and guide. If you’re a new author out there, I can’t stress enough the importance of taking classes, talking to other authors, joining writing organizations and honing your craft.

TRC: What challenges or difficulties have you encountered writing and publishing your stories?

Dawn: My biggest stumbling block is time. I’ll come up with a story idea and life intrudes. I’ve had to become more organized. Now, I even write down blog, interview and publishing dates on a calendar. (shudder) Of course, my German husband is thrilled. He’s been hoping, for years, that I’d catch the organization bug.

Highland YearningTRC: Would you please tell us something about HIGHLAND YEARNING?

Dawn: There were moments when I smiled as I wrote Highland Yearning. Time travel stories are great because you have plenty of opportunity for amusement and confusion. There’s always conflict when your hero and heroine don’t really understand one another.

TRC: How many books do you have planned for the Mackay Saga series?

Dawn: It will depend on what characters inspire me. Gavin, Ian, and Gordon all have aspects of their personality that make me want to write about them. Sterling Mackay has tangled with the Ring of Belief’s witch, Elspeth. I don’t believe he came away unscathed, so I’d like to explore that path and delve deeper into his ‘second sight.’ And some of the Mackay woman have stories to tell. It’s really going to depend on the books my readers want me to write. So, if you have a favorite secondary character, make sure to let me know.

TRC: Will Gavin’s story line be told next? And if so, do you have a possible date of release?

Dawn: Yes. Gavin’s story is next in my Mackay Series. Poor Gavin. He’d been blinded by love, but the future holds even more challenges for him. He’s decided a woman will never again influence his choices. Especially not a Sutherland. I’m hoping to have his story out in the first half of 2017.

TRC: How do you keep the plot(s) unpredictable without sacrificing content and believability?

Dawn: The twists and turns come from the characters. Some of my biggest surprises have come from my villain’s motivations. I’ll be writing and all of a sudden I’ll understand ‘why’ my bad guy is making my hero squirm. If realizations surprise me, they will usually surprise the reader.

TRC: Have you ever had the opportunity to visit the Highlands of Scotland, and if so, how much of an influence or impact did the visit have on your

Dawn: I never made it as far as the Highlands. I flew out of the airport in Glasgow and only managed to see Robert Burns’ cottage. There’s a story behind that trip, but I think I’ll save that for another day. (Gordon Maclean, where ever you are, it’s a wonderful memory☺ ) I would really like to visit Dunrobin, as my stories are based in that part of Scotland, but I don’t know if that’s going to be possible in the near future.

TRC: Do you believe the cover image plays a deciding factor for many readers in the process of selecting a book or new series to read?

Dawn: Without a doubt. The cover is the first thing that makes you stop as you’re looking over a sea of images on Amazon. Then, you need a blurb about the story that hints at the conflict. But all your effort is wasted if you don’t write a book that keeps readers turning pages.

TRC: When writing a story line, do the characters direct the writing or do you direct the characters?

Dawn: The characters always direct me. I start out knowing my main characters and the major turning points, including the end. But along the way, I meet characters who interact with my hero and heroine and show me who my lovers really are and what they want.

TRC: The mark of a good writer is to pull the reader into the storyline so that they experience the emotions along with the characters. What do you believe a writer must do to make this happen? Where do you believe writer’s fail in this endeavor?

Dawn: Most writers would say you have to use all the senses. I agree, but I don’t think that goes far enough. As a writer, you must be totally in the scene. If you try to write because you know what is supposed to happen, instead of experiencing it, you will fail. You need to write what your characters are feeling. (Okay, can you tell that I’ve done some acting?) If you don’t feel the emotions when you read your work, neither will your readers.

TRC: Do you listen to music while writing? If so, does the style of music influence the story line direction? Characters?

Dawn: If I listen to music, its groups like Celtic Women or Michael Feinstein. Although, Yanni has a song I really love, One Man’s Dream. When that comes on I simply sit and listen. I wonder if he’d ever let me use a little of that as a background for a book trailer?

TRC: Many authors bounce ideas and information with other authors or friends and family. With whom do you bounce ideas?

Dawn: Most of the time I run story lines by my editor. She tries to keep me from being too far out there. For instance, in Highland Yearning I wrote the epilogue from Scruffy’s point of view. My editor suggested that, as I hadn’t done the dogs POV anywhere else in the book, I should keep the story in my hero or heroine’s head. She was right. The ending was much stronger when I re-wrote it. That said, I still did an interview with Scruffy and put it on my blog.

TRC: What do you believe is the biggest misconception people have about authors?

Dawn: That it’s easy to write a book. I thought, that as an avid reader, I wouldn’t have any trouble writing a novel, but you need a different skill set when you actually create a story.

TRC: What is something that few, if any people, know about you?

Dawn: I love to sing karaoke.

TRC: On what are you currently working?

Dawn: I’ve promised the readers of my Georgian historicals I’d write Morgan’s story next. I’m half-way through ‘Morgan’s Folly’ and I’m hoping to have it done by the end of this year, or the start of 2017. Then I’m turning my attention to Gavin’s story.

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

Dawn: I really do enjoy hearing from readers! I’m always inspired when a reader asks a question about one of my books, or looks at one of my characters in a new way. So, don’t be shy☺


Favorite Food – stuffed peppers

Favorite Dessert – Bacardi Rum Cake, no, wait, Monkey Bread (May I have several choices?)

Favorite TV Show – Firefly, which was canceled☹ Now I watch ‘Once Upon a Time’ (of course)

Last Movie You Saw – Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’

Dark or Milk Chocolate – dark

Secret Celebrity Crush – Hugh Jackman (sigh)

Last Vacation Destination – Port Jefferson, Long Island

Do you have any pets? – Two cats (Greystoke and Carmella) Highland Yearning is dedicated to Sir Smudge, the tuxedo kitty we lost last year, and to all the pets that bring us such joy.

Last book you read – Kim Harrison / The Good, the Bad and the Undead (I’m listening to the whole series on audio.)

TRC: Thank you Dawn for taking the time to answer our questions. Congratulations on the release of Highland Yearning.

About The Author beige

Follow: Goodreads / website / Facebook/ Twitter


“Once Upon a Time” are four of Dawn’s favorite words. Her love of story became a love of romance when she read Georgette Heyer’s, Devil’s Cub. It inspired her to write stories with strong characters that discover love is never easy, but always worthwhile.

Dawn’s written several award-winning novels set in Georgian England – an era filled with rules and intrigue. Her characters often defy “Society” as they pursue love, run away, pursue, run away – well, you get the idea.

Then again, she might write romance in order to do the research. What other profession encourages you to sit in the audience at Harlequin’s Male Model search, and take notes, or just sigh?

Dawn lives in a Victorian home in Upstate New York with her husband and very independent cats. When she’s not writing, she’s singing, gardening, learning to play the harp or wood carving. If you’d like to learn more about Dawn and her novels, go to her website at

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