Chasing Mrs. Right (Come Undone #2) by Katee Robert-a review

CHASING MRS. RIGHT (Come Undone #2) by Katee Robert-a review

Chasing Mrs. Right

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 25, 2013

It was only supposed to last one night…

Ian had no idea the sexy woman he took to his bed was his little sister’s best friend–or that she’d refuse to give him more than one night.

Good thing this soldier likes a challenge…


REVIEW: CHASING MRS. RIGHT is the second storyline in Katee Robert’s Come Undone contemporary romance series. This particular story focuses on former military soldier Ian Walser and party planner Roxanne who accidently meet at Ian’s welcome home party thrown by Ian’s sister Elle, whom we first met in Wrong Bed, Right Guy. The problem-Ian and Roxanne-do not know each other’s identity and pursue a hot and torrid one-night stand that will either see the couple heading into a relationship or into a downward spiral of lies and betrayal. When Elle finally realizes with whom she spent the night, she knows she has made a huge error in judgment. But when her best friend Elle begs Roxanne to help Ian through his emotional turmoil, Roxanne knows that she will probably lose her heart to the emotionally fragile man.

Chasing Mrs. Right takes the reader on a journey of healing and discovery. Returning from a tour of Afghanistan, Ian is having difficulty re-entering into society-nightmares, flashbacks, feelings of dread and an overwhelming need to run are only the tip of the ice-berg with the things that Ian must deal. But enter-Roxanne-the feisty party planner and his sister’s BFF who pulls no punches as she defends and protects the wounded warrior until he is able to confront his demons full on.

The reader is pulled in as Ian must deal with an overbearing and confrontational mother; a future brother-in-law he believes is connected to the mob; a sister whom he loves and wants to protect; and the woman with whom he is falling in love, but a woman who believes love belongs in fairy tales and romance novels. And one wrong move or word could send Ian spiraling out of control. Roxanne is the other half to his soul, but the reality of his situation forces Ian to push everyone away when he needs them the most.

CHASING MRS. RIGHT is an emotional look at the struggles of one man re-entering society after experiencing the horrors of war and the death of his friends. Katee Robert writes with passion, romance, sorrow and pain and, in the end we witness how the love of a woman helps Ian begin a journey of healing on his long road to emotional and personal recovery. The storyline has moments of humor, sorrow and romance, as well as both physical and sexual intimacy between our two leading characters.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Great review, Sandy. Katee Robert has been very hot lately. This books sounds like a good read, though reading your review, I can tell it was an emotional read too.

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