CLOSED HEARTS (Mindjack Trilogy #2) YA-by Susan K Quinn-a new release review

CLOSED HEARTS (Mindjack Trilogy #2) YA-by Susan K Quinn-a new release review

CLOSED HEARTS (YA) by Susan K Quinn

CLOSED HEARTS is the second novel and May 23, 2012 release in Susan K Quinn’s Young Adult -Mindjack Trilogy.

PREVIOUSLY: In a world where mindreading is the norm (due to decades of contaminated water) those without the ability are known as zeroes, but there are a few who possess a power greater than most, and Kira will learn first hand, just how different is she. Discrimination and stereotyping will force the mindjackers into hiding-fearing for their lives.

Kira Moore is a mindjacker. It has been 8 months since Kira revealed to the world that Agent Kestral and the FBI were performing illegal experiments on changelings. With her family now secluded and hiding under false names, Kira and her father are working for a powerful man thought to be on their side. But waking up in Jackertown amongst strangers wasn’t part of her plan. Complicating matters, Clan leader Molloy appears to have aligned himself with other mindjackers in the hopes of finding his brother.

Kira soon meets the other housemates who are hiding in Jackertown. Julien, their leader, is hoping that Kira will help find and rescue his sister, who has been taken prisoner by Agent Kestral to another mindjacker experimental facility. And it is Julien’s references to Kira as a keeper that have everyone hoping she is their answer to freedom but even Kira is not strong enough to break through the newly established mindguard security. With the revelation that mindjackers exist, security is tight, and government officials are hoping to round up everyone perceived as a threat.

Kira is introduced to several variations on the mindjacker phenomenon. Julien explains that those with enhanced abilities beyond the normal mindjacking are considered mage-they perform ‘magic’ and are able to control others in varying degrees. It is the mage more than anyone that the FBI fear. If the mindjackers are able to control one’s mind, are they able to control the body as well? But it is Sasha that will truly scare Kira-as a scribe, Sasha has a special ability that could easily make him a weapon in the war against the others.

Kira’s boyfriend Raf falls prey to Molloy’s tricks and deviance. Not originally part of Julien’s plans, Raf is now a pawn in a new game of search and rescue between Kira and Molloy. But there is more to Molloy’s plans than the rescue of his missing brother- and it is Kira who will become the ultimate prize for Agent Kestral and the FBI.

Kira’s love for Raf will force her to make choices and her decisions could ultimately cost Raf his life. Molloy’s schemes will find Kira imprisoned in a mindjacker facility, but with the help of a few new friends, Kira discovers that it is no longer (just) about her. Security becomes a necessary evil, but detection and discovery will result in lives lost and the loss of a friend. But the biggest loss for Kira will be her heart, when the one person she loves most in this life, is the one person who is no longer himself.

CLOSED HEARTS is a wonderful second instalment in the Mindjack Trilogy. The story is fast paced, the characters are real, and the discrimination against those that are different is a definite possibility in the world in which we live. The premise will make you think ‘what if’ and your heart will break for a love now lost. Susan K Quinn writes a thought provoking series that can easily reflect the mindset of many countries, groups and faiths.

In My Opinion:  The Mindjack Trilogy by Susan K Quinn is one of the best NEW young adult  series this year.


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  1. Great review Sandy : Sounds like a really great book and something i will have to try , 2 more books to add to my list . Thanks Sandy looking forward to another great read .Do i need Chocolate with this book ???

  2. lmao Lori. good one. lol

    sigh …I have nothing to say, since i said it all on the first review. but now i buy two books instead of one. thanks Sandy. lol

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