Collected (Coveted #.5) by Shawntelle Madison-a review

Collected (Coveted #.5)by Shawntelle Madison-a review

COLLECTED (Coveted .5) by Shawntelle Madison

COLLECTED is a short story (September 30, 2012 release)  that takes place 7months before COVETED. Natalya Stravinsky is a female werewolf with a few OCDs and psychological problems, among them her penchant and obsession for collecting Christmas ornaments. When her recent order failed to arrive, Natalya used her werewolf senses and went on the hunt, looking for the ‘thing’ that had stolen her latest online acquisition.

The zmee is a three-headed dragon-like creature-the stuff of wicked fairy tales, and Natalya scented a trail that led directly to the zmee. When Natalya confronted the thief, she was surprised to discover there is some background information about the antique Christmas ornament and a series of hidden trinkets, that had not been revealed. As a member of the supernatural world, she is well aware that not everything is as it appears. The zmee was willing to negotiate a price with Natalya in exchange for the holiday bauble for some information contained on another antiquity.

Natalya needed help. To retrieve the information, she requested assistance from her brother Alex and his friend Miles, but Alex was not pleased when she revealed who and what they were after. But in order to retrieve the information, Natalya and her brother would have to face bigger problems and even more powerful supernatural creatures. Everyone wanted the same information-for a price.

COLLECTED is a prequel novella that adds some background information into the world of Natalya Stravinsky and her obsession with everything Christmas. Natalya’s obsession will place the people she loves in danger and the price for online shopping is greater than anyone is willing to admit. Collected is a wonderful addition to Shawntelle’s Coveted series.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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