SECOND PRIZE (2 winners): Lori J, Miranda

THIRD PRIZE(2 winners): Laura L, Tina B.

FOURTH PRIZE (3 winners): Brooke D, Melissa W, Megan K.

(NOTE:  The Reading Cafe allows 72 hours for the giveaway winner to reply.  If the winner has not replied within 72 hours, another name will be chosen.  We are currently waiting for a couple of replies before we are able to announce a complete list of winners)

Register as a member at THE READING CAFE for your chance to win a KINDLE TOUCH.
You can register using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo ID’s OR Register using the link at the bottom of the page.

First Prize: (1 winner) Kindle Touch
Second Prize: (2 winners) One NEW book release
THIRD PRIZE (2 winners) ONE NEW Ebook release for either KINDLE or KOBO
Fourth Prize: (3 winners) One hardcover or paperback of a previously released best seller

The contest and giveaway is open to ALL eligible members of THE READING CAFE. All previously registered members are also eligible for the giveaway, but for each NEW member that you direct to our site, you will receive ONE additional entry into the giveaway.

Let us know the name of the member you directed to the site and if they register we will add ONE additional entry into the draw. Let us know by sending an email to :

Contest will run through May 31, 2012, and winners will be chosen at random thereafter.
NOTE: Second & Fourth place prizes are limited to US and CANADA only



14 thoughts on “WIN A KINDLE TOUCH e-reader

    • Hi Fran….Thank you very much.

      Tell you friends and family about The Reading Cafe and our KINDLE giveaway.

      If they register, they are eligible for the giveaway and let us know…..and we will add another entry in your name , for each person you send to TRC.

  1. Hi Sandy and staff thank you souch for all you work on this site. Now before I buy any book I come here for reviews thank you also for all the man candy. God bless you all.

  2. Hi darklover… glad to see you. come visit more often, we have some great interviews and reviews upcoming. We would love to hear your opinions as you read. 🙂

  3. Ladys..You know i love you all..and i love this site..i wish i could be on it more..

  4. Hi there! Finally decided to quit lurking & officially join the Cafe’s reading ranks with a post; and no, it wasn’t just in an attempt to win a kindle touch (but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it does make for a lovely incentive). It’s a great site and site contributors seems to interact with members more than other sites/blogs. Don’t know how you find the time but keep up the good work!

    Also, a shot out and nudge to my former fellow lurkers- you know you’re already on here to get the skinny on the goods so just register already! If it helps, I hear they’re giving away a free Kindle… 😉

    • Hey Devon, glad you are posting. We love everyone’s comments as that’s what makes for the fun. so post away, invite your friends, yes we are giving away a free kindle to a lucky winner. 🙂

      If you get members to join our site, tell us who, and we will add another entry for you into the Kindle pool. That goes for everyone, invite invite, tell us who they are, and you get more entries. 🙂

  5. Enjoyed the interview today. How wonderful to attend a convention and enter a contest and begin such a fantastic career as a cover model.

    • lavonda, You should post this on the interview thread, in case Andrei would look so he can see it. 🙂 It’s ok there, but it’s a good idea to for him to see what you have to say

  6. All the things going on have been so great! Such interesting interviews and the giveaways! You guys rock! This has been a great weekend!

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