COVER REVEALS-Nalini Singh and Sylvia Day

COVER REVEALS -Nalini Singh and Sylvia Day


HEART OF OBSIDIAN (Psy-Changeling #12) by Nalini Singh
JUNE 2013
Cover Art: Tony Mauro
Hand Lettering: Ron Zinn
Jacket Design: George Long (Art Director)

Entwined with You

ENTWINED WITH YOU (Crossfire #3) by Sylvia Day
June 2013


18 thoughts on “COVER REVEALS-Nalini Singh and Sylvia Day

  1. Love the covers, but, am so underimpressed with the fact that we still don’t know squat about the new Psy/Changling book……………. :'( WTH?? With all of the marketing leading up to it, I thought that we would be over the moon excited, but………….nope.

    • From her Facebook page:

      Nalini Singh

      You all have one month to speculate / come up with conspiracy theories / try to bribe me with chocolate goodies 😉 The backcover blurb will be revealed in March (alongside Wild Invitation). 🙂

  2. I love both the name and cover for Heart of Obsidian!!! I don’t think that Nalini will make us guess the characters names…..*coughs*….. like another favorite author!!

  3. Nice cover finds sandy. Still haven’t been able to get into the psy/changeling series yet. Maybe this yrs project along w BDB, Kelly Armstrong’s series, Nine Kingdoms series……..oy vey I need help. LOL! 😉

  4. The cover, and title of Psy/Changelings 12 is breathtaking. Love that this artwork has a true futuristic fantasy vibe, instead of half naked people like we see so often in the romance genre. This embodies the feeling of the phenomenal, wholly original world Nalini Singh has created. June……*trying not to cry*

    In regards to who this book could be about, I agree with Ms. Barb. When looking at all the clues I have compiled for myself…being that I am mildly attatched to this series *cough*…and marginally interested *choke*….in the identity of Ghost–I still maintain it’s Kaleb.

    • ~From Kiss of Snow:
      “That left him with the Obsidian archive. Created by the NetMind, the neosentience that was the guardian and librarian of the Net, the Obsidian archive was a backup in case the PsyNet ever suffered a catastrophic failure. The Ghost had named it Obsidian because the complexity of data within it made it all but a wall of black. Only a rare few individuals had ever realized the Obsidian archive existed. Even fewer knew how to access it.”

      • Whoopsie, forgot to mention that this was in Judd’s perspective.

        I posted it because the mention of “Obsidian” seems to definately point to the identity of Ghost, as according to Judd, he named it this way. The ghost is one of the “even fewer” who know how to access this archive….who but Kaleb would have the position to know something so guarded…and who but Kaleb (a dual cardinal) would have the power to access it? Food for thought….

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