Covet (In This Life #2) by Terri Herman-Ponce: a review

COVET (In This Life #2) by Terri Herman-Ponce: a review



ABOUT THE BOOK: Release date March 25, 2013

COVET is the story of threatening secrets, risky espionage, and one man’s discovery that instinct can be more powerful than reason.

All professional soldier David Bellotti has to do is steal a wallet from drug lord Zev Sahin. A simple operation to snag the key card to Sahin’s compound and hand the card over to the woman who hired him. But when David finds a photo inside the wallet of his lover, Lottie, kissing another man, he discovers his life isn’t what it seems and that the people in it are keeping dangerous information from him.

Ex-lover, Monica, is carrying the biggest secret of all. Determined to get David back into her life, her secret will become her strongest weapon against him. But protecting his love for Lottie won’t be easy for David. As images of Lottie’s murder start surfacing, David realizes he’s reliving ancient memories from over ten thousand years ago—from a life that’s linked to Lottie and Monica now, and that will once again end in Lottie’s death if he can’t find a way to stop it.


REVIEW: COVET is the second storyline in Terri Herman-Ponce’s continuing saga of past life regression and the complications it reveals.

In This Life (Book #1) centered on Lottie Morgan as she journeyed between present day and flashing back to ancient Egypt where her life begins to unravel. But the past continues to haunt Lottie only this time, her lover David is along for the ride.

Covet is told from two POVs. David Bellotti is the main POV with third person narration to keep the reader abreast of what is happening. David’s life begins to fall apart when his past life regressions reveal more than he ever thought possible. And like reincarnation, there are people from his past willing to make amends, seek revenge or continue where their past lives left off. Only this time, the number of players is much larger and involves present day criminals and suspects. And his recent past, as in twelve years earlier, will come knocking on his front door to add further complications to an already uneasy peace in his relationship with Lottie.

Terri writes an amazing and fascinating storyline of suspense, mystery, betrayal, hatred and love-a love that transcends the ages and a hatred that follows with every incarnation and life. And like the first storyline in the series (In This Life), Covet is fast paced, well written and will keep you on the edge of your proverbial seat. Many new players with many more potential storylines and a hint of a possible betrayal from someone too close to the action had me wondering where it was all going to lead. Terri’s imagination crosses the distance of time as do her characters and stories.

1. In This Life
2. Covet

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


21 thoughts on “Covet (In This Life #2) by Terri Herman-Ponce: a review

  1. Great review Sandy. I have to agree with Marcie , This would be a start at the beginning or I would be lost kind of book . But with that said it does sound like a amazing read.

  2. It’s so wonderful to see all these comments and interest. For those of you who are worried that Covet might be confusing if you don’t read the first book, I assure you that you probably won’t get lost. It was written as a standalone, so it’s not a necessity to read book 1 first! Thank you again, Sandy, for the review. Can I look to you for reading book 3 when it’s ready? LOL

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