Cross My Heart by Grace M. Deleesie-a review

Cross My Heart (Wolfe Lodge #1) by Grace M. Deleesie – a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date July 23, 2013

Three years ago, after Grave lost his mate Amnilia to a human poacher, he tried to denounce his title as Prince of the Bloodclaw Clan, the largest pack of werewolves in Arkansas. Determined to never become involved in pack business again, Grave left to join the human world with his bodyguard and best friend. On a nightly jog, Grave meets a tough and sassy huntress with a vengeance against werewolves like nothing the prince has ever seen before. He finds her most intriguing and, though he was warned to stay away from her, Grave finds himself drawn to her. Knowing he needs to be around her, Grave convinces the huntress he’s human.

When an old enemy comes to town and sees Grave and Sam together, he marks Sam as his next target. To protect her, Grave has to tell her the truth about himself. In doing so Grave will be risking turning her wrath against werewolves on him and ruin any chance Grave has at finding happiness after Amnilia’s death-but it also might just save her life.


REVIEW: CROSS MY HEART is the first instalment in Grace Deleesie’s new contemporary, adult paranormal Wolfe Lodge series focusing on the Bloodclaw Clan of werewolves. This is Grave and Sam’s story. Grave is the Prince, first in the royal line of werewolves and Sam is the huntress who stalks and destroys the very thing that Grave (is). Sam lost her younger half-brother to the wolf and with it came a vendetta against their kind. Thinking she has saved Grave from an attack, Sam will soon discover that Grave is much more than he professes to be.

The introductory storyline is very long, very detailed and awash in the back story, history, rules and regulations and, laws governing the dos and don’ts of a patriarchal society run by the Alpha male, the royal family and the guardians under their command. We are witness to Grave’s friendship with his best friend and ‘Hash’ (bodyguard) Phax; Sam’s relentless hunt for the werewolf; and Grave’s need for the woman who calls to his inner beast. Sam’s deep-rooted hatred of the werewolves forces Grave to keep his identity a secret and with it will come betrayal, heartbreak and the loss of one’s mate.

Grace Deleesie has written a storyline that will see the prince lose his mate-not once-but twice. He is a man whose heart and soul will be crushed by the very woman with whom he has fallen in love and in the end he must allow said woman to walk away. This is not a story with a hearts and flower ending, but a story where one man must face an uncertain future when his mate is so focused on her own wants and needs that she will place the Bloodclaw Clan and wolves into an uncertain future.

Sam is on a mission and she refuses to acknowledge that anything so vile as a werewolf could have emotions and feelings. She is a woman determined to eradicate the species one wolf at a time and her unwillingness to compromise sets the tone for the character’s drive and sense of duty-in this- she was not necessarily a easy character to love.

CROSS MY HEART is an interesting look at a werewolf society governed by an hierarchy of royalty where exposure to the humans is almost as dangerous as the rogue wolves who threaten their own kind. Grace Deleesie writes an edgy storyline where one woman has the ability to destroy a man and a prince with her inability to accept the truth behind the werewolves and their need for a mate. And when said woman walks away she will destroy what is left of a man whose only sin is to fall in love with the woman who hates the very thing he was born to be.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


19 thoughts on “Cross My Heart by Grace M. Deleesie-a review

  1. Excellent review Sandy. Sounds like quit a read ,Not sure if I would loose interest with all the details at the beginning but I have to say it sounds great and is this a stand alone book or is our Prince going to get his HEA in the next read. Hmmmmm

    • Hi Lori…all I can say…let’s hope our Prince gets his HEA because I for one do NOT like storylines where the reader is dragged along for a ride where the leading characters are forever waiting or hoping or pining or hurting or their heart is constantly broken..*sniff*

      • Little secret: the original book was almost 350,000 words and ended in HEA. I had to break it into two different books and, though personally I do not like cliff hangers, the feedback was to split the books.
        The sequel (Hope to Die) will be released in Spring 2014.

    • I’m a sucker for a happy ending. 😉
      FYI: from December 23-25, all proceeds from Amazon and Nook for “His RightHand Man” and “Cross My Heart” will be donated (and doubled) to the Wounded Warrior Project. Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow, glad I stopped by! I love both these and the idea of the donation is just so wonderful….I have to have these…tomorrow at the latest! Thanks God for Amazon (and much more of course…)!

  3. Merry Christmas!
    I’ve started this book but have yet to finish, I’m just so very busy lately. However I can honestly say that I love this author’s writing. I’ve read RightHand Man, although it’s a long book as this one appears to be. I find each word flows so well together that I actually read and enjoy the details. Some books as I read, I skim when it gets too detailed (boring), but her writing is very different.
    I’ve been privy to a few chapters of an unpublished work and I must say, “Wow! I Like It!”
    Grace is on my list of new favorite author.

    Sandy, thanks for the excellent review as always. You are definitely on my favorite reviewer list. When I’m uncertain about purchasing a book I sneak a peek to see if you or the cafe has reviewed it. I’ve also picked up a few after reading your review and have not been disappointed!

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