DAIMON (Covenant) by Jennifer Armentrout-a review

DAIMON (Covenant) by Jennifer Armentrout

DAIMON A Prequel to Half-Blood (Covenant) by Jennifer Armentrout


DAIMON is a prequel novella to Jennifer Armentrout’s Young Adult Covenant series. A daimon is a pure-blood who developed a taste for aether, and is no longer part of the Covenant. Aether is a component in the blood of this supernatural race and like a drug it is something the daimons crave. DAIMON is a short story that reveals the back-story to Alexandria’s return to the Covenant and the half-blood life she thought she knew.

Alexandria (Alex) is a 17year old high school student trying to fit into a world where she doesn’t belong. As part of a race made up of pure-bloods and the descendants of the gods, Alex is a half-blood. Unwelcome and escaping the daimons in her mother’s world, they left and tried to integrate into the human world, but Alex never quite fit in. Too intelligent, too strong and too freaky for the other teens, it didn’t take Alex long to become restless and withdrawn.

Half-bloods were trained to hunt and destroy the daimons feeding off the pure-bloods. Throughout her time with the Covenant Alex had been trained as a fighter and warrior, but living among humans, her power and ability was too strong, until the morning she awoke to find a daimon draining her mother and all training disappeared. They had been found. On the run for days, Alex will find herself surrounded by daimons, facing her own mortality-only something about her blood was different and the daimons wanted to know.

DAIMON is a short story that introduces the premise of Jennifer’s Covenant series. Check it out today.

1. Daimon
2. Half-Blood
3. Pure
4. Deity (November 2012)
5. Apollyon (Spring 2013)

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