DANGER IN PARADISE by Katie Reus -a review

DANGER IN PARADISE by Katie Reus- a review


DANGER IN PARADISE is a stand-alone novel originally titled ‘Finding Hope’ written in the romance mystery genre. Although I tend to read more serial books, Danger in Paradise will leave you wanting more especially when we know there are so many other characters just crying for their story.

Hope Jennings is a photographer with a secret. Raised by Mac, the man who adopted her when she was a teen, Hope has always dreamed of making it big. And a contract to photograph the homes of one of the wealthiest Cuban coffee plantation owners was a risk worth taking. But the man sent to escort her forced Hope to break all of her own rules.

Luke Romanov owned his own high-tech security firm and worked for the wealthy Santiago family. But 23 years ago, one of the Santiago twins was kidnapped and her whereabouts were never discovered. Only 13 years old at the time, Luke blamed himself for sending the young girl away, when he was too busy to play. Now he faces the woman, who was once his childhood friend. Guilt, shock and the beginnings of love, will compel Luke to stop at nothing to make sure that Hope is protected.

Soon, Hope’s past will catch up when the person responsible for her near death experience wants to finish the job. Rescued by Mac Jennings at 15, Hope was found floating at sea with 2 bullet wounds and a secret that only Mac and she shared. But now that secret will be revealed when a father and son make good on a contract promising to take Hope out of their lives for good. And the person responsible for the kidnapping will face his own mortality, when Luke turns the table and discovers the story behind the man’s deceit.

DANGER IN PARADISE is a short story that is fast paced and never leaves the reader hanging. The characters are well developed and the love relationship is not without its’ moments. The relationship between Luke and Hope builds slowly, but falters when Hope believes she has been betrayed. At this point, I was not happy with Hope’s behavior because she was fully aware of the risks to her life and the others, yet she continued to judge a man for doing his job, but all is fair in fiction and fantasy. Without controversy, there would be no story.

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