Dare to Resist (A Wedding Dare .5) by Laura Kaye-a review

DARE TO RESIST (A Wedding Dare .5) by Laura Kaye-a review

Dare to Resist

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 12, 2014

Trapped and tempted, this battle of wills rages all night long…

Kady Dresco and Colton Brooks click on a level that defies logic. There are only two problems. One, he’s her older brother’s irritating best friend, and two, they’re bidding on the same military security services contract.

When the competition heats up, Colton is torn between wanting to strangle Kady (and her annoying brilliance) and kissing her into submission. Which is a bad idea for a million reasons, because Kady’s submission is exactly what he craves. Being trapped in a tiny motel room with the object of his darkest fantasies will require every ounce of his restraint.

Kady doesn’t want his restraint, but Colton knows better. She deserves love, marriage, and a white picket fence—three things Colton can’t give her. But her proximity and the memory of their steamy near-miss three years ago slowly destroys his resolve. And he’s not sure how much longer he can keep his hands off…or his heart closed.


REVIEW: DARE TO RESIST is the first storyline and novella in Entangled (Brazen) Publishing’s new contemporary, adult A Wedding Dare romance series. With five storylines in total, each consecutive instalment will focus on a different couple, written by a different author. DARE TO RESIST is Colton Brooks and Kady Dreso’s storyline and it is the introductory novella of the Wedding Dare series.

Dare To Resist follows Kady and Colton as they struggle with their mutual attraction to one another. Kady is the younger sister of Colton’s best friend and for all intents and purposes is off limits-not only because she is his best friend’s little sister but Colton’s sexual needs go beyond gentle and soft. With both in contention for government contract, Kady and Colton will find themselves stranded in a cheap motel during a monsoon that has hit the area closing airports, freeways and all transportation in and out of the city. What ensues is a friends to lovers story where Colton will discover that the little girl he has wanted for so many years is no longer the wide eyed teen that was his forbidden fruit.

The relationship between Kady and Colton is sexy, aggressive, vulnerable and new. Kady has wanted to explore this particular side of her sexual nature and Colton is the perfect man to bring it on.

The secondary characters are limited as the storyline focuses on the building relationship between two people who have wanted one another for years. By way of mention, Laura will introduce the upcoming characters in future Wedding Dare storylines

Laura Kaye has written a sexy and sensual introductory novella that is the stepping stone for the Wedding Dare series. Each successive storyline in the series will focus on one couple who will find love at Kady and Colton’s wedding.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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