Dark Kings Series by Donna Grant- a review

Dark Kings Series by Donna Grant

DARK CRAVING (Dark Kings #1) by Donna Grant

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DARK CRAVING is the first novella (July 2012 release) in Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series focusing on an ancient group of Dragon Kings and the secret they hold close to their hearts. Centuries ago, Ulrik the Silver Dragon King was betrayed by a woman, and the others took it upon themselves to end her life but making an enemy of one of their own. Now forced to live at Dreagon,( in the Scottish countryside) to ensure the safety of both dragon and man, the others must abide by King Constatine’s rules knowing they would never be able to find the love of a woman because of an act of betrayal so many years ago. But the Green Dragon King Haldor Wilson has found someone and their attraction to each other is immediate. Is Hal willing to risk everything to be with the woman he knows to be his mate or give her up to keep peace within between the Dragon Kings?

Cassie Hunter was broke, unemployed and depending on the help of her brother in Scotland, and moving to Europe was her only option knowing she was leaving a mountain of debt behind. Alone, freezing to death and frightened, Cassie would soon find herself in the arms of a very beautiful stranger and something about the man was different. It wasn’t long before Cassie craved the arms of the stranger who saved her life not once but twice. But when Hal never returned, Cassie realized that not only was she destitute and alone, but she was heartbroken as well.

Hal knew it was against the Dragon laws to take up with a woman, especially a human woman, but the laws were in effect to safeguard their secret. The last time their secret was revealed, the Dragons were plunged into a war with each other, and were forced to kill hundreds of humans when the Dragon’s existence garnered fear and loathing among mankind. But Hal knew he had found his mate in Cassie, and was willing to risk the wrath of the Constantine in order to save his mate. With only two options available, Hal knew erasing Cassie’s memory of their time together would prevent another war between the Kings.

DARK CRAVING is a fast paced, short storyline that introduces the premise behind Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series. The background and story behind the Dragon Kings’s current dilemmas is revealed but it doesn’t overwhelm the senses or the reader’s mind. The attraction between Cassie and Hal is immediate, and the relationship although quick to build, is not unwelcome or unexpected. Donna has brought to life a mythical creature with all the foibles and concerns of their human counterparts, but adds the mystery of a time honored tale about Dragons and their history with mankind.

NIGHT’S AWAKENING (Dark Kings #2) by Donna Grant

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NIGHT’S AWAKENING is the second storyline (August 2012 release) in Donna Grant’s Dark Kings novella series. It has been five months since Dragon King Haldor found his human mate Cassie, and the Dragon King’s of Dreagon ( in the Scottish Highlands) believe that their magic is still intact. But when they discover two trespassers in the caves of Dreagon, Guy is immediately taken with Elena Griffin.

When Elena’s boss (from PureGems) died during their caving excursion, she realized she was alone, in a strange country with a possible broken ankle. But no sooner had she tried to move, when 3 strangers came to her rescue. Questioning why Elena was in the caves, she was unaware that there were secrets these men were trying to hide. But it is her attraction to Guy that shocked her the most. There is an instant chemistry and Guy would soon become overly protective.

Guy is surprised when all of his protective instincts to guard and keep Elena safe go into overdrive. If it wasn’t for Dragon King Haldor’s similar reaction to discovering his mate, Guy would have been confused. He and the other Dragon King’s recognized Guy’s immediate attraction to Elena, but it was Constantine who needed to be reassured that Elena knew exactly what she was about to do. No sooner had Elena and Guy professed their love for one another, did Con reveal that the Dragon’s secret had been uncovered and their whereabouts now known. Elena would become part of a bigger secret when the Dragons went on a voyage of discovery to find out who was willing to reveal the existence of dragon shifters and why. They were heading to London to uncover who or what was behind the plot.

NIGHT’S AWAKENING is another fast paced and intriguing storyline in Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series. We learn more about the Dragon King history and as well as getting a re-cap of the information initially revealed in the first storyline-Dark Craving. I applaud and welcome the authors who include important information previously revealed in earlier storylines. This information keeps the reader involved and allows new comers to the series to remain attached especially if the series is read out of order. I do not recommend reading this series out of order, but the already revealed information is a bonus for everyone, Donna does an amazing job keeping the storyline intact and the relationship between Guy and Elena is both hawt and seductive. We all need a dragon in our own lives.

DAWN’S DESIRE (Dark Kings #3) by Donna Grant

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DAWN’S DESIRE (Dark Kings #3) is the third storyline (September 2012 release) in Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series. Dawn’s Desire takes up immediately following the end of Night’s Awakening where Elena Griffin must go undercover to discover who is threatening to reveal Dreagan and the Dragon’s secret. Jane Holden also works at PureGems and couldn’t help her immediate attraction to the new limo driver Banan. As assistant to the Richard Arnold, PureGems CEO, Jane was the first person from whom Banan had hoped to get information regarding Richard and why they were sending people to Dreagan in the Scottish Highlands.

Banan is a Dragon King. Undercover as the new limo driver for PureGems, Banan couldn’t stop thinking about Jane. And his attraction to the American working in England was even more overwhelming when he realized that this woman, whom he was sent to investigate, could very well be his mate. Jane would soon be involved with the investigation at PureGems when she overhears a telephone conversation mentioning Dreagan, between Richard and an unknown caller. Her life hangs in the balance, when she finds herself the victim of an abduction at the hands of a Scottish stranger who knows just as much about the Dragon Kings as their own kind.

DAWN’S DESIRE is another fast pace and fascinating storyline in Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series. Now that three of the Dreagan Dragon’s have found mates, we will certainly see the beginnings of an extended family. Donna’s ability to include all of the necessary background information from storyline to storyline is a bonus for any reader. You can’t help but fall in love with the Dragons from the Scottish Highlands. And of course, throughout the series, the Dragon Kings continue to reassure themselves that Ulriik is no longer a threat, but it looks like they may have been complacent a little too long.

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  1. Hey Sandy, great reviews. You know how I love my dragon men, so this series sounds like a no brainer for me. 😉 Also, absolutely love the covers, HOT, HOT, HOT. *fans self*

  2. Love the dragon theme. Great reviews. I see you said not enough dragons-too bad. I love when the dragons interact with their human mates as dragons. G A Aiken anyone!!

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