Deadly Fallout (Red Stone Security #10) by Katie Reus-a review

DEADLY FALLOUT (Red Stone Security #10) by Katie Reus-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 9, 2014

Zoe’s stalker has been murdered…

Dr. Zoe Hansen was forced to leave her beloved hospital job to escape a stalker. It worked—or so she thought. She’s terrified when he reappears in her life one night—and stunned when he turns up viciously murdered soon after. She’s arrested for the crime, but she quickly clears her name. Unfortunately, her problems are far from over. She’ll have to accept the protection of the one man she shouldn’t want.

…now she’s in more danger than ever before.

Former Navy SEAL Sawyer McCabe might not know the gorgeous Zoe as well as he wants to, but he knows all about trouble. So when she’s threatened, he steps in to help her regardless of the consequences and gets her out of town. But it’s not enough to escape a determined killer. As the danger closes in they have to trust each other if they want to stay alive. And Sawyer’s determined to do whatever it takes to keep Zoe safe and in his arms. Because Zoe is worth risking everything for.


REVIEW: 4 stars–DEADLY FALLOUT is the tenth installment in Katie Reus’s contemporary, adult Red Stone Security romantic suspense series focusing on the men and women who work for Red Stone Security. This is Dr. Zoe Hansen and new RSS agent thirty seven year old Sawyer McCabe’s storyline. Sawyer was once best friends with Zoe’s brother.

Told from third person point of view the storyline follows Zoe as she is in need of personal security. A stalker, a man she has worked with for years, has returned after a six month absence and Zoe’s life is in danger once again. Enter the Red Stone Security Agency and Sawyer McCabe-the man assigned to protect Zoe. Their short lived history, years before, makes for a few uncomfortable moments, but Sawyer knows that he has been hired to protect Zoe even though his feelings go much deeper than acquaintances and friends.

The relationship is quick to develop as Zoe and Sawyer becomes housemates from the start. When Zoe’s stalker turns up murdered, Sawyer is pulled from the case but someone else has taken the next step to continue the threats against Dr. Hansen. The sex scenes are seductive and hot.

Some of the Red Stone Security agents play a secondary role including Mina and Blue from Sinful Seduction book 8. Mina is Zoe’s friend and she is Zoe’s go to person when the stalker returns to finish the job.

DEADLY FALLOUT is a suspense filled storyline of jealousy and betrayal. Katie Reus’s ability to pull you into the story is a testament to her wonderful writing and fantastic story telling.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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