Deadly Game


Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalkers are an elite group of men and women, psychically enhanced by the maleficent Dr. Whitney. 4 teams of specially trained soldiers, who are fiercely protective of those they love and the men and women who cover their backs.

Deadly Game is the 5th installment in the Ghostwalker series by Christine Feehan.


Ken Norton, a gifted sniper, with powers equaled only by his twin Jack, returns from a tortuous rescue mission in the Congo, to realize, not only his physical appearance has change. While on assignment to protect the senator who turned tail and ran in the Congo, Ken finds Mari, another enhanced soldier, who was also sent to guard the nefarious politician. Thinking Mari was a trained assassin, aiming her sights on the senator, Ken takes down Mari, in the first step on their trek of betrayal and love.


Ken soon realizes that Mari is the woman who has been paired with him through hormone recognition and attraction, but refuses to accept that there is any woman capable of loving a man, so brutally tortured and maimed. His all-consuming attraction to and need for Mari, only reinforces what Ken already believes-that he is more like his abusive and sadistic father than anyone could know. His sexual aggression towards the woman, who would be his mate, is anything but normal for a man once known to make a woman weak in the knees.


Marigold Smith is determined to return to the compound where she and several other enhanced women have been raised and trained as soldiers, but Ken will never let her go. On a rescue mission of hope, Mari is captured and returned to the isolated compound where her ‘sisters’ in life, must suffer through the indignities and abuse by the men who claim to be their protectors. But a humiliating physical exam for Mari and a fight to the death between Shaun and Brett, for the ‘rights’ to impregnate his mate, shake Ken’s resolve. He is falling in the love with the woman created especially for him.


Deadly Game is filled with passion and sorrow. The story brought me to tears, when Ken believed Mari chose the sister’s with whom she was raised over the life he was offering. But love does conquer all, when Mari returns to start a new life of love with the man who was made …especially for her.


Christine has researched the background information required to detail the military lifestyle and adventures of the men and women who battle along side those who fight for freedom. The Ghostwalker’s series is a salute to the rescue missions and lives saved from the rebels and dictators, whose only goal is domination over others. Deadly Game and its’ hero Ken Norton, is a departure from the normal HEA. The torture and abuses suffered by Ken, by both his father and an evil dictator, left me feeling anxious and mourning for a character so maimed, that I wanted to wrap myself in a blanket and cry. I was emotionally drawn into the storyline and experienced all the sorrow and anger. And to me, that is a sign of a great writer.

DEADLY GAME review by Sandy


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