Death Magic (World of the Lupi #8 ) by Eileen Wilks – a review

DEATH MAGIC ( World of the Lupi #8) by Eileen Wilks

DEATH MAGIC is the 8th full length novel (November 2011)  in Eileen Wilks World of the Lupi series. Eileen’s series primarily focuses on the Nokolai Lupi Clan Prince Rule Turner and his Gifted mate Lily Wu.  Lily is an agent with the FBI and a touch sensitive with the ability to absorb magic.  The World of the Lupi series visits a vast number of Gifted paranormal characters ‘of The Blood’ including elementals, witches, brownies, sorcerers, gnomes, elves, dragons, wolves and a 3,000 year war between the Lupi and The Great Bitch or Old One.  There is an FBI Magical Crimes Division as well as various other government divisions including Unit 12, all working to keep the Human’s First hate group from obliterating the Gifted. The Gifted, those with magic, supernatural species and those consider ‘of the Blood’ were targeted by the Human’s First league and the Great Bitch was using a Gifted as her agent on the earth realm. Death Magic focuses on the use of death magic in rituals to kill and hunt The Gifted.

There are several storylines that merge together at varying points in the novel.  Lily is the current caretaker of the Lupi Mantle-a Mantle that holds the power of the Lupi- but the Mantle is causing some side effects in Lily that will force her to reconsider many of her choices. And a new vessel must be found soon before the Mantle further injures or kills its’ current host.

Meanwhile a series of ghost sightings put The Gifted on alert and a secret Unit, working outside the law and without the knowledge of the government, has formed to stop the Old One from establishing her rule and worship in this realm.

The Humans First Organization is a hate group that despises those with magic or ‘of the Blood’. A series of murder investigations will find that a doppleganger has emerged in the war against those ‘of the Blood’, and all too soon, the dragons and the Rheje will leave without explanation. With the impending Humans First rally in DC, the war looked to be gathering steam. But the group of friends would soon discover that the rallies would take place all over the USA.

There is a murdered senator, missing FBI agents, corrupt investigators, nuclear warhead and finger pointing.  A firebomb will find two friends injured while researching for information about the use of death magic and the Earth elementals will be called to a rally where their power will be used against those of the Blood. But the biggest discovery will be who and what will be sacrificed in a death magic blood ritual needed to build a powerful weapon against the Blood. 

DEATH MAGIC is a very intense and very detailed storyline. Eileen Wilks World of the Lupi is the continuing saga of discrimination, prejudism and hatred directed at those gifted with the power of magic and supernatural abilities.  If you are new to the series, I would highly recommend reading from the start, otherwise you will get lost in the copious quantity of detail and number of characters and beings. Death Magic is another amazing instalment in The World of the Lupi

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1.  Only Human (Lover Beware Anthology)
2.  Tempting Danger
3.  Originally Human (novella)
4.  Mortal Danger
5.  Blood Lines
6.  Inhuman (novella)
7.  Night Season
8.  Cyncerely Yours
9.  Mortal Sins
10. Human Nature (Inked Anthology)
11. Blood Magic
12. Blood Challenge
13. Death Magic
14. Human Error (Tied with a Bow Anthology)
15. Mortal Ties (October 2012)

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    • HI again Alicia…lol

      World of the Lupi is a great series, but the books should be read in order. The novellas aren’t necessarily part of the main plot lines with Rule and Lily, but they are an interesting aspect.

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