Death Times Two by CJ Ellisson and Boone Brux-a review

Death Times Two by CJ Ellisson and Boone Brux -a review

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(The V.V. Inn 3.5)
by CJ Ellisson and Boone Brux

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 16, 2014

The V V Inn has a ghost problem. When the lurking specters draw the attention of Constantine, head of Grim Reaper Services, he calls in the only local who can return the remote resort to its former tranquility, Lisa Carron—resident Alaskan reaper.

Still new to the death gig, Lisa accepts the job. After all, how much trouble could one ghost be? Once at the hotel, she learns that not only is the inn full of the dearly departed, she’ll also be working for vampires. Throw in Asa, a young vamp hot enough to melt the Arctic ice, and Lisa realizes she’s way out of her element.

Asa didn’t know what to expect when told a reaper would be working on the property, but Lisa certainly wasn’t it. Blond and curvy, she’s very easy on the eyes. Tasked with helping her, Asa soon realizes that not only can she provide the dead a peaceful passing, but offer him solace in a way no other woman can.

REVIEW: DEATH TIMES TWO is the latest novella co-written by CJ Ellisson and Boone Brux. The storyline combines CJ’s V.V.Inn series and Boone Brux’s new Grim Reality. Grim ReaperLisa Carron’s latest assignment is to vanquish the spirits haunting the V.V. Inn but what she doesn’t expect is a handsome vampire who knows a thing or two about pleasing a woman.

The premises follows Lisa as she must send not one, not two but six spirits to the other side. With each encounter, Asa will reveal the story behind each of their deaths and how they are connected to the V.V.Inn. Reaping souls is never an easy job, but reaping the souls of the supernatural is more difficult and requires a few ‘tricks’ to prevent possession by the dead.

CJ Ellisson and Boone Brux have combined their writing talents for a roller coaster ride through the outback and underbelly of the V.V.Inn. The Alaskan cold is countered by the burning heat between Asa And Lisa in a story that will melt the ice around anyone’s heart. Death Times Two is a fun filled, action packed story that will leave you wanting more.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. While I love stories that fully develop and take time, I’ve recently read some smaller quick stories and this sounds like one that would be really fun! I hope I can buy it tonight! LO – Great review by the way, see…you’ve made me read another one! LOL

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