Deceptive Treasures by Dianna Love – a Review

Deceptive Treasures by Dianna Love – a Review

Deceptive Treasures
Slye Temp series – Book #5
by Dianna Love
Release Date: April 14, 2014Deceptive TreasuresAmazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / IBooks

This new Slye Temp romantic thriller from New York Times bestseller DIANNA LOVE takes readers on an intensely emotional ride when a black ops mission takes a deadly turn, pitting duty against love.

Allowing her to escape turns into Tanner’s worst mistake, but now he’ll risk all to keep her safe or die trying.

Slye Temp agent Tanner Bodine’s decision to extract a beautiful Amerasian female defector who shows up unexpectedly on a black ops mission blows up in his face, putting his country and his family at risk. Brilliant researcher Soo Jin makes a desperate gamble to save her sister from the vicious Orion Hunters, but the stakes go up when a sexy cowboy steps between her and her dangerous goal. Tanner must let go of his past and Jin must face her darkest fear in a race to prevent chemical warfare from being unleashed that will bring America to its knees. But their greatest challenge lies in who to save when emotions blur the lines and they face a choice between duty and love.



Deceptive Treasures by Dianna Love is the 5th book in her wonderful Slye Temp series.  This series just keeps on rolling, with suspense, thrills, excitement, danger and a super romantic couple.  I have to say Dianna Love does a fantastic job with each book in this series, as she flawlessly brings us a new story that always stands on its own, not to mention her continuing to give us such awesome characters.

Tanner is our hero, and one of agents that work for Sabrina Slye at the Slye Temp agency.  He is leading a black ops mission to bring home two scientist defectors.  Before you can turn too many pages, everything goes wrong, and the team is in danger of being captured, besides losing the defectors.  Out of nowhere, comes Jin, a beautiful Amerasian, whom Tanner nicknames Ninja.  It is Jin, who gets the team out of danger, and all she wants in return is to be part of those being taken to the US.  Tanner does not trust Jin, even though she proves herself over and over, taking them to safety at every dangerous turn. In a very short period, he not only begins to allow her to lead the way away from those trying to capture them, but finds himself totally attracted to her. 

Jin makes a wonderful heroine, tough, smart, savvy and dedicated to her family.  It is her fierce determination to find her sister, which forces Jin to make a deal for her help, and pray they will take her with them.  The romance between Tanner and Jin builds slowly, with us rooting for them, even though we knew that any chance of them staying together was slimmer than none.

When they arrive back in the states, all hell breaks loose, as there were so many twists, and betrayals.  A major twist could cause mass destruction, and it is up to Tanner and Jin to find a way to stop it.  Since saying anything more would be spoilers, I will just say you need to read this series, and this book, or you are missing a gem.

This was an exciting action packed story from start to finish.  Dianna Love writes romance suspense so well, as I consider her one of the best at creating believability and hooking us in from the start all the way to the exciting climax. The suspense is always palpitating, on the edge of your seat, and the romance is always hot, with a fabulous couple. Deceptive Treasures is another terrific addition to the Slye Temp series, which is not to be missed.

Reviewed by Barb

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20 thoughts on “Deceptive Treasures by Dianna Love – a Review

  1. Wow, what a wonderfully executed review, Barb. I know this story and I doubt I could have written that review without giving spoilers. Thank you for the time you take to share the details without giving the big surprises away. I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying this series. Thanks for reading my books!!!

  2. Great review. I have this series on my list to read. I did download the first book when it as discounted. I guess I better start reading soon.

    • Thank you, Sandy! I’m really excited about this series. It’s been a blast to spend time with my Slye Temp group. These guys live on the edge and fall hard when they do meet the right one. 🙂

  3. Another great review Barb. I still have yet to get to any of Dianna’s books. 🙁 I have her on my TBR list, just need to find that time to start making a dent in it. Congrats on another great release Dianna, looking forward to one day starting this series

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