DEEP AUTUMN HEAT (Star Harbor 1) by Elisabeth Barrett-a review

DEEP AUTUMN HEAT (Star Harbor 1) by Elisabeth Barrett -a new release review

DEEP AUTUMN HEAT (Star Harbor 1) by Elisabeth Barrett

DEEP AUTUMN HEAT is the first novel (July 2012 release) in new author Elisabeth Barrett’s contemporary romance Star Harbor series. Set in the quiet seaside town of Star Harbor, Maine Elisabeth introduces us to the Grayson brothers-Val, Cole, Theo and Seb. Deep Autumn Heat is Sebastian’s story.

Every Labor Day weekend Sebastian, along with his brothers, returns to Star Harbor, in memory of their late father. Although technically only Seb and his twin Theo return, the Grayson brothers have always made the effort to get caught up and reminisce about their younger days as the local troublemakers and heartbreakers. Theo’s writing career was starting to take off: Cole, a former Special Ops Vet was now Star Harbor’s sheriff: Val, the oldest and quietest, was someone to reign in the Grayson brothers whenever they got into trouble: and Sebastian, world renowned Chef and owner of the upscale New York restaurant Helena. But when Cole suggests they go to the LMK for coffee, Seb is swept away by the spunky chef and owner Lexie Meyer.

Lexie loves operating Lexie Meyer Kitchen. She has always supported her staff and her customers, as well as the local community. And the challenges of expanding with a catering service will add pressure to her already busy restaurant. Getting involved with Seb Grayson was never on the agenda, knowing he was only in town for a short time, but the heart knows what it wants, and apparently she wants Sebastian Grayson. Seb’s obvious attempts at flirtation tempt Lexie, but are a reminder of the past she was hoping to escape. And the recent barrage of threatening notes and an attempt on her life, put Lexie in a collision course with the Grayson boys, when Sheriff Cole Grayson insists on 24 hour protection.

Lexie and Seb’s relationship begins to heat up, when Seb remains in Star Harbor for a friend’s wedding. But the continued anonymous threats against Lexie force her to reveal a painful past and one that appears to be catching up with her –very fast. And there are several other suspects who would like to see Lexie fail, but to suspect that someone she knows and trusts is behind the rash of recent threats, force Lexie to look at those she loves and trusts the most.

Separation from Lexie is difficult for Seb but returning to New York was a priority. His business was expanding and his reality TV show was on the horizon. But the distance between the couple was growing and Seb did not know why Lexie was refusing to take his calls. The only option was to return to Star Harbor and claim Lexie as his own. But someone else was already in Star Harbor-trying to claim what was once his.

DEEP AUTUMN HEAT has romance, suspense, passion and a little sex. The Grayson brothers are tall, dark, handsome brooding men and all obviously have a love of women that will make every female swoon. The storyline is well paced and I enjoyed the brother’s interactions with each other. I like that the identity of the mystery person threatening Lexie is not too obvious until the revealing ah-ha moment although the threat from her past is another matter. And of course the requisite HEA will bring all of the brothers back together once again. A wonderful start to the Star Harbor’s series by Elisabeth Barrett.

Copy supplied by Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy


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