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DESTINED MATE is another novella written by erotic romance author Katie Reus. For 90 years, werewolf Alpha leader Knox has been searching for the only woman he has ever loved-Angela ‘Angel’ Lavigne-a vampire. But the vampires and werewolves have been at war for thousands of years. When she appears on wolf-pack property searching for a missing female vampire, it is Knox who takes a stand, hoping to lure the run-away vampire, back to his den.

90 years earlier Angela Lavigne was human, in love with the Alpha of the American pack, but a bite from a vampire changed her life. Knowing that Knox and his entire pack despised and hated all vampires, Angela ran for her life, never telling Knox what had happened. But a recently turned female vampire is missing and was reportedly held captive by one of the strongest and fiercest wolf packs. Hoping to exact her rescue, Angela enters wolf territory, and to her surprise, her ex-lover and the Alpha Knox is waiting.

Knox has been searching for Angela for almost a century. Tracking her across America and into Alaska, he had hopes of claiming his mate. But the elusive female was always, a few steps ahead. Hoping to finally claim Angela as his mate, Knox must fight Titus, the leader of Angela’s coven of vampires, for the rights. Both males claim rights to Angela, but Angela has feelings for only one man. When Knox proves that he is the more powerful male, he finally lays claim what he has always known-that Angela has been and always will be his mate.

But life in a wolf-pack is never easy, especially when the others must now submit to a vampire-as female alpha. With the knowledge that their leader has taken a vampire as mate, animosity and anger grow when the Alpha must leave on a business trip. Returning hope to find his mate has been threatened, Knox must enforce pack laws and banish the young pup for his behavior.

Destined Mate is a quick read-a short story. The attraction between Knox and Angela is mutual as well as fast-paced and energetic. There is no build-up or teasing as the storyline progresses, as the couple know exactly what they want. And once again, Katie ensures there is a story between the sexual encounters, and a HEA for our hero and his mate.

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