Destiny’s Shift ( Six Saviors #4) by Carly Fall-a review

Destiny’s Shift (Six Saviors #4 ) by Carly Fall-a review

DESTINY’S SHIFT (Six Saviors #4) by Carly Fall (Released December 15, 2012)

ABOUT THE BOOK: One hundred and fifty years ago, Warrior Jovan of the Six Saviors realized he had a gift: the ability to feel emotions through touch. Over the years, the gift has intensified allowing him to hear others thoughts, and this uncontrolled skill has forced him to keep his distance from both humans and those of his race. He fears the impact on his sanity if he doesn’t.

Liberty, an SR44 female has come to Earth by a set of circumstances beyond her control. Born into a life of servitude on SR44, she is alone, afraid, and stumbling her way through learning the customs and language of her new home on Earth. When Jovan meets Liberty, it becomes clear that they are of the same species, and Jovan takes Liberty under his wing, despite his commitment to himself to limit interaction with others.

As Liberty reveals the reasons for her coming to Earth, it becomes apparent that the Six Saviors are in danger, not only from the FBI, but also from those who have journeyed to Earth with Liberty, and they are seeking revenge. Jovan must quickly learn to control his gift, and Liberty is the only one who can help him. As they deal with danger from all sides, Jovan and Liberty must find a way to compromise on the lives they desire, or they will be forced to go their separate ways.

Background: 6 saviors warriors from planet SR44: Rayner, Hudson, Noah, Cohen, Jovan & Talin. The warriors were sent to earth 212 years ago to stop and eradicate the 12 murderers who escaped from one of the moon colonies of planet SR44. The Colonists, as they were soon called, made their way to Earth, took the human body form, mated with the females and populated the earth with Colonist DNA. The savior warriors are part of the elite military from planet SR44, commissioned to remove the Colonists from Earth. The beings on planet SR44 are incorporeal bodies of mist and smoke, each bearing a different color, but in their corporeal bodies on Earth, their eyes will glow their familiar- planet SR44 color each evening. This is Jovan’s story and his eyes are emerald green.

I love the Six Savior series by Carly Fall. Early last year I won a copy of Carly’s second storyline in her Six Savior series-Finding My Faith-and I have been a big fan ever since. Destiny’s Shift introduces several more beings from planet SR44 and one in particular will bring about a change in Jovan that he never thought possible. Carly has brought together more of the inhabitants from planet SR44 and not everyone is happy under the circumstances. With their introduction into the stories, Carly opens up a much larger field of potential storylines and relationship scenarios.

Jovan and Liberty’s relationship follows the usual romance storyline premise. Jovan was a reluctant SR44 male who wanted nothing to do with looking after a mate, especially one that came with baggage in the form of an over-protective big brother, but Jovan’s attraction to Liberty could not be denied. Even many of the other members of the communal household saw the attraction between the couple before anyone involved was willing to admit there was something between the pair. And Liberty as naïve and innocent as she was, soon learned what it was she wanted and she wanted Jovan. And apparently Liberty has a thing for leather.

Carly adds another familiar face to the storyline-an overzealous FBI agent who knows more about the Warriors than anyone thought. When he reveals the information about the missing SR44 beings, the Warriors are forced to bring this stranger into their fold, and in doing so another potential storyline for one of the beings from planet SR44.

The Six Savior series and Destiny’s Shift by Carly Fall is a well-written and fascinating storyline and, one that brings a tear or two to my eyes every time-and Destiny’s Shift is no exception. My heart broke for a couple of the Saviors when they ‘lose their everything’ and you can almost feel the anguish of Jovan’s gift whenever he is in proximity of those suffering and in pain. Carly has written an amazing series of characters with whom I have fallen in love and I know you will too.

1. The Light Within Me
2. Finding Faith
3. Reborn
4. Destiny’s Shift

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Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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