DEVIL’S GATE (e-novella 3) by Thea Harrison-a new release review

DEVIL’S GATE (e-novella 3) by Thea Harrison-a new release review

DEVIL’S GATE (Elder Races novella 3 ) by Thea Harrison

DEVIL’S GATE is the 3rd novella (June 5, 2012 release)  in Thea Harrison’s Novels of the Elder Races series. Unlike the previous two novellas, Devil’s Gate stayed true to the Elder Race characters. Natural Evil and True Colors ventured down a different path, and one that was not as enticing or exciting, but with Devil’s Gate Thea has, once again, found her style. There is little reference to the ‘magical Tarot cards’ until the final couple of chapters and only then, with reference to their mystical powers.

Seremela Telemar is the heroine. We were first introduced to the medusa/medical examiner in Storm’s Heart and Serpent’s Kiss, but in Devil’s Gate Seremela has her own story to tell. With her niece Vetta missing and held captive in the magical encampment of Devil’s Gate, Seremela makes it her mission to, once again, set about rescuing her troubled niece. But her new position with Carling and Rune has yet to begin and she is already asking for a leave, knowing that this will probably not be the last time.

Duncan Turner vampire/lawyer will not let Seremela attempt a rescue of Vetta by herself. Working for Carling and Rune, he is aware of Seremela’s predicament and has asked that he be kept abreast of Seremela’s actions. His attraction to the beautiful medical examiner is known to Carling and it is with her permission that Duncan will aid Seremela in her search and rescue at Devil’s Gate. And when Vetta is safe, Duncan will make sure that Seremela knows that she will be his to claim.

Vetta has been charged with murdering one of the Powers at Devil’s Gate. But without a body to examine, there is no proof that Vetta’s medusa snakes poisoned the Dark Fae. And the Djinn running the illegal operations at the camp was willing to execute Vetta for the sins of another just to prove his position. But the appearance of Duncan and Seremela will change the stakes and force Malphas to bow to a higher authority. Duncan knows that Malphas’s past will not save him from the wrath of the Elders and it is with regret that Malphas must assume a position he did not want to take.

Thea brings back some of her previous characters, even if by way of a mention, including Rune/Carling, Tiago/Niniane, Julian, and the Djinn Soren and Khalil. With the inclusion of these characters, Devil’s Gate felt more connected to the Elder Race Novels than the previous two e-novellas. And her introduction of Malphas (a pariah Djinn) and the Dark Fae Xanthe (who takes possession of the magical Tarot cards) we will be seeing more of these characters in Thea’s next e-novella-Hunting Season.

Devil’s Gate is by far, the better of Thea’s 3 e-novellas. With the inclusion and mention of many of her Elder Race hero/heroines the novella felt like it belonged. A wonderful story, a great premise and another well-written chapter in the Novels of the Elder Races.

Reviewed by Sandy


5 thoughts on “DEVIL’S GATE (e-novella 3) by Thea Harrison-a new release review

    • Hi Fran…Devil’s Gate is by far the best of the 3 novellas. Thea stuck with her previous style of writing and it was a much better read. At one point during Natural Evil..I almost stopped reading. About 2/3 of the way through, it read like someone else had taken over the writing-it was completely different.

      I do not think you will be disappointed with Devil’s Gate.

  1. Lovely review. Time to add another in the list. Ummm….is it wrong I think the cover model is hot? He kind of reminds me of a gruffy Jake Gyllenhall?

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