DIE FOR ME (YA) Revenant #1 by Amy Plum

DIE FOR ME (YA) Revenant #1 by Amy Plum

DIE FOR ME (YA) by Amy Plum

DIE FOR ME is the first book in Amy Plum’s YA Revenant Trilogy. With the May 2012 release of Until I Die, I had the chance to read the premiere story. Set against the backdrop of modern day Paris, France, Die For Me can easily cross several genres including paranormal and urban fantasy.

Following the death of their parents, Kate and Georgia Mercier made the decision to return to their father’s birthplace in Paris France. Every summer the girls had vacationed at their grandparents home in Europe so the lifestyle and ambiance would be relatively familiar and easily accepted. But Kate’s depression worsened as the summer wore on and with the new school year approaching, something or someone would have to change.

Vincent is a revenant-an immortal who was once human. Revenants are re-animated humans who feel the need to sacrifice themselves continuously to save the lives of others. In his nearly 90 years, Vincent has only loved once, but he is drawn to Kate like a moth to fire. She is young, beautiful and alone. And on the occasions he has had the chance to talk, he has made a fool of himself. But there is something about Kate that he needs, he wants and he knows that falling in love with a human would place everyone in danger.

We are introduced to Vincent’s fellow revenant’s-the twins Charlotte and Charles, Ambrose, Jules, Jean-Baptiste and Gaspard. As part of their re-animation, the revenants must go into a once monthly ‘hibernation’ to refuel, but it is during this down time that their bodies are susceptible to attack and death-their mind and body will separate and the spirit becomes Volant-with the ability to leave and communicate with the others.And each time they ‘die’, their body must be recovered before medical science and the authorities take possession. As the relationship between Vincent and Kate develops, so does their ability to communicate during Vincent’s times of dormancy. Seemingly rare between a human and a revenant, so too is their ability to share one body, but Kate and Vincent are connected at a higher level than most.

Like every paranormal storyline, there is always the dark side. The numa-are a species of revenant who have chosen the bad side of life while human and now face eternity fighting a war against the good. But it will be Kate and her sister Georgia that will become pawns in the numa’s hunt to discover the current location of the revenant household and take out the lives of everyone close.

Die for Me is an interesting storyline. The characters make light of their re-animation, liking themselves to zombies without the grotesque bodies, but the premise of a self-sacrificing being who feels the need to die over and over to save others has its’ moments. Like all YA storylines, there is denial about love and need, as well as the risk of hurting someone you love, but I must give kudos to Plum, for she writes a story that shows respect for the adults as well as the young. Look for my review of UNTIL I DIE in May.

AMAZON Kindle: $2.05 Die For Me
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B&N NOOK: $1.99 Die For Me

Reviewed by Sandy


7 thoughts on “DIE FOR ME (YA) Revenant #1 by Amy Plum

  1. Nice! I liked the premise: Self-sacrificing for the safety of others. I imagine there are lines NOT to be crossed or how soon after, things like that? Interesting. Thanks for the review!
    The cover is gorgeous, btw! 😉

  2. I agree with Carmen, wonderful cover. Great review, Sandy.
    Lately, too many good books coming up. At this rate, I do need to retire and spend all my days and nights reading, then maybe i can catch up. lol

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