DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC by Susan Squires- a review


DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC (The Children of Merlin #1) by Susan Squires

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC is the first novel and April 2012 new release in Susan Squires The Children of Merlin paranormal series.

Maggie O’Brian earned her living taming wild horses and riding the rodeo circuit. And rescuing and training the wild beasts was only part of her plans for the future. Helping emotionally and physically handicapped children with the aid of the horses was a passion that drove Maggie every day. But meeting a handsome stranger at a roadside diner, would place Maggie in a position of life and death. And the burden of a working a farm and paying the bills only added to the shame and secrets she had hidden at home.

Tris Tremaine was on the run. Not from the law but from the family upon whom he brought embarassment and disrespect. Staying clear of his family forced Tris to give up his lucrative business restoring classic vehicles for the rich and famous. But without the respect of his family, Tris no longer wanted to see their pity or shame for the things he had done in his past. And knowing that he rejected his parent’s belief in magic only further separated Tris from the family he no longer felt he belonged. But meeting Maggie O’Brian pulled at something more powerful than he was willing to admit. And when he found himself injured and bleeding following a mysterious motor vehicle accident, it was Maggie who was willing to risk her life the the stranger who warmed her heart.

Something about the accident wasn’t right, but neither Tris nor Maggie was able to explain the circumstances as to how the accident occurred. And arriving home to his sympathetic family, brought a feeling of overwhelming sadness to Maggie when she realized that she truly did not belong. From a life of virtual poverty, Maggie was unable to grasp the rejection felt by Tris, when his family appeared to welcome them both with open arms. But looks can be deceiving when a family member learns the secrets that Maggie wished had stayed hidden.

Brina and Brian Tremaine believed in Magic. Descendants of Merlin would one day come into their magical powers when they met their true mates. But unlike his parents and his siblings, Tris did not believe in magic or anything powerful enough to draw two people together through DNA and love. With the knowledge his mother and father hoped that one day each of their children would come into their powers, Tris remained oblivious to the new found powers emanating from the woman with whom he had fallen in love. But the cost of rejection would be high when both Tris and Maggie refused to acknowledge their love, and leaving Tris would place Maggie in more danger than from just a broken heart. There were others looking for the descendants of one of the most powerful wizards and Tris was about to lead them directly to Maggie’s door. But it is their combined powers of magic and love that will bring them together when Tris finally realizes that woman he has pushed away, is the woman he was about to lose in more ways than one.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC is a romantic story of love and heartache, rejection and acceptance, magic and power. An interesting concept relating magic and power to the descendants of Merlin brings a fresh new perspective into the genre of the paranormal romantic storyline. With the introduction of 7 siblings and an assortment of other powerful enemies, the potential for several storylines has been written on the pages of this introductory novel. Another wonderful series from Susan Squires.

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Reviewed by Sandy


10 thoughts on “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC by Susan Squires- a review

  1. Love the review Sandy… I have some of Susan Squires books in my library (note I said library and not TBR pile) I think that says it all… I bypassed others to read hers…:D This is going to be something for my ipad I think. Thanks Sandy.

  2. This is a great review Sandy. Love the premise of this series, and although there seems to be much heartache mixed in with the romance, I am intrigued. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. This sounds like something that will make you cry and then get that silly grin in the end. I may have to give this series a shot. I believe that if a book can bring out the readers emotions, shows just how incredible writer an author can be and is worth looking at. This is an excellent review Sandy. 🙂

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