Dragonsworn by Sherrilyn Kenyon – a Review

Dragonsworn by Sherrilyn Kenyon – a Review


Dark-Hunter series – Book #21
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Release Date: August 1, 2017

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There is nothing in the universe the cursed dragon, Falcyn, hates more than humanity . . . and in particular, Greek humans. In a war he wanted no part of, they systematically destroyed everything he’d ever cared for. Now he lies in seclusion, away from the world and waits for the day when evolution will finally rid him of the human vermin.

Medea was born the granddaughter of the Greek god Apollo, and among the first of his people that he cursed to die. But she will not let anyone rule her life. Not even her notorious grandfather. And when Apollo sends a new plague to destroy what remains of her people, she refuses to standby and watch him take everything she loves from her again.

This time, she knows of a secret weapon that can stop the ancient god and his army of demons. Once and for all. However, said device is in the hands of a dragon who wants nothing to do with politics, the gods, humanity, demons or Greek Apollites. And especially not her. He is the immovable object.

My enemy’s enemy . . .

When Apollo makes a strategic move that backfires, he forces Falcyn back into play. Now Medea either has the weapon she needs to save her people, or she’s unleashed total Armageddon. If she can’t find some way to control the dragon before it’s too late, Falcyn will be an even worse plague on the world than the one Apollo has set loose. But how can anyone control a demonic dragon whose sole birthright is total destruction? 




Dragonsworn by Sherrilyn Kenyon pleasantly surprised me.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about Medea getting a storyline as I’m not a Stryker/Daimon fan, but I really enjoyed her character. She was a strong female lead; feisty, funny, smart, badass with a sword, loyal to those she holds dear, and turned out to be the perfect mate for Falcyn.  Falcyn has been a mystery to me so far and really intrigued me, so I was very eager to get my hands on his story and see what makes this dragon tick.  Let me just say, Falcyn did not disappoint me in anyway.  He is everything you would expect from a dragon shifter; strong, arrogant, cunning, smart, charming, funny and sexy as hell.  No wonder Medea was instantly attracted to him, one would have to be comatose not to.  The two hit it off immediately with their personalities, witty banter, and past demons both are trying to bury.  They wind up realizing just how much they have in common over what’s been done to them over the years, and have an understanding for what the other has been through. For me they are two characters who just clicked from their first scene and ran away with their story.  There was no shortage of witty banter, off the charts sexual chemistry or heart warming moments between Falcyn and Medea.  

The cast of secondary characters of Urian, Blaise, Brevalaer, Brogan, Simi, and a host of other characters we meet along the way, along with Sherrilyn’s unique humour just added something more to the story.  Lets just say there was no shortage of off the wall shenanigans, or sarcastic comments to be found.  Even in the most dire of situations our dysfunctional group manages to bring the humour and turn a dark moment into a funny one.  I don’t know how many times I LoL at one of their comments or actions.  I swear this group of misfits had to be one of the funnier groups for me to read about in a Kenyon book, and she has no shortage of funny off beat characters.  There was just something special and unique about this crew.  Maybe because they couldn’t be more different from each other, and the fact they are all from different species, etc, but they just made the story fly by and keep me entertained.  They just fit for some reason. 

Along with finding out more about Falcyn, the relation between him, Maddor and Blaise, why Medea needs his dragonstone to save her race, and the sizzling romance between Falcyn and Medea Ms. Kenyon continues to drop hints about other characters, storylines and strengthening the ties between the DH and CON series.  We learn more about the first Malachai, Monakribos and the prophecy surrounding him that is linked to none other then Apollymi!!  We learn some very interesting details regarding her and a past life, that also affects not only Ash, but Styxx and his son Urian.  In true Kenyon fashion we are left hanging as to what’s going to happen next with Urian and his HEA who I won’t say a word about because it’s such a major spoiler.  I never saw it coming and was shocked when I read who it is. I for one can’t wait to read his book and see just where Ms. Kenyon will take us, and just how Apollo plans to use Urian to bring down Ash once and for all.  Can I just say Apollo needs to go, I say sick Simi and her sister on him and let them feast.  I now hate Apollo more then his sister the Heifer Goddess.

So much happens in Dragonsworn that I’d be here forever reviewing it.  So instead I tried to give you as much as I could without dropping too many spoilers.  If you aren’t up to speed on the series you will be confused and a little lost as to all that is happening.  If you are up to speed then you will hopefully understand all that is going one and where it’s leading us.  Dragonsworn was fast paced, action packed and filled with sexual chemistry thanks in part to the lead couple of Falcyn and Medea. The cast of secondary characters helped to further the plot and add some fun along the way.  The new reveals about characters, past, present and future storylines will have your head spinning as is par for the course with Kenyon.  Dragonsworn leaves you wanting more and eagerly anticipating Urian’s book Battle Born. 

Until next time, happy reading my fellow Menyons!! 

Reviewed by Marcie



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  1. Great review, Marcie! I loved this book as well! However, I did get a little lost with some of the characters, namely, Blaise’s “parents” in Camelot and that whole lot. It didn’t take away from the story though. (I’ve not read the Avalon books) I was shocked about the Malachai being somehow connected to Appolymi……Jesus. Poor Ash! The big spoiler at the end?!?!?!?!?! Holy shoot a monkey! Like you, I NEVER SAW THAT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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