Dragos Takes a Holiday (Elder Races Novella 6.5) by Thea Harrison-dual review

Dragos Takes a Holiday (Elder Races Novella) by Thea Harrison-dual review

Dragos Takes a Holiday nov 13

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About the book: Release Date November 28, 2013

The Bermuda Triangle. Pirates. The Peanut. What could possibly go wrong?

Dragos Cuelebre needs a vacation. So does Pia, his mate. When the First Family of the Wyr head to Bermuda for some much needed R&R, it’s no ordinary undertaking – and no ordinary weekend in the sun. Between hunting for ancient treasure buried beneath the waves and keeping track of their son, Liam—a.k.a. Peanut, whose Wyr abilities are manifesting far ahead of schedule—it’s a miracle that Pia and Dragos can get any time together.

They’re determined to make the most of each moment, no matter who tries to get in their way.

And did we mention pirates?

For fans of DRAGON BOUND and LORD’S FALL, passion, playfulness, and adventure abound in this Elder Races novella.

Sandy’s Review

DRAGOS TAKES A HOLIDAY is the latest novella in Thea Harrison’s Novel of the Elder Races series and one that focuses on family and friends. Both Pia and Dragos are tired: tired of the daily ins and outs of running Cuelebre Enterprises and in desperate need of time away. Hoping to relax in the sun, surf and sand of Bermuda, Dragos flies his family to the islands for a week of relaxation and treasure hunting. But not everything goes according to plans when others come hunting for the same treasure that Dragos has located.

The storyline is one many young families will sympathize with when everything in life closes in and nothing seems to go well. Pia is quickly learning that the dragon shifter she gave birth to is developing much faster than humanly possible and it is this development that will place the small family in danger of losing one of their own.

Thea Harrison pulls the reader into a sweet storyline where mommy and daddy need some time away but the ‘peanut’ as he is affectionately called, has other plans. We watch as Liam softens the heart of a man who will kill to protect those he loves and allows us to believe that there is good amongst the evil wherever we will go.

Thea has written an engaging storyline of love and affection; family and friends; greed and revenge. Dragos Takes a Holiday shows the mischievous side of raising a dragon shifter baby and allows us another peak into the world of the leader of the Wyr and the family that he loves.

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Barb’s Review

Since Sandy has wonderfully described Dragos Takes a Holiday, and rather then duplicate that, I will tell you what I loved about the book. This was a novella, and Thea Harrison did such a wonderful job giving us just what we needed for the holidays. I absolutely loved this book. It was such a sweet, endearing read that was so much fun, and had me falling totally in love with Liam (Peanut).

Thea also gave us Peanut’s POV, which was precious. Just to get any story on Dragos and Pia is always great, as they are and always will be my favorites; though I love most of Elder Races heroes and heroines. Dragos and Pia still steam up the pages (I do have a kindle 🙂 ), but it was nice to watch their reactions upon discovering what Peanut can already do.

Did I say he was so adorable? I wanted to pick him up as the baby, and also as the little white dragon. Only a few months old, and he is already doing things unheard of. Some of my favorite scenes:

Pia in the kitchen hearing a noise, runs into the room and sees a small white dragon. Liam’s first shift. OMG I loved it. How she held him, and called Dragos home to see his little dragon.

When they were in Bermuda, Dragos takes Pia and Peanut for a ride on his back in his Dragon form. Peanut watches his father’s wings and flying, and joyfully decides to shift and copy his father. Poor Pia has to hold on to the little dragon, afraid he would fall. But never fear, Dragos can do anything, which includes protect them both.

Later, Peanut’s curiosity gets him into trouble, but he is smart enough (you hear his thoughts in his POV), to climb on the top of a building and wait for his father to fly to his rescue.

Dragos takes a Holiday is also a suspenseful story, in which Dragos must discover who is trying to stop him from looking for treasure in the Bermuda Triangle, as well as who will harm his family. I loved that they were able to get away on a much needed vacation, taking only Eva and Hugh, with them. It was fun watching Dragos and Pia marvel at their son, and worry what will happen when he gets older. But it was more fun for us, and I enjoyed every single moment of this wonderful adventure. Thank you Thea, for this amazing heartwarming holiday treat, and allowing us to joyfully spend time with Liam.

Copy supplied by the publisher.


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  1. I enjoyed both reviews very much Sandy and Barb. This was such a fun read and I am in love with the peanut. Hope we get more story like this with Liam Pia and Dragos.

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