EDGE OF OBLIVION (Night Prowler #2) by J.T.Giessinger-a review

EDGE OF OBLIVION (Night Prowler #2) by J.T.Geissinger-a review

EDGE OF OBLIVION (Night Prowler #2) by J.T.Geissinger

EDGE OF OBLIVION is the second storyline (October 2012 release) in J.T.Geissinger’s Night Prowler series. The Ikati is an ancient shape-shifting species of panther, with only a few remaining colonies in the world. Similar to Christine Feehan’s Dark Carpathian series and Leopard series, each full-blooded Ikati is blessed (or cursed) with a special ability. Some are telepathic, able to shift into mist and others can walk through walls. And anyone betraying their secrets is punished by death, and Morgan Montgomery is waiting to die. Refusing to become a breeder for the Ikati, Morgan’s betrayal almost cost their Queen’s life. But her friendship with Jenna may be the only thing that keeps her alive, when the Queen offers up an alternative-locate the Expurgari-the Ikati most ancient of enemies –within 2 weeks or be put to death by an assassin.

Alexander (Xander) Luna is the personification of death. When his latest assignment takes an unexpected turn, Xander will find himself as the guardian to a condemned betrayer as she hunts for the Expurgari in Rome. As the tribe’s most lethal enforcer, Xander did not relish his position within the Ikati, but used the abilities he honed as a young shifter to mete out punishment when decreed by the King. Only this time, he found himself oddly attracted to the beautiful Morgan and was silently hoping that this particular mission would be a success-for Morgan. But little did they know, that a feral colony of Ikari had remained hidden within the catacombs of Rome and their present King had set his sights on Morgan as his mate. But the feral King rules by pain and anyone who stands in his way is immediately eliminated.

The relationship between Xander and Morgan begins as one of mutual disdain-she as a convicted betrayer and he as her delegated assassin. But along the way, Xander’s heart begins to melt when he realizes that there is more to Morgan than what she lets everyone believe. And like the panther in the wild, Xander’s attraction to Morgan is as deep as their DNA.

Throughout the story we are introduced to Xander’s fellow brothers and assassins as J.T. slowly unravels the mystery and history behind the Ikati. The colony of feral shifters, have known all along that their King is mad, and it will take a major turn of events to shift the power at the head of the Roman tribe. But it will be the mad King’s daughter who believes she has been betrayed, by the man that she loves, and it will be her need for revenge that could spark a war within her own tribe.

J.T introduces EDGE OF OBLIVION with a prologue that covers the basic history of the Ikati tribes. As a reader, the history is of major importance when the storyline ventures into a centuries old war and I, for one, am grateful when the author includes the major storyline premise with each instalment.

I like how J.T. handled the mating fever of the Ikati females. Similar to Feehan’s Leopard series, the heat will affect all of the males, regardless of their connection to the one, but in the case of Edge of Oblivion, some are more affected than others and the reality will hit home when the war between the Ikati and the Expurgari claims another victim.

Edge of Oblivion is a fascinating look at panther shifters and their legacy of love and war, hatred and pain, sorrow and loss. Similar to many other shifter storylines, there are not enough females for the males, and they have had to look to the human population for mates. But the half-bloods have some issues when they reach maturity and it is the mad King’s legacy that will continue to research and discover that his plans to re-populate the world with Ikari shifters that will pose more of a threat to humans than their own kind.

J.T. Geissinger has created an amazing world of action and romance, where man and beast are one. I am looking forward to the next storyline –here’s hoping that the mad King’s daughter can work through her issues of trust before she kills the man who would one day be her mate.

1. Shadow’s Edge
2. Edge of Oblivion

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  1. Another great review Sandy!! I’ll have to check this one out some day….when I win the lottery…..and can quit work so that I can read full-time…….*sigh*

  2. Cats AND vampires??? HA, made you laugh :D!!! You had me at panther. Sounds like an awesome world I must discover!!!

    Great review, Sandy. Like Mary Ann, I’m in like Flynn, too!!!! 😉

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