ELEMENTAL (Elemental 0.5) YA by Brigid Kemmerer- a review

ELEMENTAL (Elemental 0.5) YA by Brigid Kemmerer

ELEMENTAL by Brigid Kemmerer

ELEMENTAL is the introductory storyline in Brigid Kemmerer’s YA Elemental series. Released in March 2012, Brigid brings the reader into a world of the powerful supernatural Elementals-Earth, Fire, Air and Water. The novella is a quick read, but provides just enough information that you know you will want to read what happens next.

17 year old Emily Morgan is an air Elemental, but at present her powers are limited. Hoping to earn enough money to move to New York and try her hand at Broadway (we all have dreams) she finds a job at the local sports complex where the daily grind is slow and tedious. Until the day that Michael Merrick walks through the front door.

Michael Merrick is a powerful earth Elemental, but hiding in plain sight is difficult when the Morgan family have targeted him for death. For years, the families have been at war, despising each other’s powers and capabilities, and some how dragging the children into their ongoing aggression and struggle for control. But the day his younger brothers were attacked, he knew that he had to learn to control his Power before the Guardians elected to end his life. And finding Emily Morgan at the sports complex only added another complication, when his only means to let off ‘steam’ was now hampered by the pretty little blonde who believes that Michael wants to end her life.

Emily and Michael’s relationship is further complicated when Emily reveals to her family that Michael frequents the sports complex where she works. But the animosity between the families escalates when her brother Tyler will use any means necessary to end the life of Michael Merrick all in the name of protecting his family and his sister. When Emily finds Michael on the defensive against a group of Elementals, including her brother, Emily knows there is only one thing she can do and saving Michael is her only priority.

ELEMENTAL is a wonderful and well-written introduction to Brigid’s young adult Elemental series. I am looking forward to reading this series. My only concern is that Brigid steer clear of the usual teen angst and ‘whoa is me’ attitudes that some YA authors feel is necessary throughout their storylines and series. Here’s to a great new YA series that will surely keep the reader involved

1. Elemental  e-novella (March 2012)
2. Storm (April 2012) 
3. Fearless e-novella (July 31, 2012)
4. Spark (August 2012)
5. Spirit (May 2013)

Reviewed by Sandy


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