EMBER’S KISS (Dragonfire #8) by Deborah Cooke-a review

EMBER’S KISS (Dragonfire #8 ) by Deborah Cooke-a review

EMBER’S KISS is the 8th storyline and October 2, 2012 release in Deborah Cooke’s amazing Dragonfire series. The Pyr are shape-shifting dragon warriors whose job it is to protect humankind but once in awhile a dragon will discover his mate through a firestorm, and the firestorm will bring with it a threat against their own. This is Brandon and Liz’s story.

In the previous storylines we have been following the exploits of an ancient dragon shifter known as Chen. Believing himself to be the most powerful, Chen had found the ‘dragon’s blood’ elixir and was making an army of Slayers to fight the Pyr. But the Darkfire had been released thwarting his plans, and with the approach of a new eclipse Chen was hoping to find the next Pyr who would be at his most vulnerable during the impending firestorm. He needed to find the dragons with affinities to the elements-he wanted their powers. Brandon was his target and their ‘friendship’ would nearly cost Brandon his life. With three missing scales, Brandon was closer to the Slayer than he had realized.

As the estranged son of Brandt, Brandon Merrick had made a name for himself in the surfing world. Currently living in Hawaii, Brandon was riding the waves hoping to make it big, but on the night of the eclipse, he would find himself awash in the firestorm, of which, all Pyr would hope one day to find. Knowing this would be his only chance at a son, Brandon would soon meet the woman who would be his mate. But something was wrong. He was having difficulty controlling his dragon and he blamed his nature and heritage, but there was something about Chen’s magical powder that seemed to fuel the rage burning inside. Knowing he was a danger to his mate, Brandon decided it was time to leave.

Marine biologist Liz Barrett has what she calls a ‘sensitivity to the elements’, but it had been close to 14 years since her special abilities had re-emerged. And the closer to her latest destination and a gorgeous stranger, the stronger her powers became. But the call of a name she had long forgotten proved that she was where she belonged and with a man claiming that the ‘firestorm’ was never wrong. But a cryptic message from an old ‘Asian’ man would have Liz second-guessing the true nature of the Firestorm and her dragon. And she suddenly realized the power that the old man had over Brandon and it was her turn to leave to protect the man in whom she was falling in love. She believed she had to escape her family legacy.

Many of the other Pyr will be called once again to help with the dragon’s Firestorm, but this time something felt off. Both Quinn and Erik sensed a difference as though the Darkfire was holding court with Brandon’s destiny and Sara would receive a portent of warning about this particular Firestorm. They all were heading to Hawaii because Brandon was in trouble-the Pyr and their mates were needed to break the spell that had been cast trapping Brandon in the clutches of a Slayer. But it is the power of love and a mate that will be the ultimate spell in saving Brandon’s life.

EMBER’S KISS is another well-written, fascinating and amazing storyline in Deborah Cooke’s Dragonfire series. Deborah creates a world of beautiful dragons and timeless love. I have loved Deborah’s Dragons since the very beginning and I was immensely pleased that she brought together the Pyr in this amazing tale. And yet again we get a very quick glance at another one of the Pyr, who amazingly finds himself in one too many predicaments.

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1. Kiss of Fire
2. Kiss of Fury
3. Kiss of Fate
4. Winter Kiss
5. Whisper Kiss
6. Darkfire Kiss
7. Flashfire
8. Ember’s Kiss

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Reviewed by Sandy


8 thoughts on “EMBER’S KISS (Dragonfire #8) by Deborah Cooke-a review

  1. Great review, Sandy. I really like this series, and the saddest part is because of my huge tbr lists (one on kindle, and one on paper), that I have not had the time to continue this series. There has to be a time for me to finish it, so then I’ll only have to read the lastest releases. sigh

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  3. aaaaaaa, Sandy, why, why, why do you wish to torment me????? I’m sure this is a great review as I only briefly skimmed it, don’t want to spoil anything about the book for myself. I shall come back and read it in full when I’ve read the book. 😉

  4. Yeah I finally read Ember’s Kiss. You nailed the review Sandy I have to agree that Deborah does create a beautiful story with amazingly wonderful dragon shifters and timeless love. The love between a dragon and their mate is amazing to watch unfold on the pages and it just sweeps you away the story. I loved every minute of this one and can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. Ms. Cooke continues to amaze me with her dragon tales. 😉

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