Enslaved (Eternal Guardians #5) by Elisabeth Naughton-a review

Enslaved (Eternal Guardians #5) by Elisabeth Naughton-a review

ENSLAVED (Eternal Guardians #5) by Elisabeth Naughton

ENSLAVED is the fifth instalment (November 6, 2012 release) in Elisabeth Naughton’s Eternal Guardians series based in Greek mythology, stories, prophecy and history. All Guardians are descended from Greek gods, but many of the gods still rule. When Hades wife Persephone gave birth to Zeus’s daughter, Hades cursed Maelea to walk alone for over 3,000 years, but now Hades wants something from Maelea, and the Guardian Gryphon is standing in his way.

In the previous storyline, Gryphon has been rescued from the Underworld by his brother Orpheus and Orpheus’s soul-mate Skyla. But the torture and abuse were nothing compared to the insidious voice that continues to haunt his every waking hour. Thinking he is going insane, Gryphon needed to find a way to get rid of the incessant call, and there was only one way to end the torment-he needed to kill the source. His only option was to escape from the Guardians and his friends. But something about the little waif-like ‘ghoul’ known as Maelea, stirred at Gryphon’s cold heart, and he knew that she was his ticket out of this world.

Maelea knew her parents did not want her. Having never met her father, Maelea has been on the run for close to 3,000 years from her mother’s husband, and even her mother rarely acknowledged her existence. But when the Orb of Kronos went missing, everyone wanted a piece of the ‘ghoul’. With her ability to detect energy shifts, Maelea was the perfect weapon in the war to find the Orb but she would not let herself become a pawn. When her only option was to run she did not expect to find herself an unwanted jailer –the ‘insane’ Gryphon, With both of them on the run, Maelea thought she would become the next casualty in the war between the gods. The Guardians, Nick and the Misos, and most of the Underworld were looking to find Maelea and she was damned sure that she would not be used again.

The darkness within Gryphon called to Maelea. Cursed by Hades, Maelea’s own dark side felt the pull from Gryphon but there was something else about Maelea that calmed the voices inside. Gryphon has long watched the woman everyone called a ‘ghoul’, but he knew that there was much more to the quiet, albeit 3,000 year old woman, than what was presented on the surface. Her soul called to his, but he knew that he would only bring her pain and sorrow. A life on the run was no life for the mate of a condemned Guardian. But the powers of the Underworld would continue to threaten both and Gryphon knew there was only one way to end the threat.

Throughout the storyline we see a potential storyline build for the Guardian Titus, when he meets a woman who could very well be his mate. Max’s issues with Atalanta continue to haunt the young man and Nick’s colony of Misos will put a surprising twist to Hades’s rule of the Underworld.

Elisabeth Naughton brings together two lost souls who believe they are cursed to walk eternity alone. The need to run is overshadowed by their soul’s call to each other. I love reading this series and Gryphon’s story is both heart wrenching and cathartic sultry and scandalous.   Elizabeth Naughton ‘s Eternal Guardians  will capture your imagination from the very start.

1. Marked
2. Entwined
3. Tempted
4. Enraptured
5. Enslaved

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Reviewed by Sandy


15 thoughts on “Enslaved (Eternal Guardians #5) by Elisabeth Naughton-a review

  1. This was a wonderful review, Sandy. I have so much catching up to do in this series, though the books are sitting and calling to me on my kindle tbr. I know I love Elisabeth’s writing, as her standalone Wait For Me is one of my best book picks of the year. I need to find time to complete this series, and your review makes me want to do so sooner then later.

    • Thanks Barb. We are both such big fans (although we don’t stalk !!) of Elisabeth and we have never been let down by her storylines. I hope she continues long past 7 books for the Eternal Guardians series.

  2. Another great review, Sandy. You have been reviewing Elisabeth’s entire Eternal Guardians series. I appreciate that, as it keeps me up to what and when I need to buy. Thanks.

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  4. Hey Sandy, great review. I love anything with Greek mythology in it. I have this one down on my list, even bumped it up a few notches, just haven’t had the time yet for it.

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