ENTWINED by Elisabeth Naughton-a review

ENTWINED by Elisabeth Naughton

ENTWINED by Elisabeth Naughton

ENTWINED is the second book in Elisabeth Naughton’s Eternal Guardian series. Set against the backdrop between two worlds, ENTWINED steps further into the realm of Greek mythology using the descendants of the gods and demi-gods as fodder for our senses. Our reluctant hero Zander must make a decision that could destroy his mate, his intended bride and all of their lives. But without the love of the only woman who has ever broken his heart, Zander no longer wishes to remain in the immortal world of Argolea.

Zander is a warrior who has long thought himself impervious to death-a true immortal, so while he contemplates ways to end his existence, he must face the reality that the only woman he has ever loved, betrayed him more than 10 years ago. Without his soulmate, his heart has hardened and he seeks the means to withdraw from the others.

Callia is a healer for her people and a woman who has just completed a 10 year cleansing to rid her soul of the guilt and shame she has brought upon her family. Following an affair with a warrior that left her both devastated and shattered, Callia’s father all but renounced his daughter for the humiliation and hurt. But the truth is somewhere in between.

Princess Isadora must marry and produce an heir before her father, the King succumbs to old age. But with no potential suitors and no Argolean soulmate on the horizon, the King orders Demetrius to marry his daughter. Disgusted with the idea of marrying and mating with Isadora, Demetrius is stunned when Zander steps forward to accept the King’s offer of marriage to his daughter. And Callia, both hurt and humiliated, must perform the pre-wedding physical to determine Zander’s fertility. With their previous history and 10 years of hatred for a betrayal, both Zander and Callia, must face the fact, they do not belong together.

Meanwhile, Atalanta’s 10-year old son, is being groomed to fight in the ways of the demons, but Maximus is not a demon. He is a young boy, lost in a world that is foreign to him. With the markings of a Guardian, Max knows that he does not belong with Atalanta and the demon hordes. Hoping to find the Guardians of Argolea, Max steals a valuable symbol from Atalanta, and goes in search of the Guardians. But a demon attack at a truck stop, leaves Max shaken, and again captured by the very monsters he is trying to escape..

During one of the many demon hunts, Zander and Titus are thrown into a fight, that is almost impossible to win. An injured Zander requires medical aid that only Callia is able to give, and their relationship begins to burn once again, but the memory of a betrayal is still very clear and painful to both. Their emotional wounds are deep, and when Zander accuses Callia of aborting their son 10 years earlier, a stunned and broken Callia, must face the man whom she still loves. Refusing to listen to his soulmate, Zander dismisses her tears as a ploy. When Callia finally reveals the truth about her visit to the medical centre in the mortal realm, a shaken and shattered Zander must admit that he betrayed his soulmate. He left her, thinking she had aborted their child, not knowing that she was trying to save the life of their unborn son. But the betrayal goes beyond the realm of possibilities.

Throughout the storyline, we are privy to the evil underworld controlled and ruled by Atalanta. Amassing an army of demons to destroy Argolea, Atalanta hopes to someday rule, using her ‘son’ Max as leverage. It is Callia who over hears a conversation that reveals their son is still alive, and Atalanta’s son Max is the common thread. But with the knowledge, comes a deeper betrayal by a family member that Callia will never forgive.

Princess Isadora and her half-sister Casey, agree to help Callia with her struggles finding her son. But the revelation of a ‘third’ sister and the prophecy of the Three Hours, proves these 3 ladies are tied closer together by both friendship and blood

Callia and Zander’s relationship strengthens with the discovery that their son may still be alive, but their guilt and shame will prove to be a larger obstacle then they imagined. It is only when Callia refuses Zander’s offer of marriage, because he has accepted the King’s proposal, do we find how deep their love and true feelings will go.

A betrayal by a father, innocence lost and ten years of guilt all culminate together, with a family reunion that is both sorrowful and happy. But a missing Princess and a joining ceremony between two lost souls, opens the possibility of another HEA. Another great storyline in Elisabeth Naughton’s Eternal Guardians series. Elisabeth Naughton is a welcome addition to my favorite author’s list.


5.  ENSLAVED (Nov 2012)

reviewed by Sandy


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