ETERNAL BLOOD by Laura Wright -a review

ETERNAL BLOOD by Laura Wright

ETERNAL BLOOD by Laura Wright

GIVEAWAY:  Laura and Carla have graciously offered one lucky member of The Reading Cafe  ”Winner’s Choice” of a book from the Mark of the Vampire series. (Paper copy open to US & Canada only:  ebook international)

ETERNAL BLOOD is book 2.5 (novella) and January 2012 release from Laura Wright’s Mark of the Vampire series.

Gray Donahue is an Impure, one of the many Halfling breed of vampires. Along with his ability to hear the thoughts of others, Gray wants nothing more than to ease his pain with sex and blood. But his pain is multi-faceted. As an Impure Gray is hunted by the Eternal Order of Vampires; as a brother, he is heartbroken about his sister’s secret: and as a son, he blames himself for the death of a loved one.

Hoping to rid the world of the Impure, the Order is known to abduct and perform inhuman procedures all in the name of purity. And when Gray is captured and held prisoner in the Order’s hidden cells, he is shocked and sickened with the knowledge that there are things worse than the pain of existence. But Gray is also numbed when there are others, like himself that know more about his family history than he ever knew.

Once again, we meet Dillon-the cold and frosty pure-blood vampire who rescues Gray from his impending procedure only to be brought back into a vortex of sexual need and hunger. But this time-Dillon is his target and there is definitely a spark of something between the ‘unhappy’ couple.

Eternal Blood is a quick read- the continuing story of betrayal and heartbreak for the Impure of the species. Laura writes a compelling story that only furthers our curiosity about the relationship between Gray and Dillon, and teases our senses in the world of the Mark of the Vampire. A wonderful short story.  Looking forward to Eternal Captive.



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Reviewed by Sandy


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