ETERNAL CAPTIVE by Laura Wright-a review


ETERNAL CAPTIVE (Mark of the Vampire #3) by Laura Wright

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ETERNAL CAPTIVE is the 3rd novel and February 2012 release in Laura Wright’s Mark of the Vampire series. The Breeding Male is a vampire of pure blood whose genetic code and structure have been altered by the Eternal Order. He is brought to pureblood families to repopulate the pure vampire bloodlines. He is uncontrollable and must be cage.

Lucian Roman was the next Breeding Male, but it was a title he was not willing to accept or reveal. Reviled by everyone, even the females they were forced to impregnate, the Breeding Male-Lucian’s destiny- was only one sexual encounter from reality. But every fiber of his being knew, that she was the one. One feeding and he was unable to stop thinking about Bronwyn. The knowledge that Breeding Males did not have a true-mate did nothing to stop Lucian’s obsession for the only woman who had tamed his wild-heart.

Bronwyn had found her true mate-the Mark of the Vampire was visible on her thumb, but only two people knew the story behind the claiming. As a pureblood vampire, Bronwyn was expected to mate and produce balas (babies) with her true mate, or else she be mated with The Breeding Male. Hoping to avoid the same fate as her sister, Bronwyn agreed to marry her best friend. But Synjon Wise and Bronwyn knew, his heart belonged to another.

The Eternal Order has plans for The Breeding Male. Cruen and his family of ‘mutores’ (pureblood vampire shape-shifter) needed the Male to breed. Knowing Bronwyn’s blood called to Lucian, Cruen initiates a series of abductions that will place both Lucian and Bronwyn at risk. The attraction between the couple is strong, but to act on their feelings, will place Bronwyn in the hands of an animal, such as she has never seen. But need and desire push the warning aside, and the consequences of their actions, will be felt by all. Family and friends will find that more than (just) the love of one woman will be needed to control the actions of The Breeding Male- her blood holds the secret to taming the wild beast.

Once again, Impure vampire Gray Donahue joins the Roman family in the search for the missing couple, but it is a bruised and bloodied Dillon that will require Gray’s attention when the truth to the vampire myth’s are revealed.

ETERNAL CAPTIVE is another fascinating tale in the Mark of the Vampire series by Laura Wright.I cried a tear for the vampire who knew he was cursed, but my tear was staunched by a woman who saw only the man she loved. A father’s betrayal and a mother’s love will be seen as similarly evil, but the truth is somewhere in between. Although The Breeding Male will never find his true mate, Lucian Roman will find that his heart and his soul, will always call –the one woman – his –true mate.


Reviewed by Sandy


4 thoughts on “ETERNAL CAPTIVE by Laura Wright-a review

  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. I do have some of these books on my tbr, and i have to buy this one. One day soon, I have to attack my tbr pile….this one sounds great.

  2. Barb and Vickie, I believe you will both enjoy the Mark of the Vampire series. I had to wait for both Eternal Kiss (2) and Eternal Captive (3). I started the series when there was only one book and I fell in love with Alexander Roman and his brothers. Alexander is still my favorite.

    Eternal Hunger is the perfect first book. It is fast moving and is very good at setting up the world, introducing the characters, is suspenseful and leaves you wanting the next book.

    Eternal Kiss was also a good book. Loved the ending and was in misery waiting for Lucian’s story.

    I hate to say much about Lucian as I don’t want to spoil anything but lets say he is in a terrible position. Not much joy for a Breeding Male. Well, I suppose some men might go for it. lol

    Bronwyn is a perfect fit for Lucian and I have liked her since her introduction. She’s strong and caring. Exactly what Lucian needed.

    The ending was quite good with several surprises and I look forward to the next story. If I have a complaint, it would be that I tired of the many references to sex. Yes, I do enjoy that 🙂 but there can also be too much of a good thing.

    It’s exciting to find a new author with a new spin on paranormal vampires. The series is definitely worth your time.

    • thanks Mary Ann. I look forward to reading Laura..when i can catch up lol I think it says a lot that both Katie Reus and Jennifer Lyon both call Laura to bounce ideas off. she has to be a great person too.

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