Eternal Demon (Mark of the Vampire #5) by Laura Wright-a review

ETERNAL DEMON (Mark of The Vampire #5) by Laura Wright-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 7, 2013

When Erion’s son is kidnapped by the evil vampire Cruen, Erion vows to stop at nothing to find his hideaway—including intercepting the traveling party of Cruen’s beautiful bride-to-be. But instead of a vulnerable caravan, Erion is met by a feral band of female demons that includes Hellen, the bride—a creature of dark magic and darker passion.

Though the safety of his son is foremost, Erion can’t deny his unexpected connection to Hellen—inflaming a manic desire as primal as it is irresistible. As their bond intensifies, they move toward an inevitable and terrifying battle. With time running out, Erion realizes he must not only find and rescue his son but protect Hellen from Cruen and the underworld forces waiting to destroy her for her betrayal.

REVIEW: ETERNAL DEMON is the fifth storyline in Laura Wright’s Mark of the Vampire series. MOTV features pureblood vampires, impures (1/2 human/1/2 vampire) mutores and an assortment of terms found at the beginning of each storyline and novel but for this particular novel-there is no glossary. Anyone new to the series (reading Eternal Demon first) may have a bit of a problem because Laura Wright uses terminology that is specific to the MOTV series. Perhaps the missing information is specific to the Netgalley copies, and when the book is released the definitions will be included.

Eternal Demon is Erion’s storyline. Erion is a mutore-the adopted son of the vampire’s worst enemy-Cruen. Mutores have been long thought a myth in vampire lore-a combination of vampire and shifter, and Erion is a mutore plus much, much more. When Erion’s son is kidnpped by Cruen, Erion makes it his mission to retrieve his son but not before taking something or someone he believes Cruen wants-his mate. But the woman Erion kidnaps is much more than Cruen’s intended mate-she is the daughter of the Devil himself and she has a few secrets buried beneath a beautiful face and body.

The storyline follows that the Devil has sold his daughter Hellen to Cruen for a favor and to keep her younger sisters safe and out of harm’s (the Devil) way, Hellen agrees to marry Cruen, but a cruel twist of fate will find that Hellen is only the means to an end for her father- a father worthy of the moniker of pure evil –the Devil.

Erion has long thought there is no female who would want the mutore that is the man. Finding Hellen, a woman who calls to his soul, Erion must first accept what has long been buried inside of himself, but in freeing Hellen he will also unleash a demon of a very different kind. Not only does Hellon tug at Erion’s heart but so too do the bowels of Hell and the demons who reside within. But Hellen has an interesting way of dealing with people who literally p*ss her off. Interesting concept if we could all eat those whom we didn’t like **snort**

ETERNAL DEMON brings together many of the previous storyline characters including the Roman brother’s and their mates, as well as Synjon Wise whose story begins in Eternal Beauty and will continue in November 2013’s Eternal Sin. The reader learns Petra’s true identity and how saving Synjon’s life will affect his future as well as her own. The cohesion of the series is well blended with the inclusion of many of our favorite vampires from stories past.

Laura Wright has written a fast paced and richly detailed installment in the Mark of the Vampire series with Eternal Demon. The storyline pulls together friends and past enemies to help free a small child whose only sin is the father he is just learning to love. Eternal Demon has the familiarity of another storyline where the beast falls for the beauty, and in true fairytale fashion, there is always a happily ever after.

1. Eternal Hunger (October 2010)
2. Eternal Kiss (April 2011)
2.5 Eternal Blood (January 2012)
3. Eternal Captive (February 2012)
4. Eternal Beast (August 2012)
4.5 Eternal Beauty (April 2013)
5. Eternal Demon (May 2013)
6. Eternal Sin (November 2013)

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Reviewed by Sandy


Eternal Beauty (Mark of the Vampire 4.5)
by Laura Wright
Release Date: April 2013

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ETERNAL BEAUTY (Mark of the Vampire 4.5) by Laura Wright

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date April 2, 2013

He is captivated by the one who saved him from death—until he finds out who she is…

When his lover is murdered by evil vampire-beast, Cruen, the grief-stricken Synjon Wise believes his life over. Enraged, he flashes her away to a remote spot in South America to give his beloved’s body a proper burial. But when the sun blazes overhead and takes her body before his eyes, Synjon’s mind completely unravels. Mad with the need to join her, he walks into the sun a morphed male, prepared to die.

He awakens to find himself amongst a breed known as Shifters. As he is nursed back to health by Petra, who saved his life, Synjon feels no gratitude—only anger and guilt that he is still alive. But this female is strong and refuses to let Syn waste away. For the bond that will form between them will be enduring: as nurse and patient, male and female, savior and saved.

Betrayer and betrayed


REVIEW: ETERNAL BEAUTY is the latest novella in Laura Wright’s Mark of the Vampire series. This particular storyline introduces Petra, a woman of unknown heritage, raised by shifters and hoping for the day her true ability and powers would reveal. But the morning she finds a beautiful man attempting to take his own life with the burn of the sun, Petra’s life will change forever.

Synjon Wise- an ancient vampire- had long searched for the woman that he loved, but a bullet took her life in an instant. Hoping to join her in death he doesn’t get far when a stranger pulls him into the shadows. As the days and weeks go by, Synjon only knows one thing-he needs to feed and Petra is the perfect source for the blood he craves.

Eternal Beauty is a short story that prefaces the November 2013 novel Eternal Sin. By way of introduction, Eternal Beauty will reveal a little more about Synjon and his need for revenge, and Petra’s connection to the man Synjon hopes to kill. But it will be Petra’s maternal connection in Eternal Demon that will have everyone questioning the insanity of familial DNA.

With Eternal Beauty, Laura Wright gives her readers a tease of what’s to come-and she does it with the same stylizings of Gray’s build up to his storyline. We get a little bit of Synjon with each story, and Eternal Beauty is the appetizer to the main course known as Eternal Sin.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. I discovered Laura here, reading your earlier reviews. Love this series, and can’t wait to read this book. Thanks.

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