ETERNAL HUNGER (Mark of the Vampire #1) by Laura Wright-a review

ETERNAL HUNGER (Mark of the Vampire #1) by Laura Wright-a review

ETERNAL HUNGER (Mark of the Vampire 1) by Laura Wright

ETERNAL HUNGER is the first storyline in Laura Wright’s sexy and romantic Mark of the Vampire series. Featuring a series of pure vampires and half-breeds known as impures, Laura takes the reader on an adventure of that will make you cry and make you laugh and in the end, make you want more.  Eternal Hunger introduces the Roman’s-a trio of close-knit brothers who would die to protect each other-Alexander, Nicholas and Lucian Roman.  This is Alexander’s story.

Alexander Roman is a vampire, bred from the DNA of one of the most hated and feared vampires imaginable-the breeding male.  But when he experiences ‘morpho’  approximately 100 years before his time, Alexander knows the The Order-The Eternal Breed was calling him home and this was one mission he was going to refuse.  But finding himself alone and in pain minutes before the sun was about to rise, Alexander had no idea that his life was about to change –forever.

Dr. Sara Donohue worked with trauma patients at the psyche ward and she was especially close to one patient in particular=her brother Gray.  Traumatized from a fire that killed their father, Sara has never forgiven herself for Gray’s injuries, and has dedicated her life to finding a way to reach into Gray’s mind and erase the memories of that painful day.

Sara was being stalked by a former patient whose mental state had fractured and finding herself in a strange room, in a strange house with a beautiful man with fangs, was not what Sara had in mind. But something about the man called to Sara’s soul-she recognized the pain in his eyes. Their attraction to one another was instant but they were both hiding a secret that neither would share.  And it was Alexander’s secret that would put both of them at risk.

Vampire lore and history, stated that each male would find his true mate at the time of the ‘morphing or the change’.  But Alexander and his brothers had refused to buy into the stories of eternal love, yet something about Sara had called to Alex when no other female would do

Meanwhile, The Order has demanded that Alexander Roman hunt for the impure vampire that was attempting to bring disorder to the Eternal Breed.  But what Alexander and his brothers discover is something more powerful than merely an impure with delusions of power.  Someone on the inside knew more than they were saying, and the Brother’s Roman were pawns in a game of power and blood.

The relationship between Sara and Alexander is tested when a female vampire claims that Alex is her true mate.  Jealousy is an unknown feeling for both Sara and Alex, but both experience the pangs when each is placed in a position that could threaten a building love.

ETERNAL HUNGER is the introductory story that outlines some of the premise behind The Order and the Eternal Breed of vampires.  Laura writes a fascinating tale of vampire history and lore that culminates with the hero finding his one true-mate.  The surprise ending will answer a few questions and the threat against one of the other brother’s will come to fruition.  Nicholas’s storyline is next.

My only complaint is Laura’s use of the C-word when describing the love-making between a couple.  It detracts from the scene, and although it is only a word, it is a word that is mostly used in a derogatory and abusive situation in the real world.  A rose by any other name is still a rose-and I guess the same could be said for the C-word.

Reading Order
1. Eternal Hunger
2. Eternal Kiss
3. Eternal Blood (enovella)
4. Eternal Captive
5. Eternal Beast

Reviewed by Sandy

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