Everything Hurts (Jack Bone Detective Series #2) by Paul Dalzell-a review

EVERYTHING HURTS (Jack Bone Detective Series #2) by Paul Dalzell-a review

Everything Hurts

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 9, 2014

Jack Bone is on the trail of a serial killer; a killer the police don’t believe exists. The killer targets young girls who are single off spring and coerces them to overdose with heroin. Bone is able to call on his Nosferatu or vampire allies Lucy and Mina to help track the killer, but on the way Bone falls foul of a vicious criminal he’d locked up in the past, a Jamaican Yardie Gang, a major drug dealer and South African mercenaries. Bone also has to contend with the Grand Duchess of Transylvania, vampire royalty and great grandmother to Lucy and Mina. All the while Bone is missing his vampire girlfriend Alice who has gone to Iceland to do some serious thinking about their relationship.

The case becomes personal when the niece of Bone’s friend is targeted by the serial killer, which leads to Bone and the girl taking refuge in Lucy and Mina’s home town of Wolfston, only to be entombed underground with little prospect of rescue. But nothing stops Bone in his pursuit of the serial killer, except that the killer has some nasty surprises in store for Jack. It might be Bone who ends up another victim and not the avenger of the dead girls murdered by the serial killer.


REVIEW: EVERYTHING HURTS is the second installment in Paul Dalzell’s adult, contemporary JACK BONE paranormal, mystery thriller series focusing on retired police detective Jack Bone. Jack’s continuing story finds our reluctant hero on the trail of a serial killer who searches for young women with a love for Jane Austen storylines.

The premise follows private investigator Jack Bone as he is tasked with uncovering the truth behind a series of mysterious heroin overdoses covering a seven year span. Each victim is female; an only child; never previously had an issue with drugs; and a young woman with an interest in Victoria literature. Enter Detective Nolan, a police officer who recognizes the signs of a serial killer but a man who has been ignored by those in charge. As Jack Bone sets out to uncover the truth, his new supernatural friends from Wolfston are beside him every step of the way.

From terrorists to drug smugglers and international ‘guns for hire’, EVERYTHING HURTS follows a two-pronged path. Jack has become the target of a former felon seeking revenge for his time in prison; and when the most recent heroin overdose does not result in death, Jack and the victim are targeted for extermination by South African mercenaries.

The secondary and supporting characters include most of the previous storyline players including exotic Nosferatu twins Mina and Lucy and their parents Silas and Nadia Laughton : Jack’s secretary Deborah Cakewell; Count Vladimir Lucard ; Dr. Jonathon Van Helsing and his wife Charlotte; Grand Duchess Eugenie; and Mina and Lucy’s extended family of vampires and ancients. We are introduced to Maggie Pritchard, the serial killer’s latest target and a woman whose family is connected to organized crime as well as Detective Brian Nolan-the man who tasked Jack with uncovering the truth.

The world building continues to reveal the secrets behind the immortal city of Wolfston, England and the Nosferatu families who live and work behind the veiled walls. There are moments of graphic imagery and violence, action, suspense and mystery as well as a trip back down memory lane. Jack’s friendship and familiarity with the Nosferatu is akin to respect, family and love.

Paul Dalzell weaves a fascinating and imaginative tale; a contemporary thriller with a touch of the past; an intimate look at a family of vampires whose lives continue to cross paths with the dramatic and profound. The unfolding storyline will capture your imagination, compelling you to move forward and arousing your senses-you never know if you will be caught in a web of Nosferatu seduction.

Series Reading Order
1. The Last Dream Before You Die
2. Everything Hurts

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Fantastic review Sandy. Paul is a new author for me. Sounds like an interesting series with the combination of suspense, paranormal and detective

  2. Thanks to all the folks that responded to Sandy’ review of my book. I hope folks enjoy reading Everything Hurts as much as I enjoyed writing it

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