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EVERYTHING TO LOSE is classified as an erotic suspense romance stand-alone novella written by Katie Reus. Compared to other erotic romance novels, the sexual activity and descriptive narratives were tame. Although the action between the pages was quick to reach ‘climax’ (so to speak), there was a definite storyline of suspense and mystery between sexual encounters.

Caitlyn Sullivan has returned from assignment in Afghanistan with a heavy heart. Following a miscarriage and some harsh words from her husband, it has been one year, and time to move on. But when police detective Sean Sullivan refuses to accept the divorce papers from his estranged wife, she knows she must leave-immediately. There is still too much attraction between the couple, but Sean’s cruel words and his demand the previous year are the two things that push her forward.

Sean must go into protective custody when a suspect in the drug wars is granted bail. But when threats are made against Sean and his family, he knows he has to convince the only woman he loves, that she must go into hiding as well. But he made a big mistake one year ago, when he asked for a divorce. The loss of their unborn child, and his worry over his wife’s continuing assignments in the Middle East, had reached a critical stage-and Sean’s first thoughts and the only recourse he imagined-was to ask for a divorce.

Knowing Caitlyn would refuse protective-custody, Sean drugs Caitlyn and takes her to a secluded cabin in Georgia. But one attempt against her life, has already left the couple anxious. At this point, Katie takes the reader into a world of seduction. Sean knows for him, that Caitlyn is the only woman, but he is compelled to keep her ‘cuffed’ by his side. Ensuring she doesn’t attempt another escape, Sean uses the intimacy of their close contact, as well as the handcuffs, to keep his wife safe and secure. And it doesn’t hurt, that Caitlyn is still in love with Sean as well.

But the safety of a cabin in the woods, is short-lived, when an informant and man working for the suspect, has tracked Sean and Caitlyn to Georgia. But both are adept at handling take downs of armed attackers, and anyone hoping to avenge a capture, will quickly learn not to mess with the law.

EVERYTHING TO LOSE is a quick read. The attraction between Sean and Caitlyn is electric, and one that does not have to build, as they are married yet estranged. Knowing they still love each other and the sexual attraction is mutual, there is no thought to the inevitable outcome. And like most suspense storylines, the bad guys will find our hero, but as Katie says….there is always a HEA. The eroticism is tame is comparison to some, but it is still a novella for the 18+crowd. The sexual heat grows with each encounter.

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