Everything You Need to Know by Helenkay Dimon-a review

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW by Helenkay Dimon-a review

Everything You Need to Know

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 15, 2013

Welcome to Need to Know—Because a Woman Can’t Be Too Informed

Dating in D.C. is like navigating an apocalyptic wasteland populated by men in expensive suits with zero mating potential. Need to Know provides all the information a savvy single woman like you needs to avoid dating disasters.

By night, Jordan McAdam is the proprietor of a popular website that rates D.C.’s hottest bachelors—everything from how quick they are email you back to their skills in the sack. She’s been burned once too often to accept any man at face value. By day, her job as an office temp puts her in the perfect position to do a little fact checking on her rich and powerful subjects. When her latest assignment brings her face to face with the sexy but mysterious Forest Redder, Jordan decides to do a little “hands on” research of her own. To Jordan, he seems like the perfect man – but she knows there is no such thing. Moreover, there’s a big problem: Forest knows Jordan’s the woman behind the scandalous site—and Jordan knows he knows. Will he expose her secret—or find his own posted on Need to Know?


REVIEW: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW is the latest contemporary romance stand-alone storyline from author Helenkay Dimon and Cosmo Red Hot Reads. I am not sure if Helenkay has plans for any more books surrounding the premise of this particular storyline, but there are plenty more stories to tell.

The premise focuses on Jordan McAdam and her website for single women hoping to uncover the truth behind some of Washington DC’s most eligible bachelors. Need To Know is a website where members post about their experiences with the men in the Washington DC area and women looking for information only need to ask a question and it will be answered. And of course, the bachelors are not too impressed with what is being said when the comments and revelations begin to affect their personal, private and corporate lives.

Jordan is currently working for a temp agency and her latest assignment will find her face to face with Forest Redder- a man whose dating history remains a secret and one that Need To Know and Jordan are desperate to uncover.

The relationship between Forest and Jordan begins as a business arrangement but soon becomes something much more and Forest begins to suspect that Jordan is hiding a secret and knows much more about the Need To Know website than she is letting on. As Forest begins to uncover the who and what of the site, Jordan knows that once the truth is revealed their relationship will never be the same.

Helenkay Dimon invites the reader into a world of what ifs and whys. Each chapter begins with a request for information about a bachelor and a response from someone who has had experience with the man. It is really quite intriguing especially when you read the questions and answers.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW is a fast-paced novella with an interesting twist on the rich man/young woman scenario. The characters are relatable. Forest’s friend and VP Wen is a great equalizer to Forest’s uptight personality and cold façade; and Jordan’s BFF and co-owner on the website Elle is the perfect foil for Jordan’s anxiety. Here is where I hope that Helenkay Dimon will continue the series as each of these characters has a prior history that is waiting to be told.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy


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