EXPEL (Celestra Series #6 YA) by Addison Moore-A New Release Review

EXPEL (Celestra #6) YA (New Release) by Addison Moore

March 28, 2012-INTERVIEW and GIVEAWAY with Addison Moore

EXPEL is the 6th instalment in Addison Moore’s Young Adult Celestra series. Released this week, Expel continues the adventures of 17-year old Skyla Messenger and her triumphs and failures as a young teen trying to navigate a world of demons, angels, possessions and the love of 3 men. What we all wouldn’t give to have 3 beautiful men who adored and worship the ground on which we walk. And just to add more company to the misery already inflicted upon her young life, there are others standing in line, in the hopes of gaining access to the next Queen of the Celestra.

Skyla continues to be her own worst enemy. Although Chloe is still valiantly trying to destroy Skyla’s life, Skyla once again ignores the warnings from Marshall Dudley, Logan and Gage Oliver, and Candace her birth mother—all in the name of spunky independence and teenage melt-down. Facing a faction war with the Counts and the Fems, Skyla inadvertently tosses the coin that forces a loss for the Celestra changing their odds in the win/loss column. Untrained and without the knowledge she requires, Skyla is drawn into a war that she is not prepared. Lives are lost and those that are responsible seem possessed to otherwise stop. When Candace (Skyla’s birth mother and head of the Council of Celstras) warns Skyla that her actions could end the lives of many Sectors and Celestra, Skyla refuses to acknowledge that she will be the cause of so much sorrow and pain. Like most teens, she thinks the warnings are exaggerations and ploys to keep her under control.

At the end of VEX (book 5) both Gage and Logan are ‘killed’ when they are struck by Skyla’s Mustang, and it is Skyla who will sacrifice both her blood and her body to resurrect the loves of her life. And witness statements cannot account for a driver, but accusations and innuendo will cause much grief for their families. But warning Skyla that she is treading into dangerous territory only invokes another round of teenage petulance and enough attitude that her actions will cost her more than she is willing to give. Bargaining for the return of someone close, will force Skyla into a deal with Ezrina that she may never be able to repay.

Skyla’s ongoing defiance will once again, place everyone she loves in danger. And the Landon/Messenger household becomes a battleground between family members, when her sisters start growing up too fast. Drake and Brielle’s pending parenthood looms closer, but it is Holden’s spirit that will continue to invade every aspect of Skyla’s life. From brother to lover, to friend and foe, Holden’s presence continues to haunt Skyla. As the household grows, so does the mistrust and anxiety between child and parent. And having an ally in Ellis may not necessarily be all that she bargained for. As a young Count, his familial connections could help destroy both of their lives.

Marshall Dudley’s continued pursuit of Skyla grows stronger and his need for the young Celestra becomes increasingly obvious. His power and influence over Skyla, pushes the teen to rebel. And it is Marshall’s reluctance to back down that Skyla perceives as control. Skyla’s defiance and unwillingness to heed the warnings will risk the lives of everyone she loves. It is the glimpses into the future that have Skyla confused. Although each and every scene will come into fruition, it is the circumstances that will continue to allude. Not everything that Marshall shows, will follow a predictable series of events.

Demetri Edinger continues to prowl the Landon household hoping to re-capture someone from his past, but his motives may not be one of love or lust. And a mirror with the ability to grant all that one desires, shows Skyla more than she is willing to see. It is Demetri’s relationship with Chloe that will force Skyla to open her eyes and see the truth. But to open your heart and realize that your love has been manipulated, will force Skyla to make a decision that will cost more than her heart’s desire but quite possibly her life.

Once again, Addison writes a fast paced storyline with many twists and turns. The back and forth relationship between Skyla and Logan, as well as Skyla and Gage will be tested on many occasion, but like the scene from the movie Carrie, prom night will be one long disaster. It is Skyla’s defiance against authority that has risked everyone she loves and her meddling in the past will risk everyone in the future. All is NOT fair in love AND war!!

Reviewed by Sandy


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