Expose Me (Fifth Avenue Trilogy #3) by Kate Hewitt-a review

EXPOSE ME (Fifth Avenue Trilogy #3) by Kate Hewitt-a review

Expose me

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 2014

The third and final step to revenge in the fifth avenue trilogy. Alex has the power…


With ruthless determination, Alex Diaz has risen up from his deprived roots to become the head of a global media empire. But he has one last thing to achieve…avenge his friend by destroying the man responsible for her death, Jason Treffen. With stunning talk-show host Chelsea Maxwell about to interview Treffen live on TV, this is Alex’s chance.

He’ll use her show to exact a very public revenge—and seducing Chelsea, if needed, would certainly be no hardship. But he underestimates Chelsea and the attraction between them, and as their relationship deepens, Alex realizes that to annihilate Treffen could also shatter the life that Chelsea has built to protect herself….

REVIEW: EXPOSE ME is the third and final instalment in the Fifth Avenue contemporary, erotic trilogy. Each of the three instalments has been written by a different author focusing on a new couple whose connection to the storyline is personal and heartbreaking. Expose Me is Alex Diaz and Chelsea Maxwell’s story- written by Kate Hewitt.

As our trio of friends-Austin Treffen, Hunter Grant and Alex Diaz make the final preparations to destroy billionaire lawyer and philanthropist Justin Treffen, Alex goes in search of the perfect person to complete the final stage of Jason’s personal and public demise.

Chelsea Maxwell is a popular daytime TV talk show host whose reputation for getting her interviewees to talk will place her on the direct path to bring all of the players together. Alex Diaz knows that Chelsea is the only person who has the ability to bring Jason to his knees but in doing so Alex will lose his heart to a woman whose past is secreted away behind physical and emotional scars. If Chelsea agrees to play along, she knows Jason Treffen will ruin her career and expose the truth about her own past.

AVENGE ME (Book 1) saw Austin Treffen (Jason’s son) and Katy Michaels begin the take down of a man whose family had to come to the realization that the man they called husband and father had lied to them his entire life.

SCANDALIZE ME (Book 2) brought together PR consultant Zoe Brook-a survivor of Jason’s sordid life; and Hunter Grant –a man whose connections to Jason’s past have destroyed his own life and his career. We watch as Hunter’s world is shattered once again when Zoe reveals that she knows the whys and what fors as it pertains to Hunter’s self-sabotage and how she wants to be play a role in the destruction of Jason Treffen.

EXPOSE ME is the culmination of three connecting storylines where each instalment will see the slow destruction of a once powerful and sadistic man. Jason Treffen is a man who has ruined countless lives; shattered many dreams; and stands poised to have his well ordered life crumble and fall. Chelsea Maxwell will take Jason to the mat but in doing so will destroy her own career in the process.

The Fifth Avenue Trilogy is a series that looks at the destructive nature of too much power and too much control; the shattered lives of everyone it has touched; and how three men found love with women who had been touched by the control and abuse.

Again, my only complaint is the slow build up of each of the storylines. The premise focused on the growing relationships between each of our couples and the destruction of Jason Treffen took a back seat until the final chapters of each instalment.

There is a wealth of information not imparted to the reader-Jason Treffen’s sins and illegal activities were revealed on a need to know basis only and focused on the devastated life of Sarah Michaels. Each of our heroines is a strong, independent and broken woman while our heroes have suffered silently for a decade with the knowledge that they were unable to save someone they loved then lost.

Fifth Avenue Trilogy

Reading Order
1. Avenge Me (May 2014)
2. Scandalize Me (June 2014)
3. Expose Me (August 2014)

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy


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