Fatal Pursuit (Aegis Security #3) by Elisabeth Naughton-a review

FATAL PURSUIT (Aegis Security #3) by Elisabeth Naughton-a review

Fatal Pursuit

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date July 28 , 2015

Five years ago, Aegis Security op manager Marley Addison’s lover died in a South American raid gone horribly wrong…or so she thought. When she receives a phone call telling her that he is still very much alive and in danger, she vows to bring him home safely, even if Aegis CEO and former Navy SEAL Jake Ryder has kept her out of the field for the last few years. Then Jake shows up in Colombia to help her, leaving Marley annoyed…and more than a little distracted by her alarmingly handsome boss.

As things between Marley and Jake heat up in the wilderness, they discover their rescue mission is filled with treachery. Now the domineering Jake has to rely on Marley for survival. But can she depend on him when their mission takes a shocking and deadly turn?

Fatal Pursuit is the pulse-pounding third book in Elisabeth Naughton’s scorching Aegis series.


REVIEW: FATAL PURSUIT is the third installment in Elisabeth Naughton’s adult, contemporary Aegis Security action, suspense series focusing on a group of former CIA operatives and military personnel. This is Aegis Security CEO owner and former Navy SEAL Jake Ryder, and Aegis Security operations manager Marley Addison. FATAL PURSUIT can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from previous storylines is imparted where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Jake and Marley) FATAL PURSUIT follows Marley as she attempts the rescue of her former lover Grayson McKnight- a man she believed had died in a military-style operation five years earlier. A frantic phone call from Gray saying he was in trouble finds Marley on a plane bound for Columbia –alone and wondering where everything went wrong. Working for Jake Ryder left Marley emotionally exhausted between Jake’s inability to see Marley for the woman she was, and the head games he played while on assignment. No longer able to suffer in the face of constant rejection and her apparent super power of invisibility as it pertained to Jake Ryder, Marley made the decision to rescue her former boyfriend-all on her own-proving to herself and anyone who cares that she is just as capable in the field as everyone else. But Jake wasn’t having anything to do with Marley’s one woman rescue operation, and finds himself in the middle of the Columbian jungle facing gun toting militants and frustrated local natives.

Jake and Marley’s relationship is a friends to lovers to enemies to friends to lovers….well, you get the picture. Jake believes he is not worthy of any woman’s love; he doesn’t do relationships and he doesn’t want anything long term as his job takes him to dangerous locations for extended periods of time. Marley is a woman whose attraction to Jake is apparently one-sided, and in this Marley is no longer able to face the man with whom she is falling in love. The push and pull, back and forth, and angst of their relationship is a continuous loop of frustration, miscommunication and impassioned $ex. The attraction to one another is intense, undeniable and intoxicating but Jake’s inability to commit finds Marley on the outside one too many times.. I felt the characters created too much drama in their personal lives thus rendering their relationship difficult and tense. Unfortunately for Jake, Marley makes a decision that will affect all of their lives leaving Jake lost without the woman he loves.

Elisabeth Naughton will captivate your imagination with her style of writing, her characters and her addicting storylines. The Aegis series of romance, action and military style action pulls you onto the pages and behind the scenes of rescue operations and security nightmares. The premise is engaging, fast paced and dramatic; the characters are colorful, inspiring and spirited; the romance and sexual seduction a ping pong game for the mind.

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