FINDING MY FAITH by Carly Fall -a review

FINDING MY FAITH (The Six Savior Series) by Carly Fall

FINDING MY FAITH (Six Saviors #2) by Carly Fall

FINDING MY FAITH is the second instalment and January 2012 release in Carly Fall’s Six Savior series. I have not had the chance to read the intro novel-The Light Within Me, and I was worried that perhaps the premise would be lost, without the background information, but Carly Fall included much of the series premise throughout the storyline, which in my opinion, is great. I love an author that is able to blend the series premise into each story so that a new reader is not lost. The series is paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi.

Background: 6 saviors warriors from planet SR44: Rayner, Hudson, Noah, Cohen, Jovan & Talin. The warriors were sent to earth 211 years ago to stop and eradicate the 12 murderers who escaped from one of the moon colonies of planet SR44. The Colonists, as they were soon called, made their way to Earth, took the human body form, mated with the females and populated the earth with Colonist DNA. The savior warriors are part of the elite military from planet SR44, commissioned to remove the Colonists from Earth. The beings on planet SR44 are incorporeal bodies of mist and smoke, each bearing a different color, but in their corporeal bodies on Earth, their eyes will glow their familiar- planet SR44 color each evening. Rayner’s color is red.

Rayner Johnson is a warrior with a special gift. Unlike Hudson or Noah who had gifts that were welcome and useful, Rayner believed his gift was useless-with the ability to see spirits caught in the ‘ether’-the regions between life and death. But when Rayner, Hudson and Cohen are assigned to a case of 5 missing women, Rayner is stunned when he recognizes one of the missing females. Her spirit had inadvertently crossed paths earlier in the day with Rayner. And she was beautiful.

Faith Cloudfoot moved to Phoenix Arizona to start a life without the scrutiny of her overprotective parents. She was a restless child always on adventures and treks of discovery, and as a young woman she could no longer sit still and headed to the big city. With her long red hair, Faith was revered in the community of Native American Navajo. According to legend “The Woman With Fire for Hair” would join with “The Red Eyed Wolf Warrior’ and their son would heal the earth. Faith’s sense of unease increased daily-it felt like someone was watching and following her. But when she woke up in a cell with 4 other women, she knew that what she was sensing was real. Unable to recall what had happened, Faith realized that her now drug-induced spiral would only get worse, when her spirit separated from her body. With her corporeal body hovering close to death, Faith was desperate to make contact with the only person who could see her spirit.

Faith had no idea why she and the other women had been abducted, but the only person who had the ability to ‘see and talk’ with her was a tall, gorgeous warrior-like man. With his ability to communicate with Faith, Rayner soon recognized that her kidnapping was not just a part of a series of abductions, but one that was connected with the Colonists that the warriors were commissioned to hunt. Using the information gathered from Faith, Rayner and the others located the abandoned and hidden entrance to an underground cell, where the only woman still breathing was Faith. The common link between the 5 women-all the missing females had red hair.

The relationship between Faith and Rayner had its humorous moments when it appeared Rayner was constantly talking to himself, while communicating with Faith’s spirit. The couple worked well together as Faith’s spirit directed Rayner in the search for her body and talking with her parents about her abduction. But when Faith’s spirit and body were finally re-blended, Rayner’s demeanor was cold and aloof. But the smoke beings of planet SR44 had been taught that to fall in love while making love to a human woman would cease their immortal existence and they would begin to age as a human. But Rayner was not the first savior warrior to fall in love with a human woman, but he also knew that Noah’s mate was not entirely human. But falling in love is more difficult knowing that Faith’s feelings for Rayner are just as strong. And the Navajo legend of the Woman with Fire for Hair and The Red Eye Wolf Warrior would never come into fruition because of Raynor’s need to return home to planet SR 44. But it is Faith’s ability to ‘detect’ the possibility of the Colonists that was of interest to the Warrior’s from planet SR44.

Returning Faith to her parent’s care, Raynor soon realizes he has made a bigger mistake than just breaking her heart- he has put the Cloudfoot family in danger from the Colonists. But it is too late for the family when Faith is once again missing and her parents are no longer on this plane of existence. But his need for Faith overwhelms his desire to remain immortal, and Raynor goes on a search and rescue for the human female who would one day be his mate.

Finding My Faith and the Six Saviors series has an interesting premise. Blending sci-fi with fantasy allows for a broader audience in several different genres. The interesting use of the hereditary smoke and eye color added freshness to the story telling genre, that is always welcome to a voracious reader, such as myself. I am looking forward (or backward) to reading her first book in the series-The Light Within Me. I have no problem recommending this series. Six Saviors Series by Carly Fall.

Reviewed by Sandy


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