FLASHFIRE is the 7th installment in Deborah Cooke’s Dragonfire series. The continuing saga of the Pyr vs Slayer in the war to save the human race, and dominance in the world of dragons features the elusive Lorenzo and his Firestorm. Lorenzo wants nothing to do with his Firestorm, because it has come at an inconvenient time in his life–he does not need to find his mate just before he disappears from the face of the earth.

Cassie Redmond has come to Las Vegas with her friend Stacy. The cancellation of her wedding, was not going to derail her honeymoon, so she and her friend would take full advantage of the hotel and tickets–Cassie would make this a working vacation. But when sparks literally fly between Cassie and the gorgeous illusionist Lorenzo, she knows this isn’t any ordinary magic show. And when he shifts into a shimmering golden dragon, her job as a reporter, has taken on new meaning.

Lorenzo is surprised when, it is HIS Firestorm that hits during the eclipse, but is even more shocked that he was unable to control his change during a live presentation of his Vegas act of illusion. His plans to disappear during a live taping of a burial stunt, have now been hindered by the arrival of his mate and the need to sate the Firestorm. Following a night of insatiable sex between Lorenzo and Cassie, he realizes he wants nothing to do with the responsibilities of having a mate or a family–He still blames his father for the death of his mother, and does not want the responsibility of having to worry about a mate and child, every time he is called away.

Lorenzo is a reluctant dragon. He refuses to join the Pyr in their fight against the Slayers, and had all but given-up shifting, but finding his mate and the realization that she is now pregnant, has put them both in a dangerous position. The Slayers as well as the Pyr will be attracted to his Firestorm, and the resulting confrontation will risk both mother and child. To further complicate matters, a Slayer named Jean-Paul has now involved Cassie’s friend Stacy in their game of good vs evil. When Lorenzo scents 2 other Slayers (Chen and Balthazar) in the vicinity of his mate, he calls to the Pyr for assistance. Lorenzo is without much knowledge of the Pyr’s history, as well, he does not believe the many myths and legends surrounding Dragon lore, therefore, the need to ask for aid from his own kind, is both humbling and enlightening.

Like the other storylines in this series, there is a struggle between the Pyr and the Slayers. Chen, an ancient Slayer, seeks to find those dragons, who are having difficulty with their allegiances to the Pyr, offering them a chance to fight against those, who claim to protect earth. But Chen is searching for the ‘bones’ of the dead Pyr—to make ‘Dragon’s Blood Powder’-a powerful aphrodisiac and a means to control.

The appearance of Marco, another ancient Pyr, looking for the Darkfire crystal puts Lorenzo on edge. The crystal has been in Lorenzo’s possession for safe-keeping, but it seems, his ailing father has been playing games with their hoarde. The missing crystal has, further complicated Lorenzo’s need to disappear. Slayers, the Pyr, missing crystals, his Firestorm and now a child and mate, push Lorenzo to the edge of his patience. The need to disappear is now more of a necessity than a stunt.

FLASHFIRE is another great story in Deborah Cooke’s Dragonfire series. Once again, we see Erik and his struggles as leader of the Pyr; Thorulf is missing, but the others are not too worried; and we get a glimpse at Brandt, a dragon, who was not too happy with the role he played in Lorenzo’s fight with the Slayers. We become aware of the other Pyr, through conversation only, and we are apprised of their whereabouts when necessity dictates, although, they gather for Lorenzo’s unveiling in Venice. I missed the interactions between the Pyr-I was hoping for the appearances of Donovan, Quinn, Delaney and the others, but the celebration in Italy is the only time we get re-acquainted with the characters from the previous story lines. EMBER’S KISS is the next book in the Dragonfire series-Brandon and Liz.

Review by Sandy


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