FLYING BLIND (YA) The Dragon Diaries #1 by Deborah Cooke-a review

FLYING BLIND by Deborah Cooke

FLYING BLIND by Deborah Cooke

FLYING BLIND is the premiere book in Deborah Cooke’s new YA series –The Dragon Diaries. The Young Adult companion to her Dragonfire series, The Dragon Diaries focuses on the lives and adventures of the children born from the firestorms in the adult series. 15 year old-Zoe Sorennson and the other teen dragons take us on an adventure of growing up dragon in world of humans and other shapeshifting beings.

Zoe Sorensson, the daughter of Eric, the leader of the Pyr, is the only female dragon in existence, and therefore, her destiny-awaits. As the only female dragon, she is the Wyvern of the Pyr-blessed with powers and dreams, that she must interpret, and decipher. The symbolic messages give way to warnings and educate the young Pyr, about the past, the present and their future. But her position as the Wyvern comes without a handbook or instructions. There have only been a few known Wyvern in the history of the Pyr and the last Wyvern was killed shortly before Zoe was born.

As a frustrated teen, Zoe is like any typical teenage girl-waiting for her period, her boobs and a boy to notice. Basically-puberty. But when her best friend Meagan (a human) is attacked by a group of girls, Zoe sees red, and without warning, her dragon powers emerge. A partially formed claw and a dragon eye, are all that is needed to invoke fear into the other students. When her father, the all-knowing leader of the Pyr, senses her shift, she is sent to Dragon Boot Camp, to learn about the ways of the Pyr. But Zoe sees Spring Break at the Minnesota boot camp as an opportunity to explore the possibility of a relationship with Nick, the young dragon, she presumes to be her destined mate. Little does she know, that along with fellow dragons Nick, Garrett, Liam,-Isabelle, the young adopted and human daughter of Rafferty, is also present, and there is something going on between Nick and Isabelle.

When the young dragons depart for camp, Nick’s human cousin-Jared, arrives and offers to drive Zoe on his Ducati motorcycle. Jared’s presence has a calming influence on Zoe, and allows the young female a chance to explore her powers and her ability to sense the presence and location of other dragons. Upon arrival at their cabin, another young male, claiming to be the son of a long lost dragon, vies for Zoe’s attention. The arrival of Adrian, affects the others like a plague. When Jared announces that he must leave and head back to town, he warns Zoe that Adrian isn’t at all what he appears. Thinking Jared is jealous of Adrian’s attraction to Zoe, she places the warning on the back burner, to look at a later time.

Boot Camp is not without its’ adventures and mysteries. A test of Pyr knowledge and a puzzle, of sorts, to solve push the young dragons to examine their powers and skills in fighting. But Zoe senses that something isn’t right, and when she is continually plagued by a dream and a vision, surrounding another young man, with a partially formed wing, she searches for clues. As the Wyvern and Oracle for the Pyr, Zoe is expected to analyze and solve whatever is ailing her friends, but a darkness seems to engulf the cabin, and its’ source of power radiates from Adrian. Without prior knowledge into her abilities as the Wyvern, Zoe fumbles with the messages that are sent to her in dreams, and inadvertently releases the spirit of the young man who dogs her nocturnal adventures. Kohana ‘s shapeshifting abilities become apparent when the Pyr fight to save their own.

As the hours and days progress, the animosity between the dragons grows, and Zoe is targeted as the source of their anxiety. Without thinking about the repercussions to the Pyr, the young males attack Zoe, intending to kill her, but when Adrian steps in to help Zoe, he suggests she leave with him, and start a new life. Zoe, already suspicious about Adrian, once again, senses a darkness within the teen, and suddenly realizes that he, is the catalyst behind their current problems. When Zoe tries to warn the others, she is accused of being a traitor to her kind, as Adrian fuels the fires with the other males.

It is not until Jared returns, that Adrian is revealed as a Mage. A secretive group of humans, who want to eliminate all the supernatural shape-shifting beings, and their current target are the Pyr. When Jared aids the others in their fight with the Mage, he too, reveals himself to be a Mage, but one without the evil desire to rid the world of dragons. When Adrian suddenly disappears during a dragon battle in the air, Zoe realizes that he was sent as a decoy to keep the young dragons occupied. Seeking answers to their questions, Zoe dreams about blood and dragon scales, until she finally discovers, that the Mage have abducted their fathers, in a plot to rid the world of Pyr.

With her abilities to teleport in dreams and shift between species, Zoe sets out to rescue the adult dragons, but not before she and Jared make a connection. Finally realizing, that Nick is most likely not her destined mate, as Pyr cannot join with one of their own kind, Zoe resigns herself with the knowledge, that she may forever be a virgin within the hierarchy of the Pyr. As the blessed Wyvern, she will be expected to remain chaste and pure, as part of her ability to dream.

Flying Blind in an easy read. Without prior knowledge and information from Deborah Cooke’s Dragonfire series, most of the storyline still flows. Written as part of the Young Adult series, Flying Blind references much of the Pyr history and dragon lore from the adult series, that is necessary to keep the reader informed and aware. Most YA books and series, focus on the teen angst of broken hearts and parental control, and Flying Blind touches the surface, without drowning in the emotional turmoil of teen crushes and loss. If you are a fan of Deborah Cooke’s Dragonfire series, The Dragon Diaries are an interesting addition that references our favorite dragons from her adult storylines. The Dragon Diaries focus on the next generation of Pyr, and how they survive in a world of humans, who are aware of their existence, but, are not allowed to know, just who among their friends, is a dragon or something more powerful. Another great series by Deborah Cooke.  Next instalment-Winging It. 

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Reviewed by Sandy


10 thoughts on “FLYING BLIND (YA) The Dragon Diaries #1 by Deborah Cooke-a review

  1. I ordered this book just because it was written by Deborah Cooke and I sooo enjoy her Dragon books. I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect when I read it, but I found I got into the story quickly and really got a chuckle out of it. Great review Sandy, as usual.

  2. What a wonderful review, Sandy. I am far behind on the Dragonfire series, which I have on top of my tbr to read. But this series sounds awesome, and I so want to read it.

  3. I so very quickly fell into this book. Zoe is a wonderful character and her trying to understand her Wyvern abilities is so very hard . I fell in love with Jared and so hope this two are brought together. I feel Zoe is not going to be a stand back and watch kind of Wyvern . I loved the second book too and have the third is on pre-order. Great review Sandy

  4. Sandy, great job. I have to admit that I never thought I wold enjoy a YA book but I’m reading the Nick Chronicles by Sherrlyn Kenyon and I’m really enjoying it. Starting Infamous today. I have to give Zoe book a try also.

    • Didn’t think I’d enjoy the YA genre either Lavonda but I too started reading the CON series by Kenyon and am loving it. Each book gets better and better.

    • I was the same way, thinking only Twilight. but then I read the Hunger Games, and now i have read quite a few YA, and loving what i have read. But I keep saying, YA is not just for the teens anymore, most are adult books, especially with all the violence. Because the heroine and heroes are 17-19, they call it YA. but they are adult books.

  5. Great review Sandy. I have yet to get into the series as I don’t read much in the YA genre beside The Twilight Saga and The CON series. Having read all of Cooke’s adult Dragon books it only stands to reason I’d read her YA series too but haven’t yet and don’t know when I will have the time. From your reviews they sound like books I’d enjoy reading, just have to find the time now. 😉

  6. Thanks for another great review, Sandy. I had fun writing this trilogy – both because of Zoë’s strong voice, and because of Jared. I suspect there are differences from other YA’s but Zoë is a dragon grrrl – it’s in her nature to fight fire with fire.


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