For the King and Elven Empire by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

For the King and Elven Empire by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

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For The King and Elven Empire
Elven Chronicles #8
by M.A.Abraham
Release Date: June 16, 2015
Genre: adult, fantasy, romance


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It was supposed to be a simple trip to the High Elven Kingdom. It started out simply enough, with Gabriel, Eden and their children, accompanying King Elrohir and his bride. They were going to spend some time visiting, some time exploring, and doing a little work on the forest. Nothing, however, seems to ever go smoothly with the Eagle Claw clan and what started off as a simple trip, turned into a nightmare as their children disappear while working in the forest. Eden and Gabriel are frantic; they don’t know which way to turn. Who do they blame for the abduction of their family? Where are their children? Why can’t they touch their life forces? They join their talents and go on a search, calling in every resource they can, but get no results. They reach out to to Empire for help, to use force if necessary. That is quickly brought under control as Lothrariel arrives. It is not a popular decision, as far as the grieving parents are concerned.

At Gabriel’s command, the Kings and Queens lead their armies into the High Elven Kingdom, but it is not Gabriel who will take the lead; it is Lothrariel, as they find he has finally regained his ancient powers. He searches for answers, but a power as ancient as his has hidden the answers. Who has done this? Why?

While Lothrariel tries to calm the irate parents, he greets the members of the council and their consorts in the High Kingdom, the children work behind the scenes to regain their freedom with the help of their friends. There is only one Elf can reach the children where they are, S’Larea. It is she who will lead Lothrariel to the edge of the land where they are hidden, and it is he who will shatter the shield that holds them prisoner.

As things come together the Eagle Claw children work their magic on those who have taken them, while S’Larea gathers their friends and rides to their rescue. Will the High Elven Kingdom ever be the same after they are through?




For the King and Elven Empire by M.A. Abraham is the 8th book in her Elven Chronicles series. For those who may not know about this series, the Elven Chronicles is a fun lighthearted fantasy series about Elves, with a wonderful cast of delightful characters. We look forward to each new book, as it is so much fun to spend time with our favorites, who always play a big part in each new book.  

Gabriel, Eden and all their children visited the High Elven Kingdom, as they escorted King Elrohir and his mate back home. The plan was also for Eden to work her renowned fertility spell so that this kingdom would finally have children, something sorely lacking over the years. While Eden was overseeing her children as they were working to bring the damaged trees back to health, she did not notice that they found some strange vibes closer up the mountain. Not telling their mother, the next day they decided to explore further together. A veil opens and the children are kidnapped, and when Eden rushes to their rescue, they have totally disappeared, and she cannot sense them.

What follows is an exciting adventure that will find Gabriel and Eden beside themselves in grief for their missing children, with Gabriel calling all the Elven forces to come to help find the children. Lothrariel is one of the first to arrive, and takes control, utilizing his increasing powers to find the veil, and keep Gabriel from starting a war. However, first Lothrariel needs find how the veil works and it will take a little time, causing Eden and Gabriel to continue to panic.

Back home, S’Larea gathers the other children, and uses her powers as an Oracle, even if she is only 10, to help communicate with Gabriel and Eden’s children. Together all the children will plan a rescue attempt. While they work on a rescue plan, we all know there is no need to worry, as the Eagle Claw children are a force to reckon with. It was a lot of fun to watch them deal with the other children in the forest behind the veil. The territory has been blocked off for many many years, when Lothrariel was King before the Demon war. These people have not seen civilization in a long long time, and seeing these refreshing and wild children of the Eagle Claw Clan was an eye opener.

This was a fun story, though not so for Eden and Gabriel, but the children were a blast, and I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. M.A. Abraham has given us another fun story, allowing us to spend more time with the children and seeing things in their perspective. We get to see Lothrariel come fully into his powers, and be the King he was meant to be. A wonderful adventure that will give us a look at the past, answer questions and sneak a peek at what is in store for the future.   For the King and Elven Empire is another fascinating trip in this wonderful world created by M.A. Abraham.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Author




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  4. Great review Barb and nice giveaway.

    Congrats on the new release M.A. and I’m sad I’m so far behind in your wonderful series. How many books behind am I now???? *peeks through fingers*

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