FORBIDDEN MAGIC by Jennifer Lyon-a review

FORBIDDEN MAGIC by Jennifer Lyon

FORBIDDEN MAGIC by Jennifer Lyon

Background information from Jennifer Lyon’s website: Once they were immortal guardians; hunters of demon witches and protectors of innocent earth witches. For centuries, the hunters and witches worked together to safeguard earth from demons, in particular, Asmodeus.

And then a dark curse destroyed the bond, turning the ancient allies into enemies. For the blood and sex curse cast by demon witches caused witch hunters to crave the power contained in witch blood. If they give in and kill a witch to harvest her blood, they go rogue and forfeit their eternal souls.

The witches that once banished demons and assisted mortals, now have lost their familiars and high magic. They must hide from the powerful men who once protected them, but now hunt them for their blood. No one is left to stand between mortals and demons. Until one group of witch hunters rises to become the guardians once more. With these words:
“I vow my allegiance to Wing Slayer, god of the witch hunters. I take the ancient oath of protection for the innocent and justice for the damned. And I swear to fight the curse to my death.”

Ramsey (Ram) Virtos is an ex-navy Seal, guardian and Wing Slayer Hunter so close to going rogue, that he is willing to risk everything for the one thing he could not have. The need for sex and witch blood is driving him to the edge. The electrical current shifting through his body is building at an impossible rate and the Thunderbird is riding him hard, needing his mate. But Ram’s soul-mirror witch had refused to accept him as her mate, which is fine by Ram. Because his heart is searching for someone else, someone who would accept him body, soul and heart. But without his soul-mirror-his Thunderbird is slowing killing the Wing Slayer Hunter.

Virginia (Ginny) Stone is an enigma. Her shining light is like a breath of fresh air. Working the family bar, Ginny always knew when Ram had entered the room. She had been in love with the Wing Slayer hunter since he helped save her brother’s life, but there was something about Ginny that only her brother Eli knew. As her powers grew, so did her ability to sense and see through touch, but there is a power and aura that surround Ginny, and one that Ram must never call his (own).

Eli Stone is a Wing Slayer Hunter and only males carried the hunter DNA, but Ginny was something else. And that part of her DNA was the very essence their father demanded. But Ginny’s secret ran much colder and deeper-her father is one of the most powerful supernatural immortals. With his power, he has the ability to control Ginny and Eli with emotional blackmail and Ginny is no longer willing to risk the life of her brother. At her father’s command Ginny is ordered to seduce one of the strongest Hunters or face the consequences of forcing her brother to turn rogue. But seducing Ram Virtos is worth the price –and she is willing to pay with her emotions and her heart– but the cost may be too high for the Wing Slayer Hunter.

Forbidden Magic is the latest(April 2012 release) storyline (e-novella) in Jennifer Lyon’s Wing Slayer Hunter series. There are some interesting family dynamics involving the Stone siblings and their father. Father of the Year is not a title anyone would bestow upon the being that sired Ginny. Ram and Ginny’s relationship grows from need to love, but their HEA is not within reach. There is still the fact that Ram has a soul-mirror, a mate who is refusing their union. But as Ram and his fellow Hunters continue to search for clues about his emerging Thunderbird and the prospects of finding true-love in the arms of another woman, Ginny will always fear, that life as she now knows it, could end in a heart beat or flash in time. And whatever demon is riding Ram is something stronger than anyone could have known.

I like that Jennifer includes the other characters from her previous storylines. Many authors will write a series, but rarely allow the previous heroes anything but an acknowledgment in future storylines. The fact that many of the females have power and knowledge that is required by the Hunters, makes is necessary for the storylines and thus the characters to overlap. This is another wonderful story from Jennifer Lyon. Forbidden Magic is a quick read, but a necessary read in all things Wing Slayer Hunter. I look forward to Cage Magic.

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Reviewed by Sandy


10 thoughts on “FORBIDDEN MAGIC by Jennifer Lyon-a review

  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. I have this on my kindle to read. Your review makes me want to escalate this. I am now beginning to think I will never ever catch up on my reading.

    • Carmen, LOLOL!! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. Ram has always had a special place in my heart (even though he’s really ticked off at me).

    • Jen, you are welcome…I cannot wait for the next book…woo hoo

      And Ram’s interview garnered quite a bit of …traffic flow at the site…lol

      And I used Kent Edwards’s beautiful face as my representation of Ram…*blushing*

      • Sandy, I went back and looked at your pic for Ram–so different that I pictured him and I LOVE that! I love it when readers make the characters their very own like that!

        Ram loves the attention! (He’s still pretty ticked off at me though.)

          • For me, all military–buzz cut blond hair, steel blue eyes, harsh face, and breathing utter confidence 🙂 But I love your pic of him–you captured him “changing” as he’s losing complete control over his life and look slightly more “wild.” I hope that makes sense!

  2. Oh Jen..I completely understand. Every time I read a book , I have a particular look in mind for the hero/heroine. Using the descriptive narration is extremely helpful, but sometimes…there is a picture in the back of my mind…..pushing through…lol

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