FORBIDDEN (World of the Nightwalkers #1 ) by Jacquelyn Frank

Forbidden (World of the Nightwalkers #1) by Jacquelyn Frank-a review

FORBIDDEN (World of the Nightwalkers #1) by Jacquelyn Frank

FORBIDDEN is the first novel in Jacquelyn Frank’s new spinoff from the World of the Nightwalkers-The Bodywalkers.  The Menes Bodywalkers are a species of beings from ancient Egypt whose soul or spirit remains in the Ether, waiting to cross over and ‘blend’ with another, and like the Nightwalkers, the Bodywalkers are nocturnal.   The Bodywalkers are at their weakest during the blending while the soul and the host merge into one and the dominant personality comes forward.  For a Bodywalker, this is the only way life will begin anew.  But sometimes, the host remains dominant and that causes a series of problems.  Hoping to find a host for their Queen, the Bodywalker’s select Docia Waverly.

Docia Waverly enjoyed life.  Along with her brother Jackson (SWAT Sergeant) they teased and joked. But Jackson had recently suffered a loss and he is all about his sister’s protection since the death of their parents.  And the morning Docia wakes up in the morgue following a fatal push in the Hudson River, her death is only the beginning.  Following a second attempt on her life, Docia discovers there are others who are targeting her and Jackson is powerless to discover whom. 

The Bodywalkers have been looking for suitable candidates for their King Menes and his Queen Hatshepsut, and when the prophetess Cleo guided them to an American woman in the nexus of New York, they knew the time had come. Ram, as the Queen’s guide and protector must find the new host and take her into protective custody in Sanctuary before the others discover her identity.  Knowing their Queen is now at her most vulnerable, Ram and the warrior Asikri must protect and defend the woman known as Docia from the faction that decimated them all a century before. But Docia’s blending was taking time and her human personality was trying hard to hold on-she was trying to resist. 

Ram and Docia’s relationship began as protector and Queen, but all too soon, their feelings would get caught up in each other, and Ram knew there would be problems when his Queen emerged as the dominant to the host-King Menes was Ram’s best friend, and Ram was falling for the host. But Ram’s host Vincent was also falling for Docia and the stakes were becoming more complicated. With whom had Ram/Vincent fallen in love?

Docia’s easy acceptance of the Bodywalker assimilation was interesting. She had plenty of questions but in her own way she was trying to compare herself to Star Trek and the Borg.  Jacquelyn writes this particular story with many references to modern day media and television. The Bodywalker phenomenon and life-cycle is explained in detail including their ability to seemingly live for thousands of years. Many of the Bodywalker’s are the original rulers of ancient Egypt and in a surprising twist Docia will discover that the war between the ancients and the Templar traitors was directly related to issues of subjugation between Bodywalker and the host.  Even Ram was once a king. But the Templar traitors have problems of their own. And they were willing to go back to war to stop the King and Queen from ascending the throne once again.

There is a secondary storyline as it pertains Jackson Waverly and the precinct psychiatrist Marissa Anderson.  The sexual attraction rolls off both characters until they merge together in a continuous battle of wills. One up-manship never looked so hot. But Jackson’s first concern is the safety and return of his sister, and what he finds is something out of a horror movie. And when he finally finds his sister, it may be too late-for everyone.

Jacquelyn mixes Nightwalkers, Bodywalkers, humans, living gargoyles, dragons, Djynn and humor.  The storyline is fast paced, well written and the character development is smooth as it blends ancient Egyptian rulers with modern day men. Jacquelyn Frank does an amazing job re-writing the myths and legends of Ramses, Cleopatra and other well-known and infamous kings and queens. Another amazing new series from a fantastic author.

For me, the ending was predictable, but then again, I am rarely led astray. So, here’s to two lost souls, finally finding each other, once again.

Reviewed by Sandy

Copy supplied by Netgalley.




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  1. Great review, Sandy. I have not read the World of the Nightwalkers series. But your review has gotten my interest. sigh…my tbr on my kindle and on paper will take me years to bring down at the rate I am going.

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